Footprints In The Sand

I was sitting a spell after fixing Al breakfast and getting him washed up and dressed this morning. Sipping on my cold coffee and thinking about nothing really. I live in the country and therefore I have many visits from flies.FLIES I have a fly trap that I hang in the kitchen. Of course a way from any cooking. They are so ugly but they are cheap and work pretty trap I was watching a couple of flies buzzing around and then suddenly I was able to see one approach the sticky paper.

I knew they worked as I could see the evidence, but I had never seen one in action.

The fly got too close and landed on it. As I watched the movie of glue verses fly, I felt for an instant a sadness as I knew the outcome of this innocent fly. All he was doing was looking for something to eat.

I have a strict policy in my house; no living bugs, flies, snakes or anything that crawls, flies or slithers.

I watched as his wings sped up trying to rescue himself but to no avail. He was trapped and his life was racing before him as he knew it was useless to keep going.

I thought about how we live our lives. We get up in the mornings. We smile and give thanks for a brand new day. A chance to renew ourselves, to make a difference in our life. We give thanks for being allowed to take new breaths today. We ask God to help us be good people and to treat everyone we meet with an understanding and plenty of love. But then we run into a snag somewhere throughout our day. Do we freak or do we ask for help?

Have you ever felt like you were that fly running into the sticky paper? Have you known that you were running out of choices, that maybe you need help or can’t seem to turn things around?

Whether it be a broken relationship, or a sorrowful heart from loss of a loved one, drugs or alcohol, or maybe an addictive habit, we don’t have to remain on that sticky paper. We have choices, unlike the fly.

We can ask God right there in our frozen spot to help us. We can say through tears that we are out of control, that we feel like we have no more choices, and God will hear. I have been tested and prodded many, many times in my own life.

I have tried to fix what is broken but I remain stuck to the fly trap of life. God has never changed. He is the same yesterday and tomorrow. He is waiting with open arms. He loves us. He is waiting for us to call out to him.

As soon as you cry out God’s name, he goes to work. He has our answers and he will rescue us in his perfect timing. He will bless us so much more than we could ever dream of. We are released from the sticky papers of life.

Once you get the taste of God in your heart and soul you will never want to turn back. You will fly towards the sticky paper but you will be saved by the grace of God. Your life will be changed for the better. Flowers smell stronger. The sun will shine brighter. Life is good when you realize that we are never ever alone as long as God is walking beside you.Poem-footprints-good