Older Verses Younger

Lionel Rumi ice skating

I went to see Al today and it was a nice visit. I took him a chocolate milkshake. Plus his meats are now pureed. He ate everything. He struggled with his carrot slices so I told him after I saw him beginning to pucker up to just use his fingers. Finger food are getting real popular I told him. He smiled at me and then was able to eat them.

I had picked up my mail today since I didn’t do it yesterday. In there was a little magazine geared towards seniors. I started reading it after lunch was over and Al decided to pick sports on the TV. There are very few sports I enjoy watching except ice-skating.

One of the articles I was reading started me to that crazy thinking again. Oh no, watch out. Her brain is loose again.

I have noticed that women outlive men by an average of five years. We as a country are living longer and yet younger people are having the heart attacks sooner. They suffer from injured knees and backs. Older generations are a little bit healthier. Yes, I actually wrote that.

Older generations worked harder than we do today. People younger than me work less hard than even I did. Could this have anything to do with more medical issues? Well maybe, but I have no proof.

Where the older generations worked the land, built their own homes, ate out of the ground, we buy boxed foods, meats that are processed and sometimes not even grown here. We take more vitamins to supplement our need to lose weight.

Did you realize that you can now go through a drive-thru just not for food, but for even more?

You can bank through a drive-thru, visit the deceased through a window while wearing shorts and a tank top. You can order groceries online. You can visit your doctor online.

Shopping from the internet has saved us many steps, and much time so we can spend more time working out and getting toned. You can take a pill for just about everything. The morning after pill, arthritis pills, jells to add more excitement to your love life.

Cook a complete meal in a microwave. Push a button and let a robot sweep your house with it. You can text, email, talk on cellphones that never leave your side. Use a remote to change channels on every TV in your house.

Take your computer with you. Order credit cards on-line, have packages picked up from your house. Leave your windows closed and flip on the air conditioner. We as a whole have at least one car and a truck, motorcycle, bicycle or gulf carts.

Why go to the vegetable patches when we can pick up in pretty plastic containers and clear cellophane anything we need at our grocers. We can hire someone to walk our pets. We can hire maids to do our Spring cleaning.

Nannies for watching our children. Church on the TV.  I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you.

Is the reason that the older generation is living longer and the younger generation has old people medical issues because we have become too laid back?