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pictureitandwrite2copy-1Get me out of here

I feel so trapped

I can’t breathe

I feel like I have tapped

Out of all options

All ideas are gone

Life is leaving my lungs

I have sung my last song

I tried to tell you

What is in my heart

I have done my best to show you

How I feel different and apart

And now I am faced with

The knowledge of my fear

I fear the worst

That death is very near

Oh please someone hear my words

Please listen to my cries

Help me get out of here

Please come wipe my eyes

I never thought it would be

The way it has turned out

One mistake has trapped me

And now all I can do is shout

I am breathing my last breath

As I stand here all alone

I am waiting for the knock

To take me to some other home

I promise I am sorry

For what I have done to you

Please say you will forgive me

Before this day bids ado.

Terry Shepherd