Are You Out There?

Hi my friends. I am moved, not settled in but moved in. It was a busy day Saturday. Almost 7 hours of keeping that foot on the gas or brake pedal. I was nervous, but I always am. I never have enjoyed driving; but there are times you do what needs to be done.

I pulled into Warsaw, Indiana around 6pm. I sat as the two gentlemen unloaded the truck that carried my life story in. After they completed the job, I looked around and thought, ugg, look at this mess.

Each morning I awoke bright and early. I had my energy drink which is my coffee with cream and some breakfast; then started opening each box. By today, Thursday, I am down to one room left, the spare bedroom.

In that room are those items you really don’t know what to do with. You begin to start placing them in empty places, hoping that when all is done, everything looks balanced. The one thing I have had to deal with is the internet company. After 2 separate visits from them and the still remaining slow internet, I called this morning and told them, ” Come today, fix it right, or refund me and I will take my business elsewhere”. They were here by 3:30 this afternoon and the internet is up to the speed it should have been the first day they activated it.

I haven’t been on-line much because I could take a shower and do the dishes while a simple game on Facebook was opening. I could see my emails and sometimes respond, but WordPress was out of the question. It wouldn’t open for me.

I have a clear and open kitchen today so I was able to fix a real supper for myself. I can actually see the floor in the living room and I know without a doubt where the toilet paper is in the bathroom. Isn’t moving and unpacking just a hoot? lol.

I was finished with supper and decided to take advantage of my front steps since the sun had moved to the back of the house. I heard a noise and looked up and saw this plane flying overhead. I wondered if he saw me waving at him, as I didn’t see him wave back. lol. So anyways, I am back. Are you still out there?

airplane 3