Al Forbes Encourages Me When I Need It

I took a walk when I went to get my mail. I saw these and used my camera. I don’t know when I discovered I enjoyed a camera. I think it had something to do with being friends with Alastair Forbes, one of my friend bloggers.

Here is what I saw.

pink flower 3pink flowerpink flower 2


Frustrations and Laughter

Frustrations and Laughter

Wow, what a day from hell. It started out good. I got up before my time to and hopped in the shower. Al was sleeping so I took the time to even dry my hair. Dressed and bed made I fed the cat, and sat down to make some phone calls.

I am still searching for any good person to help me here at the house. Do you know how frustrating it is to hear so many scream they need a job, but then no one wants…

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Frustrations and Laughter

Wow, what a day from hell. It started out good. I got up before my time to and hopped in the shower. Al was sleeping so I took the time to even dry my hair. Dressed and bed made I fed the cat, and sat down to make some phone calls.

I am still searching for any good person to help me here at the house. Do you know how frustrating it is to hear so many scream they need a job, but then no one wants to work here?

A friend came this morning and helped me give Al his bath. A couple of hours later the caregiver came and then from that point on unexpected visitors appeared and my day got quickly worse.

Do you remember back to when you were young, like elementary age? The things we threw fits about and argued about seemed so important. Today, if we act like this we are considered less than young. We could be considered petty.

Yes, that was my entire day. Awful, nasty, he/she blaming others. All this came about over me trying to something right. I won’t go into deep details. As far as I know, all is resolved.

As for Al he has barely eaten today. He was the one most calm all day. Sleeping seems to be his past time anymore.

The caregiver is gone, it is almost time to check to see if Al wants to eat supper. I am listening to the news. The weather is on. I just want to puke. Yep, I used that word. A chance of one inch more of snow.

What is up with this terrible winter? Here in Indiana in my area we have had 101 inches of snow. Starting way before winter arrived and never letting up with way too many below zero temperatures.

I swear, when this chapter of my life is over, I am renting a motel room or running away from this house and I am going to lock myself up in a hippie house. A house filled with pretty flowers floating on the walls. Colors everywhere. Happy smiles on everyone’s faces.

Oh wait, that sort of sounds like the seventies doesn’t it? Well maybe I  have returned as an adult in a hidden flower child costume, except no drugs. I won’t need drugs. The release from all of this stress will be my natural  high.

I am sitting here laughing my butt off and I have no reason why. Just laughing, yes, laughing. Guess it is a good thing there are no window peepers or they would call the white straight jacket people trying to have this insane person committed.

Oh well, tis life, another day, another penny earned. Frustrations and laughter all in the same sentence. Doesn’t sound right, but it works for me.

flowers 2hippy

Hurry! Hurry!

sunny day

Give me sun

Give me warmth

Let’s get together

And have some fun.

Sick of being inside

Sick of the snow

Sick of the cold

Gonna go run and hide.

The groundhog didn’t see

His shadow this year

Now I am marking the dates

Til I see buds on the trees.

House smells like food

From this Christmas past

The windows need opened

So it can smell good.

I want to hear

The birds singing outside

I want to see flowers

Growing very near.

Come on snow

Be on your way

Let spring come early

Way before May.

Terry Shepherd


The Chicken Coop



Remember a couple of weeks ago, I said that I had received two chicken coop windows from a lady I know? I said that I was going to decorate one for the fall holidays and the other one for the Christmas season.

Well, I gave it a go today, since I had the caregiver here to spend time with Al, which went pretty good, if I do say so myself. So I had previously bought some miscellaneous items here and there and had everything set to go and so I picked today to do it. The sun was out, the day was perfect, and the smell of fall is in the air.

I wanted to show you what I have done with this window. It is my first time at using my brain for creativity. I thought it did not turn out too bad, what do you think? Now if you are going to tell me it looks like crap, lol, please lie to me, and say wow, that looks great, Hehe.


