Why do we have to feel pain
Why do we have to hurt
Why do we have to grow up
Why do we?

Why do we believe
That fairy tales come true
Why do we get so sad
Why do we?

Why did we want it so fast
Why did we want to grow up
Why do we want everything now
Why do we?

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





floating girl

Daily Prompt; The Interview

Oliver Herford illustrated the fairy godmother...

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Interview your favorite fictional character.

Me; Now I know from my own childhood that you are a wonderful person to dream about at nights, can you explain why this is so?

Her; Well, I have been around for many years. People and adults see something in me that they wish for their very own.

Me; And what would that be, can you be more specific.

Her; Well we all want life to be happy and peaceful. When people look at me and hear my voice, they become instantly happy.

Me; What is it that children and adults see in you that are the same?

Her; My voice is probably my biggest asset. It is soft-spoken. My tone comes across as caring and delightful. It is not a high-pitched voice, so when children hear me, they seem to relate very easily. When adults are having rough patches in their day, my voice becomes soothing for them. I believe it takes them back in time to a more joyous day.

Me; In today’s world, fashion makes a big statement. Your clothes never seem to fade away. In fact, anytime I have seen you, your clothing is always the change. How can that be?

Her; I symbolize softness, purity, trust and love. It is the ingredients to a happy soul. Safe and secure is something we all crave, even more as we age. Why change something that works for the name of fashion? When people look at my dress, they quickly recognize me. There are no doubts that I am no one other than who I always was.

Me; That is a beautiful quality, and I love your statement. One of my final questions is, how do you stay so trim and who does your hair?

Her; (giggling) Oh that is easy enough to answer. I use only natural ingredients in my foods that I eat. I would never consider eating anything that came out of a box. I omit salt, and I make everything myself. I try very hard to incorporate a color of the rainbow in each day’s menu. As far as my hair? That is the easiest of all. I just wave my magic wand over my head and sprinkles of fairy dust fall in place holding each of my locks for the entire day.

Me; Well this certainly has been the most delightful interview I have done in some time. I want to thank-you for being my special guest today. You realize the world is growing by leaps and bounds. Would you care to let the babes know your name so they can carry the same feelings we all have done for so many years?

Her; Well certainly my dear. I am no other than your Fairy Godmother.



Just Maybe

English: illustration of the Brothers Grimm fa...

English: illustration of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Mary’s Child”

It has been minutes for the parents who lost their loving children. For me it has been hours since I heard the news. My heart is still breaking, but I am also getting very frustrated and a little angry.

I want to blame someone, anyone, but there is no one particular to blame, because the guilty party was only a giant for a few moments before he became a coward and turned the gun on himself.

I would have great thoughts running around in my head if my children were still in school. I can’t tell you honestly what I would do. The mother in me would want to yank my kids out of school and teach them at home. It seems the weak are the targets. Is my brother safe where he is? I think that my thoughts would be like this; some training from me in tutoring  is better than more training at a school where my worry would always be with me whether my babies are safe or not.

Who can we blame? Should we blame the animal, our society, lack of morals in our world, maybe the animal’s parents. I could go on and on. I live in a smaller size city. I always thought nothing could happen in this little town. Drunks and speeding, maybe a fight once in a while, but let me tell you something. In our 35.000 population we have had teachers molesting students, rapes, murders.

What about the smaller towns who have been bombarded by animals, taking out people’s breathing, and then going into the courts and pleading insanity. Can you be insane and still plot how many guns you want to take into that business you are considering snuffing out? Can you plot how many rounds to buy? I think someone who can think like this, is not close to being insane.

It will not surprise me at all that this 20-year-old brat got into a tiff with his mother, and instead of doing what I used to do, turn and walk away or go outside to pout,  pulls out a gun and shoots his mother because he wasn’t getting his own way! To pay her double back, he goes and kills her students? All because he had no control over his anger? Then the coward shoots himself. Sure, he knew he didn’t want to be drug through the court systems or be placed behind bars.

