Touching Yesterday

God has a way of

Helping heal the moment

I found this out tonight

As I revisited my past

Without wanting to

Dreading the familiar

Scenery the bumps

In the road and the hills

As I crept closer to my destination

My heart began to fall through

My chest I swear I could

Feel it deep in my legs

I had not ventured the

All too familiar area

For a few years

The thoughts of my daddy

And how I miss him still

Brought tears to my eyes

And as I walked in the front

Door of this stranger tonight

My feelings were clear for

All to see and feel

I swallowed hard

Knowing the topic was not my dad

But rather on this stranger in front of me

But in my thoughts I was crying out

Oh daddy why did you have to

Go and leave me this way all alone

My life has never been the same

As my heart is still broken

People place band aids over my heart

But I swear they fall off eventually

Exposing my pain so that I feel

As much as the day I laid you to rest

Then I came home and got on my computer

And discovered to my surprise that

People had thought of me they had

Awarded me for touching their own hearts

And I look at your picture daddy

And I thank you for making me who

I am today that I can feel what you felt

That I can be open and honest and

Say it hurts, it really hurts

I miss you so much I will never

Be the same but I am proud

Of what you have molded me to be today.

Terry Shepherddad, bev, me and theda