Our Celebration!

Saturday I took Al to see the fireworks here in town. I try to find the little things in life to occupy Al’s mind, but it is seemingly getting harder to know whether he is enjoying our activities or not. His body is sometimes bent so forward, that it is hard to see his face.  To me, I notice, that this Parkinson’s takes a hold of the body and twist the breath out of the lungs, and forces the body to double over, trying to regain what has been taken away.

We sat on the bleachers, with Al sitting on the third one from the bottom. After watching the fireworks, it was time to leave, and Al just sat there. I could see the fight coming from within him as he tried getting his legs to move. He top half of his body was moving, trying to turn to the side, to step off of the bleachers, but nothing on the bottom half was inching.

He started crying and his face was getting red from being humiliated, and working so hard. I walked over to him and helped him move, but at first, even my help didn’t do anything for him.

I was guilty at first, when Al started having these freezing moments, to just step in,  like I did when I was working in the nursing homes. I would take over the physical actions of the other person, and make the body move for them, but with Al, I have seen the frustrations of not being able to do things for himself, so I smack my legs with my brain thoughts, and stay back, giving him a chance to do things for himself.

I took a hold of his legs and turned them towards the end of the bleacher, and tried to pick him up to lift him down the two feet to the ground, but of course, I was too weak. We talked and with talk, brought more calmness, and with calmness, brought  concentration, and finally, we were able to get off of the bleachers. I paid no attention to the fact, that Al stood there for a few moments, trying to get the legs to stand steady enough to move on their own, because I was still screaming VICTORY inside,to the fact I had gotten him off of the bleachers!to the fact I had gotten him off of the bleachers! I am just going to assume that he enjoyed the fireworks.

Here I have posted some photo shots of the fireworks we both saw. They are not the best, because they are night-time photos, but I hope you will still enjoy them.