One Peek Is All You Get

I know for me, I often wonder what you look like. So many of you I hold dear to my heart and yet I see no face. A blogger, in fact, Ute, mentioned she didn’t know what I looked like before.

Since I am in a good mood today and have no shame, I shall make this post about me.

I weighed 7 pounds even. I have only seen one baby photo of me and I was blonde-haired with fat rolls. Gee, nothing much has changed in all these years, huh. I had blue eyes which obviously I still have.

I was born on April, 21, 1954 in a small town near Fort Wayne, Indiana. From what I was told I was born in the early morning, which a lot of babies are.

I don’t have many photos of me being young. I will start with my ones I have and come to today. I found some of Al too, so why not share right? Here are his photos.100_0749100_0780101_0604dscf4206HPIM0378HPIM0219Al and Rhino

me and brother101_0629101_0626HPIM0308HPIM0269?????????????????HPIM0067dscf4163