#FWF Free Write Friday; Word Play Foreplay


Wordplay – Foreplay: Make the ordinary…sexy

It was an ordinary day. I woke early. Put my coffee pot to work. Fed my two cats and let the dog out. I brushed my teeth with my hair brush and then brushed my hair with my toothbrush. Oops, did I get that backwards? Must be old age creeping in. Well I switched them and did it proper.

I let the dog in and started heating up the skillet. Took my three fattest slices of bacon and plopped them in the pan. You know, I could do this blindfolded. I have been fixing this same meal for at least the last six years. I had to, because that old cuss I was married to decided he liked the bottle better than me. I had to give him the choice, the big make it or break it choice.

Would you believe that old buzzard chose the long-necked bottle over this divine body? Old cuss, old fart. I packed up his belongings and threw them and his ugly ass right out on the lawn. Suffer baby. See how ya like being ignored. He makes me so cotton-pickin mad. He didn’t even try to fight it. He just picked up his  bags and tipped his hat to me like he was going on some sort of vacation and turned around and walked off.

Darn men, what do we women need them for anyways. They ain’t no good to us anyways except for the sex department. I think that’s about all there is that I truly miss down in my heart and body.

I could count on every Friday night after he got his paycheck he would stock the refrigerator with beer and then he would stock me up for another week. Oh well, it is what it is right?

I use my bacon grease and drop a couple of eggs. Getting them all stirred up in that grease is what makes them really yummy you know. Oh good, the coffee’s done. Looks like mud to me. Oh crap, I forgot to drop the bread down in the toaster. Well I can fix that right quick.

While it’s toasting I fill my plate with my delicious-looking grub. I pour me a steaming hot cup of that brew. Good, toaster isn’t on the blink just yet. Just popped up and now I will slather some good old butter on it. I sit down and say my usual thanks. God thanks for allowing me to still get myself up and fix my own grub. Thanks for watching over me. Now I am hungry. Making this prayer short. Thanks God, Amen.

After breakfast I go find some clean clothes to put on. Coming out into the kitchen I gaze out the window to see how chilly it is. Well what do you know, the temperatures are a rising. It is above 50 already. I don’t need no jacket today.

Good thing I wore my perky bra this morning. With no jacket to wear I wanna make sure I look my best. Who knows who I may see on my morning walk. You know, I still got what it takes.

Nice long legs. I always cover them up with pants though. I don’t want everyone seeing my old ugly varicose veins. Got me a nice sweater that fits me real good. The material is nice and soft. Any man could not resist rubbing his hands over this. See for yourself, touch it, don’t it feel nice?

It shows off my perky bosom when I wear the right push-up bra. Makes my stomach look a little smaller. I put my straw hat on and grab the leash for the dog. Come on mutt, time for our morning exercise. You can pee on any spot you see and be sure to take your dump while we are out. Don’t want you coming back and doing it in our own yard now, ya hear me?

As every day goes and this is no different we head off down the street to the city park. They got an area there all set up for dogs. I can just let him off his leash and he can go play with all the other wild heathens.

I let him go and I find me a nice warm sunny park bench to sit my behind down on. Think I will slip off my loafers and give my toes some wiggle room. What’s this? Oh crap, why didn’t I take the time to dress up those nails with some hot pink color. He’s coming my way.

He plops his butt right down beside me and says good morning man. “How ya doing this fine day?” I look at him and then down at my naked toenails. I say, “I’m a doing just fine and yourself?”

“The sunshine does make a body feel better that’s for sure. I just let my two dogs loose and I saw that they are playing with your dog now. Sort of made me a little frisky just watching them.”

Oh really now. You mean those dogs running like wild hogs makes you frisky?”

“Well ya sorta. Takes me back in time when I was a lot younger. Lots of energy I used to have. Free and sassy. Taking out a different lady each weekend. Those were the days back then.”

“I see, and now what do you do with your spare time old man?”

“Not a whole lot, what about you?”

“Nothing much same old thing every day. Always bring my dog down here and try to get a walk in each day. You know it helps to keep a gal’s figure in fine shape.”

