The Secret is About Al

Today I had carpet laid in our kitchen. I always had tiles but since Al has come home the wheelchair and his weight have cracked a few, so time to do something different. We can’t walk on it too much today, so I think tonight is pizza party night. He will like this.

I decided to get myself out of the house. I ran to one of my favorite used stores. Then I went to Al and my favorite soda shop to eat. Last I ran to the grocery store. While I was at the used and collectible store I found something for Al. I have seen it for three weeks now but I just didn’t want to pay the price.

I told the owner about Al’s incident last night so she lowered the price and I snatched it up for him. As soon as I get done with this I am going to go place it in his room and wait for him to notice it. Knowing him he should take notice immediately. Oh I can’t wait to see his face. Will I see smiles? I sure hope so. I just had to let you in on my secret. I love giving gifts. I love seeing people’s faces, and hope to hears giggles and see smiles. Makes me feel like a kid at a candy store.

At the soda shop besides eating I grabbed a product that will help stop Al’s bleeding almost instantly. I sure hope it works as I don’t want either of us to have to go through last night  again.

Once at the store I ran in and ran out. There was a truck with a gentleman getting ready to open the door to put his grocery items in. I looked in the driver seat to see if anyone was in there. Why? I don’t know, just nosy I guess. I was surprised at who I saw in the driver’s seat. I had to wonder if he was old enough to drive. I hope you can see the photo  below and what I am talking about. Look carefully in the driver’s seat. It was so bright out that I was disappointed in the shot but didn’t have the heart to toss the photo. So, sorry it isn’t a perfect shot.

The last photo is of a sketching I did last night when I was waiting for the Hospice nurse to come. My son said it looks like a jelly fish, what do you think? So here are the three photos for you to see.


coca cola cartdogsketch


Rice In His Hair?

Rice and veg served with mixed pickles

It’s been a busy day. Getting Al up and fed. Next washed up and dressed. Teeth brushed, bed changed. Then it was time to take him down the ramp to catch the bus. Now this is when I have decided to take my own medications and eat breakfast. Through the week this works out pretty good. Nine a.m. is not a bad time for me. On the weekends I am a little off considering we both sneak in some extra sleep.

I then do the morning dishes, and laundry if need be. I clean what needs to be clean. Then I get online for my free time. Today at 1:30 I had another appointment with the business that I am working for taking care of Al.

I knew this appointment would go on forever and I was right. She and I do so much chatting it takes forever to get through all the paper work. She left at 4:45, just 15 minutes before Al pulled up in his bus.

She and I apologized to each other for being such talk-aholics  when she left, but we were both laughing realizing that we had a great time.

I didn’t get my nap today so I am a little extra tired tonight. I don’t think I need a nap only because of Al, I think I am just getting older.

Al pulled up and I went and got him off the bus and took him back up the ramp. We ate left-overs tonight as I really didn’t have time to cook a real meal. Tomorrow for supper we are having spaghetti. I will cut his up pretty well and hope for the best.

This is a test meal, I shall observe how well he handles this type of food. Will he be able to eat it with his silver ware or use his fingers or will it be too slippery. Time will tell. We are really picky here about the foods that we eat. Al has to  have everything just right or he will choke.

The cat, Rhino has been acting so weird tonight. He keeps going into Al’s bedroom and meowing at him and Al said last night Rhino jumped up on his bed and sat next to him. Tonight Rhino goes in and looks at Al. Then he rubs up against the wall meowing. Then finally he lays up against the wall and stares at Al. I don’t know what he is all about tonight.

I am now officially on the payroll for caring for Al. I just still find it such a down right miracle from God, I am almost speechless. Only God could have put this plan together. They hold back a week which I think is normal and so my first check will be in a week and a half. It will be for today through Saturday night at midnight. I think I get paid ever week. My very own check, wow.

Well, it is time to change Al’s brief and get him into bed. Now I can say this has been a busy, nice day. Al did pretty well tonight. I have to add one more thing. The flies are bad here out in the country. We had rice along with our supper tonight. Flies would land on Al’s neck or face, and I was trying to keep them off of him with my hand. But when I wasn’t quick enough Al would try catching them with his fingers, and of course he ate his rice with his fingers.

If I could have gotten by with it and not embarrassed Al I would have snapped a photo. Not only was rice all over the floor. It was on his fingers, on his glasses, in his hair, and on his neck.

I knew I was going to have to clean this all up and the floor but I had to laugh. He looked so cute trying to swat those flies and the rice just added an extra little touch. So this day is over and I made a few dollars. Al did good and all is well at our little house.

Daily Prompt; Red Pill, Blue Pill

English: Bill Gray's white hot dog, macaroni s..., DP, Daily Prompt

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a
pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you
do it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NOURISHMENT.

I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to putting something in my mouth. Even food is beginning to become a culprit as more food products are put together for quick sales and big bucks without the proper inspections.

I am weird about eating foods that are not manufactured or grown here in my own part of the world, I get afraid. I know it is wrong, but seeing people die from improper food storage or sprayed chemicals bothers me.

I guess I am more than weird, I am strange. One time I ate some macaroni salad at a family reunion. I assume the salad was left too long out in the sun and I got food poisoning. I think it was worse pains than childbirth.

Now if I don’t know for sure about these types of food, I don’t eat it. I would rather be safe and not put that good-looking bite in my mouth.

When I became a diabetic the doctor was putting me on pills that lowered my sugars too much. I remember one time I was taking a walk down the street and boom, I passed out right in front of a business. This happened a few times, so after that my brain recognized new pills as danger and I find it very hard to take new pills.

I have to fight and fight to take it and will usually have to arrange to take it when I am going to be around other humans. Just in case something would happen. If I am safe for a couple of hours after the big swallow, then I am fine every day after.

Taking red and blue pills, replacing eating would be good and bad. If I can get the pills down my throat, I may be healthier, and less fat. On the bad side, I would have to know and recognize the company very well producing the pills.

If I am going to take a pill, I want a pill filled with natural foods. I don’t want fillers or any chemicals. If I am going to pop a pill will it have the flavor of a nice piece of chocolate, or taste like blah.  I don’t want some company throwing together something and selling it as prime when in fact it is crap. They make big dollars and I get ill from lack of nutrition.

The good thing would be balanced diets each meal. The strange question entering my mind would be, will there be no more gas, farts and number 2’s in the bathroom? Will my insides go stale from lack of use? Will I just shut down?

Hey, we have to look at this new idea from all sides. The serious and the funny parts. We may pop a colorful pill, but life moves on with or without us. Hey, maybe my digestive system would dry up and I would finally lose that extra fat I carry in my abdomen. I could lose an easy ten pounds.

My skin would be softer, my eyes would look brighter. I would spend less time in bed, have more energy. Maybe I could take off ten years on my looks and find me a nice hot guy to date.

Well there are pros and cons to this issue. I will have to investigate the company, consider the benefits for me personally and then listen to the media. We all know how informed the media is, right? LOL

It could work, maybe, possibly. Now the worst case scenario would be, what if I was not allowed decisions? What if the decision is taken a way from me like other possibilities are being taken a way from we the consumers? Would I be forced to give up the fork and spoon? Maybe I would be spiteful and fight back, but then maybe I would die. Sounds bad doesn’t it. I fought the war and I lost. A lot to think about here all about the pills. Maybe it would be different if they were red, white and blue pills. Patriotic? Good for us? Made local? Hmmmmm

Daily Prompt; Ready, Set Go/ The Daily Post

Timer de Cozinha em forma de Tomate

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

What? No time to think. A timer set for ten minutes with no preparation? I don’t know if I can do it? Let me think, no I can’t. I must ramble on and hope that this makes sense in the end.

It reminds me of when I go to an interview or maybe when I go to see Al. I know the correct answers. I know how I want to act but will things go my way? What questions didn’t I think of that this person sitting across from me in his gold-rimmed glasses  might be going to ask me? What kind of mood will I hit when I walk into Al’s room?

I usually like to have a basic plan when I set out to do something. Whether it is having family here for a meal, or dining out like the book reading today. When I have no plan, do I look like a lost puppy? Do my eyes give me a way? AW look at her, she is lost. She doesn’t know her way around or how to get home.

Nope, I like a plan. Even my tiny suppers here at home have mentally been planned for a day or two. Looking through the cupboards and the freezer. Taking mental note about what is maybe reaching the expiration and getting ready to commit freezer burn needs to be used up.

Today on the way home from seeing Al I stopped at the grocery store. I picked up lettuce, Roman tomatoes, some ground turkey and shredded cheese. Oops wait, I need some taco seasoning too and a cheap bag of taco chips. No wait one more thing, back down the aisles I go again to get the mild salsa.

