The Ambulance Came

Missing You

Eyes are wet

Tears are falling

Word are spoken

Soul has sorrow

We are apart

Vacation I’d say

This is the best

Describing I say

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Al just left for a few days. I know it is good for him and me. Maybe once again they can stop his tears. Maybe I can get some rest. All I know for sure is I hear all your words of comfort, but I miss him already.purple candlesHPIM0219dscf4163




Touch Me

castle 3Touch Me

I wake up from a dreamy sleep

I look in your direction

Touching a lock of tasselled hair

Stirs you gently and you look at me

Feelings run through my veins

And you sense it too

You touch my shoulder

You caress my cheek

My lips beg for you

You answer me

In only the way you know how

I smile as you look into my eyes

I love you

Take me now

Touch me this morning

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Touch Me

Don’t stray                                           touch

Please stay

Touch me

Please be

The one I love

Come here my dove

I want you now

I come to you and bow

Take you in my arms

I promise you no harm

Yes, touch me please

I give you my love with ease

Yes now we are together

For ever and ever.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd