To The Tune of Hush Little Baby


Hush Little Brother

Hush little brother please don’t cry

Sis is going to be here and wipe your eyes.

And if that doesn’t help you much

Sis is gonna take your hands and touch

And if that touch doesn’t do the job

I will get on knees and pray and sob

If the medicines don’t seem to work

Sis will call to God the only clerk

For God is listening every day

He promises he will never walk away

I will stay here by your side

Massage your feet so deep and wide

I will wipe your tears completely away

I will take them on each and every  day

I promise I never wanted this

As I lean down and give your nose a kiss

The time will come and you will know

God will take your pain and away you’ll go

Promise me you will save me a spot

For our family is all we ever really got

So hush little brother don’t say a word

Sis is gonna stay near like a hummingbird.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd






What About….

We can’t stop it                                                           earth

We must walk it

Live it

Feel it

Try to swallow pain

Feel love

When it touches

Grasp changes

Pray for others

Deal the best we can

In a world that

Is ever-changing

Oh how I wish

Sometimes I

Could go back

To a more simple

Time when my

Parents were here

Struggles yes

But not like today

Food on the table

No tears falling

From little children

Crying from hunger

Oh God my precious Lord

Help us sinners

Here on earth

Let us all come

To you on

Bended knees

And pray

Take us out

Of this turmoil

Lift us into

Your arms Lord

Save our souls

As you promised

Lord, I am ready.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Daily Prompt; The Full Moon, DP, Daily Prompt

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.


Photographers, artists, poets: show us NIGHTTIME.

Oh to live a fairy tale even if just for a few moments.

During the day I am Ms. Maid, Taxi driver, Financial Planner, Cook, Nurse, Psychologist.

During the full moon I strip my titles and clothes and turn into a free bird.bird

I would be strong like an Eagle.eagle

I would not be alone. I would be free and in birds

I would still be nurturing but have time for me also.birds - babies in nest

I would be beautiful and never grow old.peacock

I would dine at the best places.bird-feeders

I would have always have something to say.lots of birds

That was a fun trip, but time doesn’t stand still for even the best of us.

I need to go back to reality and remember that I am me.

I am who God hath made. I am a caregiver, a sister and I take up a little space here on earth.

I am doing what I need to do and I am where I am supposed to be.

I am turning the pages of the chapters of my life.book4


Prayer Request Please

Weeping Angels

I thought that when I left Al yesterday, he was in better spirits from our talk. Evidently not, as the facility just called to tell me they had an issue with him. He is thinking about ending it all. They said he has no plan, which makes them feel better. It is an unofficial watch for him as if they state in the files what he is thinking he would have to be sent to a psyche ward. Neither them or me wants him to have to go there. It would destroy him.

So I am pleading and begging for prayers. I called the man in charge of his waiver and said that Al is very sad and that he is afraid he is going to die there instead of here at home. He said he will try to rush it on his end but that once it was at the State again, it was out of his control.

I know that Al told me last week that he saw someone sitting in his recliner during the night. He said that God told him it was now time to go to heaven to see Mom.

I am not going to argue Al’s words because who am I to judge?

Please pray that this goes quickly to get him home and that all the angels surround Al while he is still there.


This Is My Hope

Circle in the Sand

If we pretend to be

Something for your eyes to see

But then when we are all alone

We know we are not cloned

We must not hide our thoughts

Nor pretend we forgot

What truly fits our name

We must not play the game

Don’t ever be afraid

To show what God made

My thoughts are mine

And yours are divine

We are allowed to stand up tall

Never leaning into the wall

Stepping out in faith

Walking through human race

With joy in our heart

But never apart

We remain as common ground

We circle and come around

Giving hope to others

Grieving with our brothers

Treating them as we

Hope to be treated by thee

Put forth the work

Don’t be a jerk

Don’t be unkind

Let peace be in our mind

This is my hope I am proud to say

That we come together in this small way.

Terry Shepherd