We need tough love. We need to teach our children about love, respect, not getting your own way, that life isn’t fair, that we are going to hurt, cry, feel pain, and also feel joy and happiness. We can’t be our kids friends, it is almost impossible! How can we set a good example if we are going to place ourselves on a friendship level.

I watched  a show last night where the woman wanted to mentor a teen girl. Great idea right? It backfired on her though. The adult let herself go to the level of the teen in order to be good friends. They were both doing things that could have caused jail time, but luckily it was a television show, and the teen realized what was happening and went and made peace with her own mom.

We are taught as little kids that we will have fairy tale lives when we grow up. We are told we are beautiful, that there is no one else like us. This is true to a point. The difference is there are very few fairy tale lives in the world today.

There are way too many people living who have great emotional problems and I realize we can not fix each family’s personal life. The economy sucks, both parents need to work. Some homes have one parent, and even worse, some parents are not even home so the child raises themselves, but yet, we can not blame them can we?

The greed for money and better and bigger homes and three cars and maybe a truck is killing us. It is splitting up some families, in order to pay for these big items. I am not saying we should not want better things, but where do we draw the line. What are you going to take with you when you die? Zero. nada, not one thing. Every material thing on this earth in your possession is going to remain here for someone else to grab or sell. Only your soul and you know where you are going.

I have to stop now. I am going to probably lose some readers for being so outspoken, but I have to say what is on my mind. I don’t know why God allows things to happen here on earth. I don’t know what lessons we are supposed to learn. I can’t even admit that I have not wondered about God in the beginning. I am guilty of this with my  brother’s illness, but in the end, I find my way back.

There may be no God, there may be no heaven or hell. Maybe we just die and that is it. We go back to dust or rot in a coffin. Maybe we will leave a mark on this earth, who cares when it is our time to die,and we don’t know where we stand.

I am not going to take the chance. I don’t want to die and then be standing face to face with God or Satan. It isn’t worth turning my back on God, just because I don’t have all the answers. I am not to have all answers. Why, just because.

We need God back in our public places, in our government, in our schools and at work and play.  The more we take God out, the more crime rises, the more we lose our loved ones, the more we suffer.

I had to get this off of my chest so I can sleep tonight. I am sorry if I lose some bloggers over this, but maybe, just maybe, someone will really see what I see. Maybe I can give one more person hope, a little more faith. Just maybe ……….

I Do


Wedding-dress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was spun around, a princess in her own right, with a partner who was magnificent, dressed in black attire. Glittery balls hung from the ceiling floating softly, being spun like stars, bouncing and reflecting off the sequins of her gown.

A dream was what this was. The night of her life, as she had walked down the aisle into her lover’s arms only to say the only words that mattered, for all to hear, I do. A little girl’s dream, a fairy tale, that each of us want to live.

For years she had waited for this moment. A delicately, pearled white dress, with a low back, and tightly fitted bodice. It was floor length with a matching head-dress that gracefully spoke to the floor each time they met.

Music was drifting from all corners of the ballroom, soft ballads of love. An orchestra in the corner showing fingers gently caressing their tools. Champagne glasses being gently touched hand to hand to celebrate this moment, and laughter was heard from the outskirts, letting all who passed by to ponder, and stop and listen.

A food table drizzled in white linens and virgin candles being lit for the first time, reflections of their love bouncing off the delicacies. Only the finest sandwiches were being served, with several types of cheeses and fruits, that burst open with flavor and napkins had to be dabbed at the corners of the mouth, as one didn’t want to let one piece escape the taste buds.

On another table a scarlet red velvet spread its wings across the horizons and laying atop where colors of golds, silvers and whites, with fancy ribbons and bows. Gifts loved ones had brought to show their support of this marriage. In the middle of this vast table sat the most delicate looking cake, all white with beads of pearls, and red flowers danced edge to edge. Droppings of iced lace drooled around each layer, never-ending. The topper was a duplicate of the bride and groom dressed in the same attire as they were at this moment.

As she was spun round and round she could see smiles on her parents faces. The joy in their eyes spoke of approval of this day. They had danced giddy from being in love, and having drunk too much champagne. Hoping this day would never end, that the feelings that were bestowed on them would never leave, stamping a place in each heart, of this day they became one.

