Get a Real Job Scammers!!

It seems many of us receive our emails to only discover that spam or scammers have sneaked in there also. I had a friend say this morning that the USPS had sent a scammer letter.

I have to admit, I myself, received one last evening too. I have to be super cautious when I get these emails. Why? because they look so authentic. You can even compare them to a real email and may have to study it at length to find whether it is a fraud or not.

Sometimes it is one, tiny letter turned around or a symbol or even a period that will be the difference between an original email and a scammer’s email. Fortunately, I have not fell into their greedy trap. They have not gotten monies from me as of yet, but it makes it sad, that you can’t enjoy reading your emails without checking things out first.

I did get scammed by a company that you only see at Christmas time. A candy book, which I would not order from in the beginning, being a diabetic. Somehow, somewhere, the business had grown weak on their privacy laws and this allowed someone to make a six hundred dollar purchase on one of my credit cards.

Can you imagine? Making a charge of over six hundred dollars, scamming someone over candy? I laughed aloud at that although it wasn’t really funny. I got a hold of the credit bureau and with their help, it was removed from my file.

I feel very sorry for those who don’t speak our native language and end up falling for these scammers, sometimes losing most of their funds and what about the elderly that have got their hands on their first computer?

Without a family or friend explaining and showing how to check for emails, they have and can lose their entire life savings. I have seen it so many times on TV talk shows where widow ladies and gents will send money over seas to some scammer on the other end of the screen, while he swears his love for her/him, and also spilling his guts on how he needs help to be able to come across the seas to meet his new true love, knowing very well that was never his intention. His intention was to drain a bank account.

Friends, if you have a friend or family member who has some design for use on an internet, please do them a favor and have a chat with them and make sure they know what to look for and to never give their social security numbers or bank account numbers.

Daily Prompt; Flip Flop, DP, Daily Prompt

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSITION.

I used to be a woman who wanted to be noticed. I loved my antiques and sparkled when auctioneers would come up to talk to me about this or that. When people bid on things I was bidding on it made me feel worthy.

When I think back to that time I realize that I could have comments and looks galore but the real issue wasn’t being fixed. I surfaced through life. I wanted everyone that touched my life to like me.

Of course we can’t have lives like that. We are not made to get along with everyone else. auctions

When I see who I was I realize I was so insecure. It is embarrassing to me now a days for I am no longer like this.

Today I am more mellow. Maybe it is because I have grown up even more.

Maybe it is because I have realized that I am who I am. That trying to be like someone I wasn’t only brought failure to my life.

Today what is important is that I like myself. I am not overly confident, but I feel that I am doing what God gave me the talent to do. I am not a big antique business owner. I still love antiques and I would be happy to have a small business in my own home town.

I care for people who can’t care for themselves. I believe this is a gift from God. Today a person I saw mentioned that she could not work with so many mentally challenged people. I could understand this. I don’t think everyone can. I am not even sure if I can.

I can take care of elderly. I can care for my own brother who is mentally challenged, but to teach in a classroom, I am not sure if I would have that much patience. I think I enjoy the more one on one type of care.

I have realized that I do like being a homebody. I know without a doubt that God knows I am that type of person also or he would not have made it possible for me to get paid taking care of Al right here in our own home.

I am content. Content with smelling the flowers. To walk out to get the mail. To be in my house for a couple of days at a time without seeing a soul. I get lonely, sure, but when that happens I just write here at WP, or a friend will sense it and the phone rings at the exact moment.

I like cleaning the house. I enjoy making Al meals. I like getting him dressed, and helping him to eat. I like brushing his hair. I like taking lots of photographs of him. I like being sentimental and mushy. It is who I am. I am a caregiver who loves taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves and I am proud of myself for having this beautiful talent, a true gift from God.caregiver

Empty Faces


Empty spaces

Empty faces

Eyes glazed

Sleepy and dazed

Slouched in their seat

Feeling defeat

People walk by

No reason why

Not stopping to say

How are you today

Just another face

Among  human race

Another mouth to feed

To a heart that does bleed

Take them back to their room

That  is so full of gloom

Change their pants and then

Toss them to bed once again

No one taking the time

To see if they are fine

Walk by the door

Nope they’re not on the floor

Get them up one more time

Get them in the feeding line

Give them a bath or a shower

Get it done within an hour

Then put into bed

Without anything said

She asks as I leave

Can you come here please

Can you sit for a while

Can you offer me a smile…………..

Terry Shepherd




Not Quite There Yet

Two middle-aged people in love, running down a...

When you are middle aged

Is this the time to begin

To live and discover

Or maybe to sin.

Should we act our age

As people wish us to do

Is it to late to find

A man and say I do.