“Uh yeah I noticed, you got a real fine shape. I just love that sweater. Looks real comfy and soft. Mind if I touch it?”

I looked him straight in the eyes and batted my eye lashes at  him and gave him my biggest smile ever. He ran his fingers up and down the arm and said, “Ya it feels real good next to my skin.”

The two became quiet then. They just sat there and watched the dogs running and playing. Soon he pulled out his pocket watch and checked the time. “Well I guess it’s time to be going. I don’t know why I really need to. There isn’t anything waiting for me at home. My wife died a couple of years back. Just hate that empty feeling when I walk through that front door.”

“I know what you mean. Same thing with me. Got me two cats at home and this darn old dog. They all keep me company.”

“Would you like some more company? You can always come home with me?” he asked as he touched my sweater one more time.

What did I tell ya folks. Didn’t I tell ya? This sweater and my perky bra can take a normal routine of a day and turn it into something more. Maybe even a little sexy added in. Get my drift?

The two wink at each other as he slips his hand in hers. They go get their dogs and take off to his house for a little extra out of the ordinary day.

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What’s a Gal Supposed to do Next?

Rules of Dating

I slept in this morning and I think that helped me. I tried to stay busy and not think of Al as much. I spent the first three hours a wake trying to get rid of those squirrels. They are wanting the bird seed. I yelled at them through the kitchen window. I squirted them with my water bottle. This only worked twice and then they got smart.

I hit two of my pots and pans lid together. That worked great the first time but not after that. I finally broke down and took the contraption back to the store I bought it from yesterday and said, “Just give me my money back. I give up.”

They chuckled and said,” Now you are ready for the boss.” They showed me this bird feeder that when a squirrel tries to sit on it a spring drops down and the openings for the bird seed are shut. They can’t eat. Yeah, this has got to work!

Then I went to the eye doctor and had my eyes checked. My one eye had changed just enough to change the prescription. I picked out some new frames and I should be set to go one day next week.

Then I decided to think “me” for the next hour. I had to get groceries. I kept my head and eyes up and focused on the foods I was needing to get but also the people I passed. It was very interesting what I saw.

The first gentleman that I saw that was waving at me was the old guy from the tire store. Remember me telling you about him the other day? He asked me if I still remembered his name and I shook my head yes. He said, ” Call me Terry. Let’s get together.” I smiled at him and nodded. I looked his outfit over since my head and eyes were now at people level. He had dirty old holy tennis shoes on. Holes in his baggy jeans and a camouflage jacket on with a matching hat. I still can’t make myself get interested. His hair was all greasy. I am sorry. Maybe first looks are that important.

I told him to have a nice day and Easter and went about getting groceries. The store was pretty packed, but I kept moving through the aisles. Of all the people I noticed and passed three guys smiled at me.

I do have to be honest here and admit I was tuning in on the hotties in the store, no women or kids need to apply. One guy particular held my eyes and smile. This stayed this way until we passed each other. He was younger than me, I could tell, but boy oh boy was he a cutie. Two other guys smiled and one of them said hi to me. The last one that smiled was when I was walking to my car to unload the cart. He was right across from me doing the same thing in his car.

I spotted him first and he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and then we did our own things. When I took the empty cart back to the rack, I could feel him watching me. When I turned around facing him again, he smiled again.

Now I am not gorgeous dame but these three guys smiled and I knew they were being friendly. But I am so out of date on the dating scene, I didn’t know what to do next. So I lost out on three hotties at the grocery store because I am too dumb to know the next move.

FWF; Free Write Friday; Lyric Prompt

English: A male and a female holding hands.


“Oh yea, they say ‘life goes on’ long after the thrill of living is gone.”

This is one of my favorite Mellancamp songs, Jack and Diane leaves me pining for those free-write-friday-kellie-elmorelong-lost summers of youth and wishing I hadn’t been in such a hurry.
What does this lyric mean to you?

Take me back, way back to my teen years. Life is grand. No worries, all fun, money in our pocket. Buying new records. Staying up all night at my girlfriend’s house. Talking the night away about  dreams of marriage and kids. Getting up early to go to our part-time job with no sleep. Still having time after work to go running around again. Oh these were the days.

