One Blog Plus One Blog Equals A New Chance To Sketch    I was reading Al‘s blog. I just love what he does with his camera so I try never to miss a post. Tonight he was showing me a drawing he had done. He got the inspiration from another blog named,

So of course since Al liked it I knew I would too, so I hopped over to this brand new blog and looked at the fantastic art work. Now you all know I can’t draw with a crap, but the desire is deep within me, so I continue to make a fool out of myself by trying. I thought after I looked the fabulous art over I would give it a shot too. I knew I could not even  compare my work to theirs but you know what? I had a good time. While I was sketching I forgot about all that goes on around me. For ten minutes I was with me, all alone with my charcoal and pad.

So here is my version of what I saw and my little scribbles. You can see the fantastic work that was done on the second link I gave you, but please don’t compare theirs to mine. I don’t want you to laugh until you wet yourself.

art leaves

Come On, Let Me Have It

This sketching thing I have been doing may just be something I need to toss to the birds. I want you to tell me to break the pencils, give the sketch pad to my grandchildren to scribble on; if you believe in your heart that this is just plain crap. It’s alright, I am tough, I can take it.

This is my second attempt at having an urge to draw. Not knowing what will happen I just place the art pencil to the pad and see what happens. I never know what I will get when I am finished. Maybe I would be better at trying to draw something I can see instead of letting my mind wander.

I guess I am afraid of making a fool out of myself. Not that I plan on receiving big awards for this, but hey, come on, I am no longer in K -6 grades, so come on, let me have it, the artwork