Are you scared

Or do you not fear

The other man

With all the gear


Do the weapons

He carries with him

Make you feel nothing

Or can you see a light dim


Do the miles a way

Keep you light at heart

Do you believe it can

Draw closer, not so far apart


The TV shows make it seem surreal

The fighting the killing are most real

The bullet that entered that young man’s heart

Most certainly touched me, made me fall apart


Do you believe it can happen to you

Or do you think it is only there

As we watch those  beheaded and die

What about the guns going off everywhere


Do you have a place to run and hide

Or do you believe in standing strong

Our  nation once so strong now

Parting, fighting all day long.


I pray for our souls every night

I pray for peace and humanity

 I fear if we don’t stand strong for all

We could be the ones pleading oh please.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Facebook page, (Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry)