The Door Opened

It was Halloween eve. The skies were gray and filled with gloom. Droplets fell on her face as she wiped her eyes to keep from squinting. There was a chill in the air and the soft winds oozed around her; giving her no choice but to snuggle deeper into her jacket.

She had just shut the door without ever making a sound. She had already played this role before. Earlier when the time was proper she had went out with her friends and decorated unasked for people’s yards.

She stood there under the eaves remembering the laughter. Still ringing in her ears she smiled remembering  the tricks they had performed. She and her friends didn’t want to be home at curfew so they plotted and decided that they would meet under the big elm tree at 11:00, which is exactly now.

The streets looked like glass mirrors as the lights reflected the rain. They had an eerie and spooky look to them when it was dark out. Brittany had not been allowed out very often after dark.

She had just turned 13 this year but her parents treated her like she was still a child. If it weren’t for their stupid ways she wouldn’t have to be sneaking out of the house now. After all, they had let her go earlier.

She ran down the street trying to miss rain puddles and quickly came to the tree. Her other two friends were already there waiting for her. The three of them ran towards one of the buildings that had a big over hang. They huddled under it together, waiting, as if the rain was going to be stopping soon.

A lonely but obvious drunk staggered out of the bar across the street. He glanced in their direction but pulled his coat closer to him and started walking in the opposite direction. The girls covered their mouths and giggled; making fun of the way he walked.

The three of them agreed and they started walking towards the direction of the cemetery. The way to get there was to go through down town and then walk through the quiet little neighborhood. There was a bunch of old people who lived on this side of town. People who had married and raised their families.

The three pulled out their bar of  soap and wrote some nice little words on the cars. They ran quickly to the front doors and scribbled on them. Giggling they continued their walk until they saw the old iron gate. It was shut. A sure sign there was to be no one in there after dusk.

The girls didn’t let this stop them. They walked towards where they knew there was a space wide enough for them to squeeze through. Once in they took off running for one of the old buildings, and ran inside.

It was a chapel. A small one, made for one family services. There was a newer one on down the path that held more people. They sat on the wooden benches and became quiet. Looking around seeing tree branches swaying on the outside of the window panes gave them the shivers.

Things sure did look different after dusk. They heard a noise. They jumped and saw it was a city rat. This didn’t make them smile anymore. They got on top of the benches in hope that the rat would not climb up to get them.

When the felt it was safe to get down they sat back down and were planning what their next move would be when the entry door opened. One of the girls started to cry out of fear. They grabbed each others hands and squeezed.

They turned towards the door but saw nothing. This scared them more. Now their minds could began to build up an imaginary case against the culprit. Brittany and her friends wanted out of here. It wasn’t as cool to be out at night as they thought it was.

The only way out was the same way they came in. But, the door had opened. They each heard the squeaky hinges. They turned towards the door staring it down. The seconds became louder from the big wall clock and their breathing became hushed.

For what seemed forever they decided to make a run for it as nothing had happened in the last few moments. Not letting go of each other they scampered towards the door, running straight out of there and out of the iron gates.

They never looked back until they were on the other side, back in the safe little neighborhood of old people. None of them wanted to be out anymore. They wanted to go home where they felt safe.

They hugged each other and told the other how lucky they were to have made it out alive. Saying goodbye and they would see each other at school on Monday, they each ran for home. Safe in their rooms, under the covers, head peeking out, each of them were thinking about the door that opened.


My Testimony

“Help me, help me” the lady screamed. One leg hanging out the window, her body in a position to jump, but yet wanting to wait to be rescued. Can you picture this scene? We are in trouble and have no way out. We need help, we need to be rescued.

Have any of you ever been in this position? Have you ever felt like you had nowhere to go, nowhere to turn to? Does life just seem like it could not possibly be any better? Did you vision this was your last breathing moments?

