The Dance

Staring in to her eyes

His body became hers

Putty to use as she saw fit

Lips to touch

Nibbles on ears

The man in him

Became firm

Wanting to please

In any way he could

As he twirled her

Around the dance floor

He dreamed about

The moment tonight when


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The Dance

Staring in to her eyes                                                                               victorian_couple_dancing

His body became hers

Putty to use as she saw fit

Lips to touch

Nibbles on ears

The man in him

Became firm

Wanting to please

In any way he could

As he twirled her

Around the dance floor

He dreamed about

The moment tonight when

They were alone.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


_Picture it & Write/ Ermilia


ladywhiteA princess, a virgin, not only her gift that had  been saved for the right person, but the heart had  been left untouched. Pain had never entered and torn the seams of her heart.

Tears never beimg shed. Skin white as snow. Brought up by loving parents who bought the daughter every thing a heart could desire.

But love can not be bought. Love can not be earned. Only love can be given.

Shared between one soul and another. Secrets tucked deeply within, spoken through eyes and touch.

Warmth from a  hand touching hand. Fingers entwined. Feet touching feet. Knees brushing softly against another.

Yes, this is what the child craved and yearned for her entire life. She was brought up in the finest schools. She wore the most expensive linens, shipped in from afar. Gold draped from the tiny dip in her neck. Light catching reflections from ear lobes.

Yet love had never been bought. The once pure heart was now open at one edge, letting feelings with no name pierce her like a needle being pricked on the finger. A chill wiggled freely down the spine, when eyes would take in  internal photos of others holding hands, stealing kisses.

Desires rose inside the body. Heat came to the surface causing blushing cheeks and a feeling of becoming faint. She wanted what she did not recognize. Her body letting her know there was more to experience that she had not yet tasted.

Graduated from school, a black limo coming to a halt in front of the magnificent cherry wood doors. The door opened and once inside the grand hall coldness set in as she looked at the walls and ceilings screaming riches.

Climbing the spiral staircase, walking familiar steps,  opening the once too familiar door, she sat at the lace draped window staring out over the hills of green. Looking down over the blue water, watching the caretaker tending the pools, her loins stirred as she took in the silken skin. Watching him take his red handkerchief out of the back pocket she could not help but notice the snug fit of the legs trapped behind the rough material. Molded of muscle running down to feet now bare to the earth, browned from the sun.

The mind could only wonder what lay beneath. Grabbing her hand fan she moved it in front of her face, wishing the beads of sweat a way. Fingers touching  lips, she got up and changed her clothes.

Walking down towards the pool, taking a seat on the lounge chair directly across from where he worked. He looked up and marveled at the beauty he saw. Feet cemented she didn’t want to leave. He tipped his hat as his job was done and it was time to move on to his next task.

Each day eyes searched the grounds in hope of seeing and feeling the tingle that was buried deep inside her. Each time they met, conversation became longer, smiles were exchanged, arms brushing arms.

One day she did not see him. Going to bed aching not knowing how to soothe the inner turmoil, she slipped her house coat and slippers on. She quietly closed her door behind her and made her way to the pool.

Dropping her covering she slid into the water, letting the coolness enter and take a way the heat. In a short time she was no longer alone. Hands reaching around her waist, reaching up and cupping a breast, the familiar heat rose once again. Passion came pouring out through her eyes and her lips. Fingers exploring, slipping under the bubbles the heat she once did not understand was put out by a flame that no amount of money could ever have purchased.

She now understood as she lay in her bed, unclothed, blankets tossed aside, she touched her lips and outlined the smile. She touched the once virgin area and her desires surfaced once again. She closed her eyes and dreamed of this meeting again, maybe the next night.

Love, What Once Was

I saw him coming towards me. Looking straight a head his eyes never meet mine. His soul being left behind from years gone by. Memories he lived with, a cold heart remains still.

There was once upon a time when our eyes would meet and the heat between us would fire up as if someone had stoked our coals. We would reach out for one another, hands touching, hearts beating to the rhythm of love.

We became one again as we lay on the familiar places that hold our most intimate secrets that only the two of us have ever created. In the shadows of the night his touch would fill spots that only he knew in such a personal way.

No fumbling, accurate timing, taking me to limits way above the clouds. But now, only slight memories remain. Digging deep into my past, trying to surface what is left, only to find tears being shed from my eyes. The heart takes a dip and lowers into doom and if I am not careful, I can fall in to the pit of depression.

Today, he walks by me, our arms do not brush and I look out over the horizons wondering my future. Remembering what once was and what could once be again. Wanting to be touched but returning to my cold, empty bed once again.

Lying in the darkness, my cat reaches out to me, purring and cuddling up to me. I reach out knowing exactly his favorite places to touch. Behind his ears, rubbing his belly, he purrs, showing me he is enjoying the special attention. Letting me know he is forever my friend, snuggling up close to me.