Is your life half over

Or has it just begun

Has your better half gone

And left you as one.

Do you really want to

Go to bed at ten

Or do you want to go out

And come back when.

It’s a hard thing to swallow

When you reach this point

You have raised your family

And you feel it in the joints.

Not quite ready for the rocker

And not ready to dance

Maybe just a little companion

And a little romance.

Let me live the life

That I once have done

Let me soar with the birds

Until the last song is sung.

Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt: Last Words/ The Daily Post

I am lying here in my bed, covered all the way to the top to my chin. Others have already


claimed me as dead, or surely, they would only cover half of me. I can speak, but the words come slowly, as my brain is taking too long to catch up to my lips.

I manage to grasp the handle of the bell and call an assistant to my bedside. I can not say goodbye to this world I have visited for the last 85 years, without letting you know that I am leaving, never to come back.

The young lady comes in and leans over my bed, and thinking I can not hear, she leans into my ear, and softly, without breathing, ask me how she can be of service to me. I tell her to grab that pad on the night stand, and to get the red ink pen lying beside it and to pull that chair in the corner over to my bedside.

Without questioning my motives, she does as I request, and comes back and sits beside me. We are so close that I do not have to strain my lungs, as I form the words from my heart.

I tell her to write what I say, and then to go back and check for all grammar and to make it right, as I am a writer, and errors are something that I treasure on not making. She pulls her glasses up from around her neck and slips them over her nose, and making a small line in the corner of the page, she makes sure the pen is working properly. She then looks up at me and says she is ready, I can start.

I give her a weak smile, and I do not waste valuable time, because I have been told a secret by the good Lord that I am going home today. I struggle but manage to clear my lungs, so that my words can be heard without much effort, and  my mouth opens, my lips begin to form words, and I can hear myself say.

My dear friends, I want to speak to you today to let you know that my time here on earth is about to end. I am going home today and I could not leave without letting you know what you mean to me.

I was in a position of losing myself while caring for my brother, and through your wings, you lifted me up in your arms, using your own lips and words to comfort me.

When God whispered in my ear to begin to write once again, he never told or explained to me the wonderful gifts I would receive from doing his work.

I was living inside of four walls, watching my  brother slowly fall away from me, while he suffered from his terrible illness, called Parkinson’s Disease. I became accustomed to hearing his pains, and hearing him calling out to his God, asking him to take him home.

When you hear this on a daily basis, it is easy to be sucked into another life, although you, yourself are not even sick.

The emotional turmoil that you suffer along with the patient, can without you realizing it, also take its toll on your own health.

But, writing and slowly letting you get to know my inner soul, has allowed me to slowly bloom into a beautiful flower, its roots ground deeply in your friendship and words of comfort.

The petals from my stem that I drink from come from you, my blogging friends. All of you have said something kind, or made me laugh.

I can not even say one name of anyone who has turned their back on me here. Each of you have brought something new to my life.

Viveka, you have taught me how to cook with little and yet wet my taste buds. Jo, you have spent many hours comforting me after others have gone turned out their lights.

Julie, you have shown me how to retain the strength that I have left. Tilly, you have been my bible, each night, as I look towards your blog, your words bringing me medicine for my soul.

Sandy, you have shown me that I must continue to move forth, to take one day at a time. Barb, you have been a believer in me for so long now, and you have taught me to believe in myself as well.

Buck, the courage that you show me each day, makes me repeat to myself that I need to be thankful for what I have. Patty, you have brought kindness to me through your words.

Granny, you have managed to lift my spirits with your words. Kathy, you have shown me that it is alright to stand up for what I believe in.

Brian, you have offered me friendship without knowing my name, and Rob, I owe you so much, for I am able to come to you with questions I have from within the bible.

Debbie, without your daily prayers, I may not have made it this far in life. Bonita, you have always been there for me, and what you have offered to Al in helping keep him here at home, I can never forget.

Diane, what a god-send you have been to me, never a day goes by without a comforting word from your heart. Ivonne, you have brought light to my day, when there was a film in my eye. Hope, you have such a way with words, you amaze me.

Apple, you have brought me much laughter with your tales of silly things you have done, like the story about the attic? Jomaid, you are one of my newer friends, but you are more like an angel sent to help me through a sad day. Dana, what would I do without your friendship?

Marilyn, not only have you been a dear friend to me, but you will always be a nice thought in my brother’s life, for what you have done for him. Share, I want to thank-you for your new friendship.

I am old and ready to go home, and I am sure I have forgotten a name or two, but please do not be mad, please blame it on my bad memory.

I am getting tired, and my journey has begun. God has given me the signal, and so I must stop now. One last time, I want to thank every single person who has touched my life and helped me to bring smiles to my brother’s face.