Some of us get in this predicament. We live our lives the way we want and then when we can go no farther we scream for help. Is anyone listening? Does your mate, neighbors, families come running when you are in need?

Do you ever wonder when things get down and look real bad if anyone really cares? Does it feel like you knew at any moment the mouth of Jaws was going to swallow you completely?

I have, I am not ashamed to admit it. I don’t think life is fair all the time. I even have days when I wonder when is it going to stop. When is someone going to rescue me? I got myself in my own spots, my own jams.

I listened to others, who really don’t care more than surface caring. I have been so desperate that I would go to anyone who would listen to me rattle on. I quit doing this for the most part.

I still do have a couple of people who I can call day or night. They don’t always tell me what I want to hear, they tell me what I need to hear. It is up to me whether I listen or not. The one person that I am still doing battle with myself in the change department is going to God.

Why do you suppose we leave him for last choice? Is it because we can’t pick up our cell and give him a call? Is it because we are not hearing the words we want to hear? Maybe we just think we can solve it ourselves.

This is the area I am most guilty of. I am doing better but still forget. I was brought up with parents who always said, you made your bed, now lie in it.

In other words, I got myself in my own mess, now get myself out of it alone. This doesn’t have to be the way it is. We can keep ourselves from getting into many messes by doing our prep work first.

When we wake up in the mornings turn to God first. Even if we have a terribly busy schedule in front of us, we can take a moment and ask God to help guide us through our day. Heck you don’t even have to say it out loud. You can ask God from your heart while you are brushing your teeth.

God always listens. He doesn’t turn his back on us. We turn our backs on him. Yet, he never leaves us. I imagine tears falling from God as we once again believe we can do all on our own and go on our own adventures.

Over and over we have shown that we can do nothing without God’s help. I know what others say about God. We came from apes, we were just here, we were just born. It doesn’t matter what others think, for me, I know what I know.

God has shown himself over and over to me in so many instances. He has carried me through Al’s illness. He gives me strength when I am weak. He protects me from the mouths of evil people.

He has provided what I need. I may feel poor at times. I may worry about bills, food, taxes, friendships, relationships, but I have never truly gone without. Even on my worst times, God provided.

There was a time period in my life where I was so insecure you would not have recognized me. I trusted because I didn’t want to be alone. I was left at a motel with five dollars to my name and the first few days paid for.

I didn’t have any food stockpiled in my motel. My partner had the money and I trusted he would come back when he left to run an errand. It didn’t take me long to realize I had been left behind. I had nothing but a suitcase full of clothes and a weeks supply of medications.

I lived by eating my remaining snacks carefully, timing them out through the day. I watched TV and slept but mostly fretted. It came down to where I got sick. I wasn’t eating, my sugars were a mess.

I had no choice but to help myself fix things. Why didn’t God just sweep down and save me? Why did he make me suffer? He was waiting on me to ask him. It was that easy. I finally did that after exhausting every ounce of strength I had. I prayed, I cried and prayed.

I don’t know how I ever did it, but I walked out my motel door and started walking down the row of doors knocking on each one. Either no one answered, or no one cared or whatever the reason, no one helped me.

I hesitated going to the last door. It  was piled with junk on the side-walk. It had garbage piled up out side, but I was hungry and I was getting sick. So slowly I walked up to the door and knocked.

The door opened and a guy took one look at me and pulled me in gently. He sat me at his table. As I discovered he was fixing me something to eat I looked around his room. I am not kidding you when I say his walls were piled high with boxed and canned foods. He had a college type refrigerator for cold foods and drinks.

He whipped me up some fried potatoes on his hot plate. He gave me a left-over slice of ham and a piece of butter bread. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I actually did in a way.

I died myself and gave my entire soul to Jesus. As I gobbled the food the guy said that he was afraid of people. He had some money put a way. He belonged to this church and he stock piled food. He lived through God’s blessings and God’s help.

