Daily Prompt; The Perfect Game

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You’re set to play poker (or Scrabble or something else . . .) with a group of four. Write a story set during this game. Or, describe the ideal match: the players, the relationships — and the hidden rivalries.

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The air was filled with haze. Cigars being lipped and inhaled. Eyes narrowed, all eyes on red and black. The bartender wiping glasses. Girls lined up on the stairs; ready to take your money.

Big Buck walks in through the swinging doors. Eyes raise, brows come together. Everyone hated Big Buck.

He had a reputation of being a low-down dirty dog. Didn’t give a hoot about anyone but himself. Usually everyone took off when they saw him coming he stunk so bad. Scraggly beard, rumor was he didn’t bathe but once a month. Even then I heard it said he took his bath in the pig trough.

Big Buck walked over behind one of the players. Scratching his beard and rubbing his nose, he squinted as he looked at the player’s hand. Slowly he made it past each player, checking out who had what.

Then he saw it. He saw one of the players had a card peeking out from his sleeve.

” Cheater. You all got a cheater playing here. I seen it. He has a card hidden up his sleeve. What ya all gonna do about it? I say kick him out and kick him down.”

The one being accused scooted down in his chair. Pulling his hat down to cover his eyes, the other players stood up. Putting down their cigars one of them walked over to the accused. ” Are you trying to cheat us Morty? Roll up those sleeves and show us that hidden card.”

All but one gal quit bringing in the bait and scurried up the stairs. She wanted a piece of the action.  One by one you could hear the doors slam. The bartender stopped wiping and reached for his gun on the shelf below.

” I said it once and I ain’t a saying it again. Roll those sleeves up. No one here wants to play with a cheater.”

Cheater didn’t say a word, he just pulled his hat farther down and kept quiet. One of the other players got up and snarled, ” Yeah boss, he must be cheating. Look at the coward. He can’t even prove himself. I say let’s get him.”

Everyone took cover as the cheater was picked up by the back of the neck. A punch to the right jaw and then the left. The nose was instantly swelling and blood was dripping but not a word came from  his mouth.

Another player was getting down right pissed at his lack of words and picked up a chair and cold-cocked him right over the head. Down went Cheater,  hit the floor hard. The other players started using their grubby boots and kicked him in the ribs.

The bartender let out a thunder of bullets. Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at him. ” Not in my bar, you all get out of here and take that mongrel with you. You gonna fight, take it outside.”

Old, Big Buck let out the biggest god awful sound. He was laughing so hard he started choking on his own spit. ” You fools, you listen to everything. If I told you the chief was coming would you believe it? You all just give me some good entertainment. I was bored and you all filled the bill.” Laughing so hard he didn’t see the chair coming at him.

Knocked him to the ground and started beating him up. Didn’t even bother taking it outside. Just let him have a dose of his own medicine right here and now. By the time the players got done with him blood was everywhere. Chairs were busted. The ladies came down to see what was happening when all got quiet.

” Get out of here you old ornery cuss. We don’t like the likes of your kind here. Don’t you ever show your ass back here again, you hear?”

They drug him to his feet and kicked him all the way to the door. Big Buck staggered outside the saloon. ” I’ll be back, you’ll see. I’ll be back, just you wait and see. You can’t keep me a way. This is a free country.”

The guys turned their back on him and went in to tend to the innocent Cheater, still knocked out cold.

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Daily Prompt; Cheering Section

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Do you have a mentor? Tell us about him or her. Are you a mentor to someone else? Tell us what that relationship has added to your life.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUPPORT.

I am a mentor for someone else, in fact three others. My children. Ever since I had my first child I put a way any stupid things I knew I was doing. Put them in a metal box, locked it and tucked it way back in the dark corner of my closet.

My first child I taught to be very independent. I knew that she watched her Mom all the time. It was important that I helped her grow up to learn life isn’t easy, and not always fair, but she could have what she wanted and she didn’t have to lean on anyone else to attain it.

When my second child arrived, he had the biggest heart I had ever seen for a boy. He always had the biggest smiles for me and he was never a trouble maker. He was Mom’s big helper and even today, he still has the biggest heart and always tells me he loves me when he and I talk.

I went through some real personal shit after my third child was born. I was dealing with the fact I had learned of where my real mother was and trying to make something happen between her and me that wasn’t meant to be. I also was dealing with the fact that my last child was born with bone cancer, so life was definitely living in a fog.

I changed, not that I wanted to but because the biggest bubble of hope I carried all through my life had been burst.bubbles I made a lot of mistakes. I knew my kids were watching but I didn’t seem to have enough control over my feelings to help myself. I know I hurt my kids by not being there for them. I finally went and got some professional help so I didn’t lose my kids respect or my mind.

