Thoughts For Today

It was so hot and muggy last night. Our temperatures the last couple of days was almost 100. When I woke up this morning I was cold. I turned off the fan and got dressed. The big rains we had over night cooled it down.

Right now it is 68. I was watching the  news and saw that this coming weekend we will be lucky to have a high of 60 degrees. 60? isn’t that a little bit fall-like? I guess with September being here we will see a roller coaster of temperatures.

Summer will fight to remain while the chill of fall pushes its way in. Time to put those bikinis away ladies. Schools have started all around here. Fog hovers in the early mornings.

Thoughts change from picnic foods to warm soups and heartier foods. One of my favorite soups that I could eat all year round is chili. I just love it. What is your favorite soup?

I saw on Hallmark station yesterday the commercial for the Christmas movies. I was blown away. Christmas, already? who is thinking about Christmas? The station reported the movies will start at the end of October. Wow, has it been almost a year since I put that big tree away?

With Al not being here and moving farther away I know I won’t have family at my home for the holidays. My son wanted a big tree so I gave it to him this week. I know the kids will love waking up on Christmas morning seeing the twinkling lights and the goodies under the tree.

Last year Christmas was so sad. Al was still with me but he didn’t realize it was Christmas Day. He slept through most of it. This coming Christmas will be sad but different.

I plan on hitching a ride with my daughter when they come up to visit for their Christmas with her husband. I will spend the day with my kids. It will be nice but there will be that familiar void I have been feeling as of late without my family being there.

Can you imagine what Christmas is like in heaven? Oh my, the mind can not even take in how grand it will be. Do you think Al will be smiling? I do and he will be spending the holidays with our family.

Well, I got invited for breakfast this morning. I think I best get dressed and look presentable. I am going to go visit my oldest son later today, so today is full. I hope all of you have a nice weekend. Smiles and God bless.



fall colorsFall

How can something like this

Be dying and yet consist

To bring joy to the eye

It can’t possibly die

For death is so sad

But here I am glad

I am thankful for seasons

And I do not need reasons

I’ll just enjoy the fall

Before the first snows call.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Four Seasons

Sun reflecting on the corn

roasting a marshmallow

In the state that I was born

Shadows of trees against the skies

Awaiting the day of new sun rise

Leaves are showing yellows and reds

Soon will by lying on the ground all dead

Rakes in hand will be at work

Cleaning the ground and stirring the dirt

Campfires will be burning bright

Giving off colors of orange lights

Marshmallows and chocolate together will be

A treat to be shared with those around me

Sweatshirts and jackets will be put on

Shorts and tees will be bagged and gone

Pumpkins will turn into scary faces

Kids will trick and treat in all familiar places

Windows are shut and the heat is on

Now we know our summer is gone

For I love the four seasons that we share

Giving us beauty as we tarry there

Snow will come next and then some rain

Then before our eyes summer is here again.

The Chicken Coop



Remember a couple of weeks ago, I said that I had received two chicken coop windows from a lady I know? I said that I was going to decorate one for the fall holidays and the other one for the Christmas season.

Well, I gave it a go today, since I had the caregiver here to spend time with Al, which went pretty good, if I do say so myself. So I had previously bought some miscellaneous items here and there and had everything set to go and so I picked today to do it. The sun was out, the day was perfect, and the smell of fall is in the air.

I wanted to show you what I have done with this window. It is my first time at using my brain for creativity. I thought it did not turn out too bad, what do you think? Now if you are going to tell me it looks like crap, lol, please lie to me, and say wow, that looks great, Hehe.