I admit he sounded a little strange at times but he was sincere and a giant help. He was my angel sent from God. Every morning and night I would receive a knock on my door. There would be the guy with a plate of food, steaming hot and oh so delicious.

I ended up having the time to figure out what I was going to do. I started going with him to his church in his rusty rattly truck. With my angel and God’s guidance I came through this. I didn’t stay there too long. I received help when I needed it so I could remain in my motel.

I was able to reach out to others who cared and followed Jesus. I was so amazed at how poor I was and yet I had the biggest peace inside my soul that I had ever experienced. Now, today, years later, I fail God, who doesn’t? I have strayed but not far. I still try to fix things myself but then I have a V-8 moment and realize I have been counting on the wrong person, me. I then turn to God and pour out my heart and he has carried me through ever since.

This is like a fairy tale I guess, but it is better. We can each have this life. We can give up the constant worries, rid ourselves of our stress. We can do what I do most of the time. Mentally write my concern on a piece of paper and put it in God’s basket and then pray and then smile and continue with my day, because I know God will take care of everything.jesus_in_heaven.jpg

Chapter 16

A spoon containing breakfast cereal flakes, pa...

The newlyweds went to their favorite diner and ordered. Friends came to their windows to chat. Jane was telling the girls,” We are on our honeymoon. Look at my wedding ring”.

“Married? Wow, you sure kept this a secret”.

“Let me see your ring. What are you two doing out of the bedroom”? a couple of friends asked.

“We got hungry. We have to eat you know. Just because we are married doesn’t mean we don’t eat”. All the girls started giggling.

The food came and the friends left them to eat. Every once in a while Henry would run his fingers up and down Jane’s leg. This sent shivers down her spine and she wished they were back in their motel.

He must have been reading her mind. He finished gulping his shake and started the car. She gave him her empty wrappers smiling at him. The car hop came and took their tray and then they took off for the motel.

Once inside the room his eagerness for dessert over took him. He went to her and stripped off her clothes. Laying her down on the messy bed he breathed in to her ears.” I love feeling your skin next to mine doll”. The rest of the evening was spent in passion and they fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning they slept in too late. They hurried and got up and showered. Gathering their things together they just beat the clock and made check-out in time. ” Wow that was close Jane. I didn’t have anymore money left to pay for another night”.

“I wish you did Henry. I had such a neat time with you. I never wanted it to stop. Thanks for a great honeymoon. I am starting to get nervous though. I really don’t know your parents and here I go right into their house to live”.

“Oh don’t sweat it doll. They are just like any other parents. Everything will be fine”. He patted her belly as he headed for the house.

The two walked in the front door. Suddenly Jane became quiet and let Henry led her by the hand. She stood waiting for him by the door as he carried their bag in from the car. She followed him to the kitchen. Carol was seated smoking and drinking her coffee. She was still dressed in her robe.

She glanced up at them and said,” Surprised you two are back so soon. Honeymoon over”?

“Mom I only had enough to pay for one night. Check-out was at eleven. We are both starving. We got up late and didn’t have time to eat breakfast”.

“There’s cereal on top of the refrigerator. Oh over there on top of the television is mail for you two”.

“Do you want cereal or I can fix you some eggs Jane”?

“Um, just cereal will do. I don’t want you to have to dirty up the dishes” Jane said.

” Smart girl there you have Henry. She already knows the rules. You dirty, you clean”.

Henry put the filled bowls down and went and got the mail. As they ate Henry opened two wedding cards. Money fell into his lap.”Hey look at this. We got more money. This sure will come in handy”.

Henry started to hand the money to Jane so she could put it in her purse.”Better hang on to that money son. The man handles all the  money in a house. The woman does the cooking and cleaning and wiping runny noses”. Henry glanced at his mom and started to open his mouth to respond. Jane gave him a sharp look and then turned to Carol. “You are absolutely right. The man is in charge of paying all the bills”.

