A Little Happiness With My Coffee

Just wanted to share with you, that in my notices today, I was informed that I now have five hundred followers. I wanted to stand up and do the rah rah rah!. Do cartwheels, high-five someone.

Don’t think this is me being a nut, getting overly excited about something so non-important, but to me, personally, it is telling me that I am being accepted by five hundred people. This has always been an issue with me since childhood, acceptance.

Now my writing has brought me full circle, by just being myself. No pretending, no being someone other than myself, and people have accepted. Wow, I am so happy about this. I did it! I have almost 45,000 likes and now this.

Thank you to all who follow, and to everyone for at least stopping by once to read about who I am! I placed the award symbol on my Award page, if anyone would like to visit it.


Picture It & Write It, Prompt #29

The camera lights flickering from the background, capturing the gracefulness of the dancer. Beauty beyond the eye being held by the lens. Being put in a trance, mesmerized by her movements.Cheers could be heard from the crowds who flocked heavily to see her last performance. Standing ovations with much clapping and whistles  could be seen and heard from outside of the arena.

A dancer, from a small country, worked very hard as a child, with persuasions from her family, had paid off. She had started in her own small school in plays and worked her way to America, performing in the most well-recognized halls. She had never married, but was married to her talent. People followed her from around the world. Now, today, twenty-five years later, she was giving the audience what they  had always hungered. Her greatest performance, her finale.  Roses were given, along with hugs, tears and kisses. Fare-wells could be heard echoed from corner to corner.

A small two-week break, and she would be teaching young children with talent on how to better express themselves through their dance.

Thank you to Picture It & Write It, for allowing me another chance to express myself through your picture.