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Choose Your Adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.


New Year’s Eve; a night of romance and new beginnings. Out with the old as they say. Julie had a pretty good old year and with her new resolutions she had made tonight, she was looking forward to the months ahead.

Julie was popular at school. She was in the tenth grade. She was smart, but it didn’t always show on her report cards. Boys seemed to take the top on her priority list. She had a steady boyfriend. She also knew that she would be heart-broken if they split, but there was always another waiting in line.

It is true that many wanted to date her. I don’t believe it was because of her outer beauty. Julie had a reputation that made guys huddle on a Friday night and speak their thoughts about what it would be like to be with her; if only for one night.

Teddy was a new boy at school. He wasn’t the most handsome stud, but ugly was not in the dictionary for him. He saw Julie and he wanted to date her also. He would leave notes on her locker.

Once he had flowers sent to her house. He would follow her as she walked home from school, staying far enough behind in his car so she wouldn’t notice. It was fall and within a month, a Halloween dance was coming.

Teddy wanted to ask her to go, but he didn’t have the guts. Insecurity was his middle name. A couple of days before the dance  he went to the shopping center and searched costumes and masks.

Trying the masks on and looking at himself in the small mirror, he finally decided on one. He paid for it and drove home smiling. The dance arrived. He had overheard Julie telling her friends that she would meet them at the school at 6:30 that night.

Teddy got in his car. He looked over to the passenger seat where the mask laid. He started the car and drove in Julie’s direction of her house. He didn’t see her so he went around the block a few times.

There she was. She was beautiful. He sucked in his breath as he pulled next to the curb and slid the mask over his face. He slowly drove up near her, checking out his where-a-bouts.

The timing was perfect. He pulled up beside her. He put his car in park. He got  out and went around to the opposite side, opening up the back door. He ran up to Julie and grabbed her. Before she could get any words out she had been placed in the back seat. Teddy jumped in the driver’s seat and took off.

What happens next folks?


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