She felt a pain in her leg and tried to move, but could not. She had to ring her bell for her assistant to come help her. Her pain medications had worn off, and the phantom pains that were rousing her from her beautiful dream, had brought forth the present, leaving the dream world behind.

When the assistant walked into the room, she helped her patient by cradling her in her arms and lifting her into her wheel chair, so that she could start her day by using the restroom and getting washed and dressed, her teeth brushed and hair combed.. A clean sleep gown was placed over her arms and left to drape itself over her lower half where once two legs had been placed, but now were no longer there, as a drunk driver had slammed into the back of her car two years ago, ejecting her leaving her legs behind.

From Fairy Tales To Reality

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we were children, we were read many books, that would lull us into a restful sleep, to only arise upon the morning sun. Visions of sugar plums dancing in our young minds, dreams of fairy princesses, making our wishes come true of the new toy our heart desired for the moment.

Wiggling down under the covers, afraid of the big bad shadows  that may come along and get  us. Worrying at our young age, that when we woke up, and went to the kitchen, we really would see green eggs and ham.

Counting sheep when we could not sleep, and watching the cow jump over the moon, was fun. We could spend many nights daydreaming our way into sleep land. Watching Captain Kangaroo, and asking mommy, if we could go see a talking moose. Being afraid, that if we told our parents that we got a bad grade on our report card, and instead chose to hide our report card, causing us to lie to mom and dad about where the card went, would and could cause our nose to grow long.

There was the wicked witch of the east that hated everyone, forcing me to go crawl into bed with my parents for fear of the unknown. The three blind mice, see how they run. Will they try to run over my blankets in the dark tonight?

How about the scene, where I had to close my eyes, because watching a frog kiss a princess to me was gross, the kiss was awful, but the frog was pretty cool! I remember having mommy help me pray that the cowardly lion would get a heart like we had.

One time it took me hours to fall asleep as I was afraid of the giant chasing me and wanting to eat me in Jack and The Beanstalk. I learned that if I bent over and made my arms  like a spout, I could pour tea. This was magic!

I asked daddy one day what our house was made of, and he said, aren’t you a little young to be involved with architects? I told him I wanted to make sure the big bad wolf couldn’t blow our house down, and he laughed and picked me up and gave me a big hug and a kiss, and said don’t worry, we will keep you safe.

One day I went outside for my play time and I spent my time digging holes in the yard, looking for my magic lamp. Mom cried when she saw the damages to the yard. This made me feel bad, and I hugged her and promised I would never dig holes again.

One time I was playing dress up in my mommy’s closet, and I picked out a bright, shiny dress and put it around my head and pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood. I found out later it was mom’s special nightie, whoops.

When we had my favorite dinner, I made sure to gobble mine right up so the big bad wolf would not eat it all. I would check in the mirror and see if my teeth were beginning to grow as long as the wolf’s.

I was afraid of spiders, as they would come try to scare me away, and not let me eat my meal. I asked mom if I could take a lamb to school one day, because I was lonely, and I wanted a new friend for myself, and she said no!

I learned what sounds the animals made by singing the song Old McDonald had a farm. One day I went through all of the clothes closets and pulled out everyone’s shoes. I lined them up in a row, and then looked in each one trying to see the Old Lady That Lived In The Shoe. Mommy made me put them all back, right now!

I never wanted to lose my mittens, because if I did, I would not get any of that pie tonight, that mommy baked, and it sure smelled good. I think it was cherry pie.

We were all brought up on fairy tales, and these were some of my favorites that I was read, and I also read these to my children. Now, today, there are no more fairy tales, and I realize that the life I live is called reality. I can still dream, and I have the right to make my own choices in my life. I can choose to be the fairy godmother, or the wicked witch of the east. I can choose to walk forward, or to remain in the past.

For me, I have chosen to walk the path moving forward. I don’t want to be any particular fairy tale. I figure the best I can be is a combination of several of my favorites. Carrying with me the fables of love, attitude, dreams, and hope for the future.