Excitement of being asked out on a date. Knowing I was definitely not one of the original wall flowers. Experimenting with new make-up. I had to look much older than I was. Why? Who in the world knows. Hurry hurry hurry. Step right up! Be the first one to look 21 when you are only 16.

Walking out the front door of my parents home looking presentable. Before I exited my car door I had hiked up my skirt so I looked sexy. Guys really wanted to see those bare legs right? Was I inviting trouble? Maybe. Did I realize the strong message and trouble I could get into? Probably not.

Church camps and meeting that special boy. Holding hands at campfires. Promises to write every day that never held up over a week or two. The first pitter patter of the heart beating as I looked into his eyes.

Seventeen and not knowing too much about the world but dying to find out. Sneaking my boyfriend into the family home. Red cheeks, speeding heart, stirred feelings being shared between the two of us. Always an ear open to uninvited noises. A body that felt urges. Fires building up inside of us but fear keeping us always clothed.

Next I would be able to experience true love. The love that is spoken between eyes and touches. Love letters and ID bracelets showing we belonged to someone. We were spoken for. We were in love. Introductions to family members. Holidays together holding hands.

Parked cars on lover’s lane. Experimenting hidden avenues never being touched before. The rise of our breathing. Laughter that could be heard above the tabernacle. Promises to never part.

The most important questions of a girl’s life. Will you marry me? Living and loving on cloud nine. Dashing into each others arms. Passionate kisses and warm touches. Glowing face that was observed where ever I went.

Engagements, diamond rings, hopes for the future. What else could a woman dream of when she is in her late teens? While others finished college before committing to another soul, I was in a hurry.

I graduated from high school threw out all my ideas to go to college and got married. Before I was 21 I had my first child. By the time I was 26 I had my three babies. By the time I was 36 I had the first divorce decree in my hands. I felt my first real pain, my sorrow, my failure. Why had I rushed? What have I learned?

Now middle-aged I look back at Jack and Diane with a smile on my face of what used to be. I long for love and a slice of the freedom to dash into my lover’s arms. To have those days of no worries can never be the same, but I still carry hope to be holding the front door open to my home. To let my special man come into my house with no sneaking.


FWF Free Write Friday, Image Prompt


She had seen him at school, the first day she arrived. He was in her first period class, and as each student stood to say their name, she made sure to write his down on her notebook. Brian, saying it out loud, but softly as she went over and over the letters she had written down. She was sitting one row over from him and two seats back.

As she was looking at the teacher while she was speaking, Robin could see his black curly hair. She kept her gaze on him and the teacher. The teacher probably thought that she was the most attentive student in class!

Robin didn’t see him any other time of the day but lunch, and she found him sitting with his buddies at a table. There was no way she was going to try to sit with him, with it being an all guy table. She took her lunch tray and intentionally walked beside the table, brushing her body softly up against his as she walked by, and then stopping and apologizing for bumping into him.

He looked up at her with those big, brown eyes, and his bright whites, smiled at her, and he winked, saying no problem, forget it, and then he went back to talking to his friends. Robin walked over to a table and sat with a couple of girls she knew, but she didn’t really hear anything that was being said, as she was mesmerized by the guy with the pearly whites.

School ended for the day, and she was at her locker getting her books together to take home to study, when he walked by, and just as he was about past her, he stopped and backed up and said, ” Hey, I’m Brian, and you are?” Robin told him her name, and he said hi and then walked on to where he was headed.

He had spoken to her! He had made an effort to stop by and ask her name! She was so excited, she could feel her heart beating out of her chest. She grabbed the rest of what she needed, and slammed the locker door shut and went home.

At home, the house was quiet, and she found a note on the kitchen table from her mom, letting her know she was going to be a little late. Could she go ahead and get the salad prepared and the carrots peeled for supper, plus set the table.

Robin was in such a good mood, that she not only followed her mom’s directions, she started a load of laundry and ran the sweeper in the living room. When her mom arrived home, she made a big deal about what a good kid she was, and gave her a big hug.

Since mom was home, Robin went to her bedroom and pulled out her books and did some studying, every once in a while stopping to think about Brian. Her mom came to her door and tapped on it and said she had a phone call.

Robin put a book marker in her book and got up and went to the living room phone, and after saying hello, she heard the voice, his voice, it was Brian! Her legs quivered and her gut felt warm. She could feel butterflies flying around in her stomach. She heard the other side of the phone saying, game, Friday night, 6p.m., and then there was silence. She heard again, are you there, did you hang up? Robin coughed and said oh yes! I would love to go!

She had a date! She was going out with Brian, this Friday night! Oh my gosh!  She then heard the words, alright see you at the football field by the bleachers Friday, and before she could say anything else, he hung up.

She hung up the phone and practically ran to the kitchen to tell her mom the exciting news. Her mom was busy finishing up with supper, and told her how nice that was, that she was happy for her, and with that, Robin went to her bedroom, and instead of going back to her studies, she climbed on top of her bed, and jumped up and down so high, she felt like she was jumping to heaven.



Picture It & Write, Prompt, Oct. 28th, 2012

There was a time when courting meant something. You met a guy, and after you talked a few times, you were asked out on a date. He came to your house, and met your parents, and they looked him over with their eagle eye, and asked a hundred questions, and then gave their approval for you to go out with him, letting him know, that in no uncertain terms, he had to have you home by ten.

You and he dated for quite a while, and he was invited to your home for holidays and get togethers. The entire family got to know him. After about a year, he stopped by your house and had that discussion with your parents, asking for your hand in marriage.

The affirmation that it was alright to advance, he picked out a nice restaurant, and after a fine meal had been eaten, you two left, and he took you home, but before he got out of the car to walk you to the door, he popped the question, you said yes, and you both kissed, then when inside and shared the exciting news with your parents, who already knew this was coming.

Speed up to today, and dating is totally different.  It is common to  hang out, runs in groups together. Meeting at bars, or dances, going to parties. You see someone who you think is real bad, and so you walk up to him, and let him know you are interested in your own special way.

If you are lucky, he is available, or you can also be unlucky and run face to face with his woman. You start hanging out, meeting up at some place you both enjoy going. Maybe he is thinking what a hottie you are and on his mind he is wanting to score, and if you feel the same way, you hook up sexually to see if you are both compatible to continue the dating game.

In the heat of the moment, no one uses any protection, and a life is formed, but no one wants it. The two of you split up, him saying he isn’t ready for any kid, and neither of you have any real means of taking care of or supporting a kid, so you abort it, or have it and end up living off of the system.

Or you two hang out together until a hot new face comes along, and then you switch partners, maybe passing along some crazy disease to your next mate. There is really no word called dating now, it is a me for me world, and the words, respect, dating, meeting the parents are not found in the new dictionaries. By the time you find the one you want to hook up with, and shack up with, one of you may have slept with numerous others, so the words, saving yourself for marriage, has been left by the wayside to shrivel up in the dry heat.

Or you can be brought up in a modern-day, learning that you count. You have been taught that it is alright to be different. You don’t have to be a size 3, in order to fit in. You have been instilled with the word confidence, and you walk proudly with your head held high, realizing that you can become anyone you so desire, with hard work.

You date, but you place yourself first, and you hang out with many guys and gals, flirting, having fun, and if you decide to become intimate, you take control and make sure that you have the correct protection with you, because although you are in the height of passion, you don’t want this messing up your plans for your future.

You work, he works, you both pay your own way when together. You both are working hard at developing long time careers. If you two find out that you want to be together, you make plans to move into an apartment together,and you set the rules up front, about who is going to pay what.

Right before moving in together, you both tell your parents that you are moving out, and you introduce the love of your life to them. While living together, you plan together, a wedding, and both of you start paying for the big day coming. The two of you start meeting other family members, and soon everyone knows the two of you are an item, and that you are getting married next year.

Times have really changed, and the way we do things has changed , but the goals are always the same. Grow up, find a mate, get married and have a family. Work hard and save money, buy a house and a new car, grow old together.