” I say it again. You have a smart girl on your hands here. Better take her advice. You will have plenty of bills to pay living here. You have to pay your share for bringing in an extra mouth”

Jane motioned to Henry to put their money in his wallet, and Henry did this without further speaking. The two finished eating in silence. They watched the circles of smoke rise in the air from Carol’s cigarette.

After wards they went to their bedroom and shut the door. ” What’s up with her? I haven’t ever heard her talk like that about money before. But I guess I haven’t ever heard her mention money before. Dad just gives her money and she goes and buys the groceries”.

Jane sat on the bed looking at him. She was thinking, boy this is sure different from my house. Mom handles all the money . I see her give Dad an allowance every Monday.

The two laid back on the bed and watched television. During the time of commercials they kissed and fondled each other. Working themselves into a heat of passion Henry got up and walked to the door and locked it.

They were both naked and he was getting ready to score when a knock came at the door. “I need to talk to you Jane. I need to find out what you don’t like to eat. I need to figure out what we are having for supper. Henry? Do you have any money to help out with the food this week? We have another mouth to feed you know”.

Hearing his mom talk ruined the mood. He climbed off of Jane and covered himself in the blanket. “We will be right out Mom. Just give us a minute”.

Picture it & Write Blind Sight Edition


Why am I here? What happened? Lying on the cold, damp floor. Knees hugging her chest as she runs her fingers along the cement floor

Abbey’s mind filled with empty spaces. Pieces of puzzles drifting trying to find a perfect fit. Goose bumps riding on her skin she looks around and finds a tethered blanket and draws it around her to keep the chill away.

Her clothes are gone. They have been replaced by gray-blue scrubs. Flip flops now rest on once closed toes. She runs her hand through her tousled hair and she scratches her head trying to glue everything back together.

Clanky keys rattle against the door. A man in uniform opens it and says,”Come with me Abbey. You have a visitor.” She rises and follows him. Asking no questions moving as a robot.

They walk down a long corridor and chanting can be heard. ” Hey look at that. New piece of meat here for us.”  “Hey cutie, where you been all our lives?” Fingers reaching through the bars trying desperately to pull Abbey close to them.

She pulls a way from then and walks closer to the guard. Fear takes over her brain. Her legs feel like jelly but without prompting they keep walking forward. A small door is opened and she is led to a table and two chairs.

A gentleman stand and extends his hand introducing himself as her appointed attorney. When the door is closed he sits and motions for her to also do so. He scans her face, seeking answers in her eyes.

Richard ask,” Do you want some coffee? Sugar and cream?” Abbey holds the warm styrofoam cup in her two hands hoping the heat will generate throughout her body.

“Well I am here to represent you. I need to hear your side of the story Abbey. Why don’t you start at the beginning and tell me everything.” He opens his folder and with pen in hand he waits to write notes.

She stares at him and says nothing. “Abbey? Did you hear me? I need you to tell me what happened. If you want me to help you, you are going to have to talk.”

” Why am I  here? When did I get here?” she asked

Richard looks at her straight on with wrinkled eye brows. Clearing his throat he says, “This isn’t the time to play games. You are in here on murder charges. You killed your husband. Now do you have something to tell me?”

” I, I killed my husband? Why would I do that? I love Kenny. I would never kill him.”

Richard sifts through his notes and says,” From what I have gathered the police barged into your house. They found you huddling in a corner in the kitchen. You had a gun in your hand. You stated to the cops that you thought your husband was going to kill you. Does any of this ring a bell?”

Abbey picked at her fingers and stared down at the table. Wracking her brain to remember anything the attorney was saying. Her mind was drawing a blank. She looked into Richards eyes and weakly stated,” No, I don’t have any idea  what you are talking about. The last thing I remember is coming home from work. I was heading up the stairs to soak in a tub. Kenny said he had something real important to discuss with me. I asked him if he could wait until I came back down. This is what I remember.”