Even my pet seems to know that his owner is lonely, and as he tries to do his best, I wait, while two tears fall to the side, hoping and carrying my faith that once again I will know love.


Fairy Tales

Once upon a time in the land of every day living a woman looked out her window. A car had pulled up in her drive way. Julia didn’t recognize it. She stood up and quickly walked to her full-length mirror. She placed some stray hairs  back in  place.

She was still in her night-clothes and now she did not have time to change. The door bell rang and she asked, “Who is it”?

On the other side of the door a voice said,” It is me Julia. You had invited me many months ago. Now I am here. May I come in?”

“What is your name sir? I don’t remember inviting anyone here”. she said to the stranger.

“Please let me in. You will recognize me once we begin to speak”. Julia knew that she should not open this door but something internally nudged at her. She slowly opened the door a crack and peeking out she saw a man standing there. Very nice looking. Neatly trimmed beard. Clothes all with matching attire. He took his hat off and nodded at her. With a beautiful smile he said, ” Do you remember now pretty lady? It is I the man in your dreams”.

Julia stood back for a second slowly remembering the  many dreams she had. They seemed to go on for ever and ever. Dreams to take her a way to a beautiful sunset near an ocean.

She slowly opened the door and invited him in. He stepped through the door and laid his hat on a nearby chair. She shut the door and showed him to a comfortable chair. The two sat quietly for a moment.

” I have come to take you a way dear lady. I am sorry I have not been here sooner but I have been very busy”, the stranger said. Julia blushed as she realized this man knew all of her inner most desires.

” Are you ready to go? We must leave soon or we will not be able to go today. Please do not worry about packing a bag. I have everything that you will ever need”.

Without hesitation Julia stood up and went towards him holding her hand out. He reached for hers and the house became silent. It was if they were floating in air. Traveling through time she opened her eyes to see them standing on a beautiful white beach.

The grains of sand so fine that her feet felt like they were standing in cotton. Waiting near by were attendants to wait on her every whim. There was a gazebo with colors of the skies. Inside was a sunken couch and a couple of chairs.

A man dressed in only a loin cloth walked towards her. He held out his hand and placed hers in it. Julia turned to thank the stranger but he was gone. She followed the man and he helped her get comfortable on the couch.

Soon others were bringing her cool drinks and food. Grapes and strawberries were among the cheeses that lined the golden plate. One attendant drew a chair up close to her. He sat near her feet and began to take off her slippers.

Julia rested her head back as she felt warm oils being massaged into her tired old feet. She must have fallen asleep because when she awoke she was no longer in her house coat. She was adorned in white and gold.

A flowing white dress with a gold belt. Atop of her head rested a crown made from gold trimmed in white. Strands of gold rested gently around her neck. Her skin shone from oils. No longer were there callousness and wrinkles. Skin so soft and supple.

Another servant came to her and helped her to stand up. He walked her to another section of the beach where a small orchestra was waiting for her. There was a square table with white linen draping it. Sitting on top were two virgin white candles. Their  flames softly blowing in the breezes.

The gentlemen began to play  music. He took her in his arms and they waltzed. Julia’s head was spinning. She felt like she was in heaven. Never before had she experienced anything like this. Every worry had vanished. Every ache within her body gone. There were no signs of her job as a housekeeper to be found.

The two continued to dance for what seemed hours. Douglass spun her around. The two became as light as air. He bent in and softly kissed her neck and behind her ears. The kiss he placed on her lips sent shivers throughout her body. She leaned into him and his hands felt the dip in her back and he held her close.

When the music ended he led her to the table and helped to seat her. Servants brought pheasant and lamb. The brightest colors adorned their plates as fresh vegetables were being placed next to the meats.

The two ate saying nothing. With eyes only did they speak  to each other. From under the table she could feel his feet brushing against her legs. After they finished their meal he led her to another gazebo. This one was entirely black with silver sequins. When the breezed moved it looked like stars were dancing for the two of them.

Inside was one bed. He laid her on it. The orchestra could be heard softly playing in the background. He made love to  her like no other had ever done. He found erotic spots that she never knew she had. Her body felt like it was rising above her as he took more and more of her. At the precise moment he put her flaming fires out.

The two rested in each others arms and fell asleep. When she awoke she was in her house coat. She looked down at her feet and her slippers were where they had always been.

She looked around her home. It was dark outside. There were no more servants or white pearls of sand. Silence replaced the softly playing orchestra. Sitting beside her on her tray was the remains of her soup she had been eating.

She had been dreaming again or had she. Her inner spirit felt new again. She carried hope and faith for a new beginning. She got up and peeked out the window but saw nothing. She walked in the bathroom and saw sparkles in her eyes. There were specks of gold hiding in her hair. She moved her hand to her neck where she felt one thin strand of gold.

English: Julia Butterfly or Julia Heliconian (...

She smiled to herself. Dream or not it was so real. She walked into her bedroom and got ready for bed. She shut the lights off.