Tin Soldier

Standing Tall

Who is this stranger

In front of me

The one with

The wicked tongue to see

I do not know this person

He is not like before

I want the man I remember

The one I knew before.

The Parkinson’s Disease

Has changed his attitude

Please understand

This guy this dude.

I can not fix it

I don’t have the answers to why

He used to be full of

Laughter and a little shy.

Please don’t ask me more

I have done this for myself

My questions now remain

Over there on a shelf.

I swear he isn’t trying

To be mean and very rude

I promise you

He would rather smile at you.

All I can really say

Is that Parkinson’s is a ball

Of mixed emotions

Being bounced on the walls.

Bud I don’t understand

This I do admit

But I will stick beside you

No matter who’s tossing shit.

Terry Shepherd