Richard had a job to do but there was a part of him that believed her. She must be in shock he thinks to himself. ” You have a court date this afternoon at 3pm. I must have something to work with here. I have another case in this section. Tell you what, you sit here and do some real hard thinking. I will go see my other client and then come back and hopefully by then you will have something to say.”

Richard rose and knocked on the door. The guard let him out leaving the prisoner here to do battle with her thoughts.

To be continued….

FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

fwf-badge-pinkTime & Place:
You find yourself in an elevator. The door closes and you see only five buttons. A sign hangs above them that reads: “Find Happiness.” Each button is a different color. Red, blue, green, orange and yellow. There are no other instructions and you must push one to get the elevator to move. Which color do you choose and why? Where does it take you?



I would pick the blue one because blue is tranquil. It must surely lead me into doors of peace and joy.

I opened the door

And walked into quietness

All I could see were  more doors

Long halls no hanging pictures

Dingy gray carpet with the

Palest green walls I had ever  seen

Have I made a mistake

Were my instincts wrong

I want peace but not lonliness

Maybe I should leave so I

Turn back but the doors are frozen

As if bidding me farewell

Reminding me I am all alone

Sitting on the floor

With knees drawn to chest

I cry in my arms as I

Realize  another error

Was thrown at me

I looked about

Realizing I could not go back

Standing hearing my own breathing

I walked the corridor as

If I am standing on clouds

All the doors looked the same

As I went down one way then another

As I stood trying to make a right choice

I see one door that has a mark

Walking closer I see that an x

Is centered as on a dart board

I place my fingers gently on the knob

And feel the heat radiating piercing my fingers

I can’t let go I have already began

No more thinking no more choices

Turning the knob in hopes

Of making little  noise

I walk in and grabbing

The wall I use my hands

To guide myself down to the floor

Unstoppable tears flow freely

My body shakes uncontrollably

Warm and tender arms wrap

Themselves around me

Sucking me in to their

Love gently standing me up

And I am in awe as I

Stand there staring into

The familiar faces

Of loved ones passed on

Terry Shepherd



Chapter 13

Hair rollers

While Jane was home rolling her hair for the wedding the next day Henry was hard at work. The pins were acting up and weren’t falling into their slots like they were supposed to. He was constantly running from one end to the other replacing them.

He only stepped out twice to take a quick smoke and then back to work. The bowling alley was noisy tonight. He could hear lots of laughter coming from out front. It sounded like a bunch of drunks were bowling. He thought that explains the messed up pins and the gutter balls in the return lane.

Jane painted her fingernails and toenails. She had her prettiest dress lying on the bed. She stared at it imagining how she was going to look while her nails dried. She and Henry were getting married in Henry’s parents home. Carol insisted on this. She had commented about getting married in front of strangers.

Carol was home and had spent half the day cleaning and the other half putting ham on pretty party plates and cutting up cheese. She had bought some fancy crackers and had bought some orange sherbet and some 7-up for something to drink. She laid the buns on the table so they would be easy to open. She sat out the plates and plastic cups and napkins. She had splurged and picked up some nuts and mints. Everything was ready.

She was exhausted. She didn’t remember when she had worked this hard in a long time. When she was finished she gazed at her kitchen and living room and thought this is it. This is as good as it gets.

After she turned out the kitchen lights she went in and soaked her tired body. George had not lifted a finger to help her and yet there he laid on the couch fast asleep with the newspaper half covering his face.

The night finally ended for Henry and he clocked out. Well wishers said words to him as he left the building. As he got to his car he noticed Jane was not standing near by. Where was she? I told her to meet me here after work.

He got in his car and drove over to her house. After a couple of knocks Debbie answered the door and said, “Well tomorrow is the big day almost son-in-law. Are you ready for it? It’s not too late to back out if you want to”.

“I don’t want to back out. I love her. Where is she by the way”?

