The Man on the Edge of his Bed

Sorry friends, that I have not chatted with you today. Here it is 7pm and I am just able to write. Al was up a lot during the night. He went to sleep about 2am and so I was able to go to bed. At 4 he was up and then continued wanting something off and on until 6:30 this morning.

I caught another hour and a half and then the care giver arrived. I was also waiting for the shower girl to arrive. I had not met this shower girl. When she came she peeked in on Al and noticed his coca cola collection and that was all it took.

The two immediately bonded. Al was not able to have a shower today. He was too sleepy and too weak. He got a nice bed bath and I heard the chatter out in the living room until she left. That felt good. I know the two enjoyed their time together.

For right now, being squeezed in on the schedule we don’t know who will end up being the regular shower girl, but I am keeping my fingers crossed it is her.

Al confided in me in the wee hours of the morning that something had happened and this is why he could not sleep. To me it was a prayer answered. To Al, it shook him up causing him to not be able to sleep.

He told me his dad had come to see him. He said dad sat on the edge of his bed and told him that he wanted to be friends with Al. I got goose bumps as I had waited for this for years.

For Al the only dad he recognized was the one who picked on him and criticized him his whole life. I explained to Al that when dad went to heaven he forgot all of the bad stuff. I had been telling Al this for sometime.

And yet if Al did see dad and talk to him, and if people really do forget the bad things, then why did he tell Al he wanted to be friends? I don’t know the answers. I just kept telling Al this was great news. Now he and mom and dad could all be happy together.

I know Al has pondered on this all day. He fought sleep. His eyes would be nearly closed and then he would force them open again. I wish he would have slept for his own sake though. He didn’t feel well. He complained and was irritable.

Al finally went to sleep this afternoon. I had to wake him up for supper. I just fed him and changed him. I am now finishing my own supper. I went in to check on Al before sitting down here to chat with you and Al through sleepy eyes told me the end is almost here. I patted his hand and said this is a good thing Al, no more pain and many days of being with mom and dad again. He then closed his eyes and went to