Dentist and Prayers

I know the words, I know right from wrong; but yet I am afraid. I know it is petty; but to me it is petrifying. I know God answers prayers, especially in numbers. So please pray for me tomorrow morning as I get my upper teeth pulled. My request is for me to remain calm, my blood pressure not to soar, and of course for the dentist to do this procedure smoothly. The good thing out of this, is no more pain, nor pressure, and I will have no more crooked tooth up front. My new denture will be clean, white, and straight.

I have listened and watched to this video, assuring myself that I am in God’s hands tomorrow.

I Need Your Help

I don’t know how else to say it in a more elegant way, but I need your help. Two days ago, I was eating and half of a filling fell out of a molar I have. I went to the dentist today and after x-rays were taken, I learned that much of my bone was lost, my teeth are loose and that there was no longer any way to save those that are left.

This probably explains why my sugar levels are constantly on the high side, since my teeth are bad. I am on Disability and have no dental insurance. I do wish Medicare offered dental and vision but they don’t.

I am getting my teeth pulled and dentures placed in on Nov. 19. The total cost is $3505 for extractions and dentures. I really need some help to get this paid down before the 19th arrives.

This is why I have come to you. I am sorry, but I spent so much taking care of my brother, my funds are low and I can’t work full/time because of my disability. If any of you can help, please click on the link below.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this.