“She’s been locked in her room most of the day. She has been primping all day and getting her last-minute things together. You can go on back and see her. You are almost married now”. She laughed as she closed the door behind him and went to sit in the living room and watch some television.

“Hey babe, you in there”? Henry asked. Jane answered the door trying to cover up her rollers. “Is this the worst I am going to see you doll? If so, I think I can handle it”. Jane slapped him on the arm and said, “You aren’t supposed to be seeing me this soon to the wedding. What are you doing here”?

“Hey you were supposed to meet me after work. When you didn’t show I figured I would come over and see what’s going on”.

“I had so much to do Henry. It just took a lot more time than I figured. I am sorry I wasn’t there. Can you ever forgive me”? She planted a big kiss on his soft lips and then chuckled. “Soon enough we won’t have to say good-bye at the door anymore. We can be in each others arms all we want”.

Henry had already thought plenty about this and he took her and tossed her back on her bed. She let out a gasp and said, “Hey what about my hair? You knocked one of my curlers out”.

Henry ignored her as he lay on top of her and played with her rollers. He tickled her and she wiggled so much two more rollers came out. He leaned over and picked them up from the floor and handed them back to her.

He kissed her lips and then reached his hand under her skirt. “Hey, I already had my bath Henry. I don’t want to take another one. Let’s save it for tomorrow night. By the way, what if my mom tried to come in”?

“Yeah, you are right doll. I guess I can hold off for now. But I am telling you tomorrow night is another story. You are not going to be able to have any excuses then. I have a surprise for you too Jane. A very special surprise”.

“Really? What is it? Tell me”. Henry rolled off of her and said, “Nope I am not going to tell you. I said it is a surprise. I know you are going to just love it though”. Henry walked towards the door to leave and she followed him.

“I love you Henry. I can’t wait to be your wife”.

“I love you too doll. We are going to have a great life together”, Henry told her. With this he gave her a quick kiss and then disappeared. Jane stood staring at the door still being able to feel his lips on hers. She thought, we are the luckiest people in the world. She patted her belly and whispered, we are going to give you a good life little baby. We both love you very much and tomorrow we are going to make this all legal.

She put the rollers back in her hair and played with her make-up deciding exactly which colors she was going to use. She had light pink nails so she decided on the pink lipstick. Her mom had let her borrow the gold necklace that she herself had worn on her own wedding day.

She went over mentally at all she had done and double-checked to make sure she was missing nothing. She went out to the kitchen and got herself a soda out of the fridge. Her mom saw her and laughed at her hair. Debbie commented, ” You did a good job. You didn’t ask for any help. You are going to be fine”. With this Jane nodded and then went back to her room

Chapter 11

English: The first bowling alley in kabul, Afg...

Henry listened to some music on his radio before getting ready to go to his new job. He laid on his bed staring at the ceiling, thinking about him and Jane and the new baby. I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl. I wonder if it will look like me or maybe her. As long as it’s healthy, that’s all I care about. Ten fingers ten toes as they say.

He almost drifted off in to dreamland and then without thinking looked at his alarm clock. Oh crap, where did the time go. He jumped up from the bed and put a clean shirt on. All finished and checking his hair out in the mirror, he closed the door behind him and went and told his parents he was leaving.

At the bowling alley, the smoke was thick. Sounds of balls hitting the floors and laughter echoed from the padded walls. He saw Carl and walked towards him. Carl said,” This here guy standing beside me is the one that is going to train you Henry. Say hi to Bud”. The two shook hands and then Bud led the way to the back.

It looked like a complicated mess. Lots of metal and pin holders. A real mechanical set-up. It was cold back here. No padded walls, no nice paint on the walls. The floors were supposed to be white but were yellowed from years of being neglected.

Bud went to the pin drop machines and explained. ” Your job kid is to stay back here and watch all of these machines. If all the pins don’t drop, you put one in manually. If a ball doesn’t return out front, catch it here and slide it down the return rack. This isn’t a hard job at all. In fact on a good night, it can be down right boring.