I learned that just because someone gave birth to me, doesn’t make them a mother, and that it wasn’t my fault she was like she was. I also learned that I am worthy and it was her loss and not mine.

Today I am much better but there always seems to be a visible trail that still follows me letting my insecurities show.walking trail

I have never been the kind of person who acts out intentionally to hurt another soul,  and I am pretty sure for the most part my kids love me today.

Life isn’t easy, just like I taught my daughter, but through love and support I look back and think I did a pretty good job. My kids are good-looking, smart. I know I am racist but I can’t help myself, they are my kids. I mentored my children the best I could, and when they grew up and went on their own I always hoped  they realize they will make mistakes with their mentors too.my kids when they were young These are my children when they were small. This is me, their Mom.

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Daily Prompt; Reading Material

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How do you pick what blogs or books to read? What’s the one thing that will get you to pick up a book or click on a link every single time?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CHOICES.

Reality, give me anything to read that is real, and I will do it. reality Happy, sad, tearful, laughter, history, culture, romance(sometimes) and I will read it.child-eating-bad-mannerslionold housetouchballoons 2ice cream wallpaperempty_house_by_scarlettletters-d3fenj7victorian_couple_dancingroofbaby dollindianvintage_rhinestone_costume_jewelrysad-facesaintangel-looking-down-from-heaven-534tears  Yep, these photos are all things that interest me. If I see it, I will read it. I am pretty simple aren’t I?

Daily Prompt; I Am a Rock

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Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SELF.

This is a complex issue for me. There is a large part of me who believes I can pull anything off. Superwoman in disguise, LOL.wind_serenity

Then there is another side of me who is probably the biggest chicken ever. Afraid of rejection, afraid of the word no. This can stop me in my tracks. I can be as a speeding train doing multiple tracks at the same time, and then boom, the train horns signal and the engine stops.train

I will hint at what  help I need. When this doesn’t work, I get frustrated and then come out with the words.

Sometimes I get the answer I need. Sometimes I get a brush off, and other times I get no reply.

That’s when I curse myself for my age. Weakening joints and muscles prevent me from doing the things I need to do. An example is my bedroom. It is the heaviest darn furniture to me. It needs to be changed so I can sweep the cat hair that is piling up like big cotton balls under my bed.cotton balls

It will most likely remain like it is because I can not afford to pay for everything I need done.

So in the end I am somewhere between a rooster and a chicken and end up doing without or killing myself trying.rooster 1chicken

Daily Prompt; Flip Flop

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Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSITION.

I used to be a woman who wanted to be noticed. I loved my antiques and sparkled when auctioneers would come up to talk to me about this or that. When people bid on things I was bidding on it made me feel worthy.

When I think back to that time I realize that I could have comments and looks galore but the real issue wasn’t being fixed. I surfaced through life. I wanted everyone that touched my life to like me.

Of course we can’t have lives like that. We are not made to get along with everyone else. auctions

When I see who I was I realize I was so insecure. It is embarrassing to me now a days for I am no longer like this.

Today I am more mellow. Maybe it is because I have grown up even more.

Maybe it is because I have realized that I am who I am. That trying to be like someone I wasn’t only brought failure to my life.

Today what is important is that I like myself. I am not overly confident, but I feel that I am doing what God gave me the talent to do. I am not a big antique business owner. I still love antiques and I would be happy to have a small business in my own home town.

I care for people who can’t care for themselves. I believe this is a gift from God. Today a person I saw mentioned that she could not work with so many mentally challenged people. I could understand this. I don’t think everyone can. I am not even sure if I can.

I can take care of elderly. I can care for my own brother who is mentally challenged, but to teach in a classroom, I am not sure if I would have that much patience. I think I enjoy the more one on one type of care.

I have realized that I do like being a homebody. I know without a doubt that God knows I am that type of person also or he would not have made it possible for me to get paid taking care of Al right here in our own home.

I am content. Content with smelling the flowers. To walk out to get the mail. To be in my house for a couple of days at a time without seeing a soul. I get lonely, sure, but when that happens I just write here at WP, or a friend will sense it and the phone rings at the exact moment.

I like cleaning the house. I enjoy making Al meals. I like getting him dressed, and helping him to eat. I like brushing his hair. I like taking lots of photographs of him. I like being sentimental and mushy. It is who I am. I am a caregiver who loves taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves and I am proud of myself for having this beautiful talent, a true gift from God.caregiver