Colors of Life

The United States one dollar note, like all ot...

The United States one dollar note, like all other American dollar bills, is historically green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colors make my moods

Yellows are so bright

Blacks are the darkest of dark

I think I  really prefer all of the light.

Purples make me dream

Blues are relaxing for me

Oranges remind me of fall

Reds can make me scream.

Green is a reminder

To pay my bills

Green also makes me smile

As I look out over the hills.

White reminds me of purity

Browns just make me look pale

Grays remind me of dreary days

Golds make my blue eyes swell.

Silver is tinsel and so much more

Aqua is dreaming of  under seas

I really am a person of color

As most of you can now see.

Terry Shepherd