If you are going to smoke, make sure you step out that back door there”. He pointed towards the rear door. ” You got any questions kid? What did you say your name is”?

“Henry, that’s my name. No Bud, I don’t have any questions. You going to be hanging around in case I do run into a snag”?

“Sure, I will be here until the joint closes. You see that black wall phone over there? Dial 0 if you run into any problems. Well, I gotta get back up front. Good luck kid, I mean Henry”.

Henry found a chair and thought the best thing to do was place it right in the middle of the machines. He sat down and started watching. Man, they move fast. It seems like when one is returning another one is coming.

He had been sitting there for about an hour when one of the pins didn’t drop. He had missed it but soon heard buzzing sounds. He saw a red light on one of the machines and found out it was a speaker. He could hear pins didn’t drop. You asleep back there at the wheel?

He grabbed a new pin and as he placed it in the empty slot, he pushed the red buzzer and said,”sorry folks, new here tonight. I will try to watch better”. He heard clapping out front, and he knew all was alright now with lane number nine.The night went pretty smooth from then on. He went out back on his break and took a couple of drags off his smokes. He thought to himself, wonder what Jane is doing. No one has let me know if she is here.

Before he knew it, the shift was over. The bowling alley became quiet. He walked back out front to punch out on the time clock and saw the janitor sweeping the lanes. He waved to him and punching the clock, checked his schedule and then told the boss goodbye and walked out the front door.

He had parked his car in the very back of the parking lot, boss’s orders. Supposed to leave room for the paying customer.  He got in the driver’s seat and was about to put the key in the ignition when a pair of hands covered his eyes from the back.

At first he was shocked then went in to attack mode, then he recognized the words guess who. He turned around and the first thing that came out of his mouth were, “geesh Jane, I could have hurt you real bad. You scared the crap out of me”.

Jane said,”Well come back here in the back seat baby, and I will show you how sorry I am”. Henry wasted no time in getting to the back seat. He kissed her on her lips and then started tickling her. She started screaming and laughing and he placed his hand over her mouth saying, “don’t scream baby, you want the boss to call the cops? How would it look if the cop tapped on the window and saw us doing this”.

“Doing what? All we are doing is laughing and having a good time”, Jane said. Henry pulled her to him her head falling to rest on the arm rest. He lifted her skirt and slid her panties off. He felt her warm flesh. He felt where the baby was growing. He was thinking, this is all mine. My baby, my woman.

Her leaned over her and kissed her lips and then moved down her neck, letting his tongue find its way through every delicate piece of flesh. He smelled her perfume and ran his fingers through her hair.

He ran his hand down her legs. They were so soft and as he re-visited her woman hood, she raised to him and a soft moan came deep within her throat. Henry wasted no time in taking her. It was quick but they both were satisfied.

Helping her to get dressed, he zipped up his pants and gave her a quick peck  and got back in the front seat. He asked,”What you waiting for doll? Get your cute little rear up here with me. You know I don’t like driving alone”. She grinned at him and hopped over the front seat. Putting her one arm around his neck and the other arm between his legs, he started the car and drove her home.

From Here To There

Mystery vine 2

A life has closed one door

Never to look back anymore

Another door has opened wide

The width of this is oh so wide

Mysteries held for all to seek

For those who are sick and very weak

More help is coming for him today

I only have to stand out-of-the-way

The love I have will carry all through

But I can’t help feeling a little blue

I release him into your hands of care

For his care I will open and I will share

Remember he is only on loan

It is always with me that he has grown

He may be six feet tall today

But he’s my baby brother all the way

Take good care of him as I walk out of his door

Don’t let me come back to find him  no more.

I love you my brother you have filled my days

But now I realize there are many more ways

To keep you safe and free from harm

I have walked you to the door and let go of your arm.

Terry Shepherd

Nov 06,2012