Picture And Write It, Part 5

Dahlia and the teacher didn’t do too much over the next couple of days. They spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other better. Photos were shared between the two of each others families and past childhoods. Sunday, the two ladies went to church, and their was a church picnic following the service, which both attended. This was a great opportunity for Dahlia to get to meet more people in town.

Monday arrived, and Dahlia woke up extra early. She had not slept that well, from excitement, and was found dressed and in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the two of them. She had scrambled some eggs, and fried some sliced potatoes, and had made a batch of biscuits. When the teacher walked through the kitchen area, coffee was lingering in the air.

They both sat, and the teacher asked her if she wanted her to accompany her for her first day, and Dahlia replied no, with some laughter added. I am not a child, you do not have to take me to school, but thank-you. They both laughed over this. The teacher was just as excited for Dahlia as she was herself. After the table and dishes were cleaned, Dahlia gathered her books, said a quick good-bye, and headed out the door to her first day of her future.

There was much chatter in the commons as people were finishing up last-minute details in the office, and others were telling new-found friends good-bye, and they would catch up with each other at lunch, and others were seen bustling to classes. Excitement filled the air for everyone. Dahlia found her class with no problem, and sat herself in the first row, straight in front of the teacher’s desk. She didn’t want to miss any words that were spoken. Different students waved a hello to her as they recognized her from orientation day, and Dahlia waved and smiled back at them.

The teacher walked in and closed the door behind her. She introduced herself to all the students, and pulled out the book that they would be studying. Dahlia pulled her book also, plus a notebook and her pen and pencil. The class was started and finished before Dahlia knew it. Her morning proceeded the same way with each class, and when lunch time arrived, she and some of the other students that were sitting at her table, all talked about the teachers and how good they were, and what they were going to learn.

After lunch, Dahlia found herself in the big gymnasium. This is where a lot of hands on training was going to be taking place. On all four walls, there was no difference. Big, wide mirrors, clung to the walls, and long bars were attached underneath the  mirrors.

Here Dahlia would work and exercise her body. She would learn many steps and she would be returning to this room many times to practice over and over. Before, she knew it, homework was in her bag and she was on her way home. The day had flown by, and Dahlia knew in her heart, that she was going to love going to this school. It had so much to offer and there were so many things to learn.

When she arrived home, the house was quiet. She had her own key, so she let herself in, and fell into the lap of the couch, threw her shoes off, and sat back and rested. The excitement of the day, had caused her to be sleepy, and before she realized it, her eyes drifted slowly shut, and she was found napping when the teacher came through the door. The teacher walked past her softly, as she didn’t want to awaken her. She knew that Dahlia had went through a big day and must be exhausted.

The smell of pork chops drifted through Dahlia’s senses and she woke up and yawned, and stood  up stretched, and made her way into the kitchen to help with supper. The talk between them was mainly about her first day at school, and the teacher smiled as she saw the glow come from her eyes as she talked.

Dahlia got the hand masher and mashed the potatoes, and the teacher placed the meat and boiled corn on each of their plates. After holding hands and saying grace, they both ate with little words being exchanged. After dinner was finished, once again, the dishes were done, and the table was cleared. Dahlia went to her bag and got out her books and homework, and made herself comfortable at the kitchen table to start her homework.

She had been steadily studying, when her head began to ache a little. She stopped reading and rubbed the top of her head and rubbed her neck also. She got up from the table and went over and got a cool drink of water, and then returned to her studies. As she was reading, the words became blurry. She thought to herself, that this must be straining her eyes, and laid the books to the side, decided to take a small break.

She found the teacher outdoors on the porch swing. A basket of fresh flowers was sitting at her feet. Her hands had shades of dark on them from where she had been weeding her flower beds. She patted the seat next to her, motioning for Dahlia to sit down. They sat in silence and swung, taking in the chipper from the birds, and watching the cumulus clouds drift by.

Dahlia broke the silence by telling the teacher of her blurring vision, and the teacher explained what strain could be placed on the eyes from constant studying with no break.

The sun had started to set, and both ladies stood up from the swing, and walked back into the house, the teacher walked towards her own bedroom, and Dahlia walked back to the kitchen, and sat down to take up with her studies once again.