Your Thoughts Please

I  am  watching  Dr. PHIL, a  very  interesting  topic. People  who are strong  believers  in God, who think they can raise  the dead animals  or people.

I do believe  that  God can make many miracles  and do amazing  actions through  human life, but  I  feel  God performed  many miracles  to show us he is the almighty  God. I  don’t  believe  that we can do all things.

What are your  thoughts ?


Three Awards by One Blogger

Cathy has nominated me for three awards. I am in awe of this to be quite honest. The awards are Blog of the Year Award banner 600 Blog of the Year, 2012





One Lovely Blog Award





shine on award

The Shine On Award




I am supposed to say seven things about myself.

My favorite book is Black Like Me

At 7am this morning I was changing my bedsheets and running laundry

I love to watch Dr. Phil

I would like to take a two or three day trip just to get a way

I go to sleep on my stomach but wake up on my back

I am almost obsessed with my house being clean

I hate getting phone calls late at night or early mornings

Since my awards came in a trio, than my nominees will also receive a bundle deal!! Who doesn’t like more than one gift at a time?

Nominations are;



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