Monthly Contest

Jeanneclaire Probst has chosen the topic of family poems.
She feels that families are more important than we realize. It takes families by trial and error to remedy situations that arise so that there is no dissension among loved ones. It will take the same remedies that work within families to help solve world problems among people of different tribes, tongues and nations. All were put here for a time, and a purpose; with none being more important than the other. We all learn from one another, and can benefit from one another if we are willing to look at our neighbor as our “family” and work out situations that might hinder growth and peace. I believe we were meant to be able to work out our problems and move forward with the eyes of hope and the love of hearts.

This is the twelfth poem contest for Poetry in My Mind group. The most likes will win on March 31st , midnight. The winner will choose the next month’s poetic format or topic and have his/her picture placed where Jeanneclaire Probst is for March. You cannot like your own poem. The 4 administrators will remain neutral because we will serve as tie breakers, if needed. (Marcella Leff, admin.)

Poetry Contest

I lay here on my bed

Pain flowing from toe to head

My mind wanders back in time

When so many times I was out of line

I remember the words I said

How I wished they were all very dead

I saw my mama’s tears

When she couldn’t believe her ears

And papa I hurt so bad

I wasn’t thankful for what I had

I wish I could go back in time

I would change every word and line

I would smile and respect their thoughts

For what they learned was taught

Now I lay here dying in my  bed

Begging   forgiveness for all I said

If I have learned nothing else

It is to not look at only one’s self

Family is a strong branch of a tree

The trunk is what rooted me

Please take a moment today

Say hello and go out of your way

Show them you really care

Tell them anytime, anywhere.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

black tree