May God bless and know that I have requested from God a special table to be set aside. For one day you will join me, and we shall be together all once again, picking up our pens and writing again.

I love you all, and so for now, I bid you goodbye.

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.


NaNoWriMo Chapter 4

Paul went about his business and went in his bathroom and took a nice, hot shower. He thought about the woman who had just left his apartment, and he smiled to himself as he thought of how good she tasted to him. It had been some time since he had held a woman and let her excite him the way that she did.  After getting out of the shower, he dried off and went to the kitchen and poured himself a night cap and taking it with him; he walked over to his desk, to see what clients he had appointments with the next day. Ah yes, here was one that looked pretty easy. A little old lady named Sara. She was trying to make it so her kids could not come over to her house when she was a way and take what they wanted, while she was still alive.

Poor old lady, not even dead yet and here was the kids and grandkids trying to rip her off before her feet were in the grave. He mumbled to himself, that he didn’t know what was wrong with people today, but at least they kept food on his table. He finished his drink and burped out loud and then wandered into his bedroom, and flipped on the news to see who was killing who.

There was nothing really exciting and since the beauty had wore him out he decided to call it a night, and with the remote in his hand, he flipped the television off, and with darkness blanketing him, he fell off to sleep.

The next morning, he didn’t feel like cooking, so he got dressed and headed out to his car. He pulled up in front of the little restaurant that served the best looking waitresses and their cooking was pretty good too. He walked in and one of the waitresses flashed him her biggest smile, and nodded towards an empty table in her section. He smiled back and went to the table and sat down. She brought him over a steaming hot cup of coffee, and asked him what she get him this morning, and he told her she would do.

She slapped him on the shoulder in a flirty way and said that he knew she was married, what did he really want, and realizing he wasn’t going to get anywhere with her, he ordered a couple of scrambled eggs, with a steak on the side, and a couple of slices of toast. She nodded and took off towards the kitchen to deliver the ticket order. Paul looked around to see if there was anyone here that was worth talking to, and seeing no one, he walked over to the top of the trash can, and grabbed the morning paper and went back and sat at his table, flipping the pages for interesting news.

Soon his breakfast came, and also came a long tall gentleman, and when the plate was placed in front of him, and his coffee refilled, the guy sat down, without an invitation, and said, “Do you know a woman by the name of Slim?” Paul said, “What’s it to you? I don’t know you so get the hell out of my way!” The guy ignored his request and continued with his conversation. “I hear you been spending some time with my wife, Slim. I hear she wants to hire you for some job. What is it that she wants you to do?” Paul looked him straight in the eye and without blinking said, “Kill you.”

The guy sat there and said nothing for a moment, letting Paul attack his food before it got cold. Paul acted like there was no one sitting across from him and buried his head in his plate, and the guy then got his breath back, and said, “What did you tell her? Did you tell her you would do it?”

Paul looked at him and said,” Get the hell out of here, can’t you see I am busy? I didn’t come here to be bothered by the likes of you. I am not going to discuss whether I told her yes or no, because it is none of your darn business, you hear me?”

The guy stood up and said that Paul better watch his back. He knew of his type, big macho men who think they know it all. He continued with how he wasn’t afraid of him, so he better is watching out, and with that, Paul raised his hand and shooed him away, and went back to his breakfast.

The Ma-in-Law

After he cleaned his plate up, the waitress came back and asked if that man was bothering him, because if he was, she could tell her boss, and they could have that guy banned from this place. Paul told her, “No, it was just some pesky fly trying to make an ass out of himself by buzzing around. He had swatted him, and the guy was gone, but thanks doll, for trying to protect me.” With that, Paul got up

This Really Is Not Dirty, But Rather Innocent!

Description:                                                           cid:964AE8A3-48C1-4F88-A7D4-09A00A75B906Description:                                                           cid:ACF6ED46-CFCF-4A11-9FD8-4E8584CE0E4B

Miss Beatrice, The church organist, was in her eighties
And had never been married.
She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all.
One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room.
She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea.
As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, the young minister noticed a cute glass bowl sitting on top of it.

The bowl was filled with water, and in the water floated, of all things, a condom!

When she returned with tea and scones,

They began to chat..
The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the
better of him and he could no longer resist.

‘Miss Beatrice’, he said,
‘I wonder if you would tell me about this?’
Pointing to the bowl.
‘Oh, yes,’ she replied, ‘Isn’t it wonderful?
I was walking through the park a few months ago and I found this little package on the ground.
The directions said to place it on the organ, keep it wet and that it would prevent the spread of disease.
Do you know I haven’t had the flu all winter.’


Thank you Shona!

English: Hammond Organ model L-112