When You Hear the Word, Terminal




The last thing anyone wants to hear in their life is they are sick. Worse than that is hearing the simple; but complicated word, terminal.
People go through good and bad times in life but manage to pull out of it and move on. When a person hears their life will not get better, the roller coaster ride begins.
Fear is the first feeling people have in common. Anger comes next. Thoughts may include why me or what did I do to deserve this?
Tears will follow with some screaming at God to help them. Once the words of the illness sink into the brain, a new change appears. Patients want to fix the problem. Many will talk to their family and friends. Tracking down doctors and getting second opinions. Suddenly we are thrown into dealing with the physical part of the illness, the full-time job, doctors visits.
Patients constantly discuss with loved ones options they are offered. Together a plan is set in motion and the patient sets these goals as a high priority.
Although they have heard there is no cure, most patients do not give up hope. Some may turn to their God. They may return to church or start reading their Bible.
As the time passes, patients go through various mood changes. Patients can become depressed as they see their independence slipping away. It is important to have everything right in their lives; just in case their hope is taken away and the battle was lost.

Do you have a story that you remember too well? Would you like to share with me?