You see I knew in my mind what I was going to feed myself over the weekend, but I didn’t have the paper list, so I ended up going down those lanes over and over picking up items. If I would have planned on paper also, I would have been in and out of the grocery store in a lot less time.

As I was getting ready to check out, I had to stop at the frozen ice-cream section. I read all of the boxes that said no sugar added. Did you know that these special boxes with less sugars actually have more carbs in them? It is almost better to eat the regular good stuff with a couple of more sugars because they have less carbs.

In the end I didn’t buy any. I told myself that I didn’t need it. I may be too tempted at night when I am watching the television and have a huge bowl of ice-cream instead of the normal size.

Well I have one minute. Now do you get the idea of how scatter brained I can tend to be with no prior plan. If I looked more in detail at my life, I would probably find this fault in other areas also. But on the other hand, I wouldn’t have so much fun going back over the aisles saying hi to even more people.

Well, time is up!!! See ya.

Blizzard Treats


When Al has days that are full of pain, I try to think of things to get his mind off of the pain, even if it was only for a short time. I took him to Dairy Queen for supper, and he had his favorite blizzard, Reese Cup mixed with Reese’s Pieces. He was surel enjoying it.

While there we ran into a class mate of his that he went to elementary special education with and we all three chatted but Al could not remember him at all.

Outside our window seat we saw this train. Al used to scream bloody murder when he heard trains when he was small, and he also screamed like this when he got his hair cuts. I think these ages were around five or six. Neither of us at that age had been taken out into the public, so the whistles from the trains, and the shears scared him to death.

These are some of the frozen ice-cream cakes Dairy Queen sales. One year, Al wanted one with an old car for his decoration, when we lived in Florida. While we were there getting his favorite treat, I went ahead an ordered one. It was my error for not asking how much it would be. I thought no more than twenty something, but when I went to pick it up, it was over $30.00. I was shocked, and Al was very lucky that I love him, because I would have told them I didn’t want it after all!

We were all finished with supper, and Al had to use the men’s room. I waited and finally he came out. We were almost to the front door, and he says too loudly, I pooped! I don’t have to take any poop medicines tonight.

I am sure my face turned as red as the roof on the building, and I looked at him, and said let’s go. He asked me, what did I do wrong? I said later. We both left and once in the car, I explained for the third or fourth time, that we don’t talk like that about our bathroom business in public, especially at restaurants. He said sorry, he forgot.

Now we are home and he is with his television relaxing, and feeling five pounds lighter.



English: Eurobait in England are a maggot bree...

I am still staying tough! It is a good thing, because I was put to the test a while ago. I am not sure what was going on in the beginning, but when we got ready to leave, it was a nice feeling.

I took my brother and I out to dinner, since we hadn’t been anywhere too much. Al’s new medication is causing more sleepiness, so we are staying home a little more.

At the restaurant, everything seemed alright. It was very busy, and we ended up sitting right behind a huge birthday party celebration. Things were normal as we sat down, even with all the people so close, but as their young ones started finishing their own dinners, all hell broke loose at our table.

We were sitting very close to the ice machine, and of course it was a very busy station, with the heat of summer. I believe there was many droppings on the floor of shaved ice, but I didn’t get my nose to the floor and inspect it. Al is telling me there is something on the floor, and I look at it and see the shaved ice? I tell Al what I think it is, and he swears it is not ice. He says it looks like it did when he used to sort dirty mops at his long time job, so he knows what it is, or I should say they are, since there were many, many of these pieces.

Al says they are maggots. I tell him no, they could not be maggots, because we are in a restaurant, and also if they were, the workers would clean it up. He is adamant in his belief. Maggots, and his voice is getting a tad too high. I try my best to hush him up, by not arguing any longer with him, or trying to ignore his conversation at this point.

He takes his glasses off and stares hard at them, like he is gunning an armed man down. With squinted eyes, and an eye to object contact, he is still going on about these so-called creatures.

Finally, I get him to stop. Meanwhile between him and the big party to the back of him, the youngsters are running back and forth between Al’s chair and their own chairs. Al never quite gets set straight on any chair anymore. We are training now to back up to an object, feel it with the back of your knees, then sit, but we aren’t trained yet, so he is half on and half off, and one of his feet are sticking out a smidgen to the side. A youngster runs through and steps on Al’s foot.

Al starts crying big tears, jumbo size, and I know everyone in our section of the room could hear his words coming out about his poor toes. I sympathize with him, because his toes are so bent, from the Parkinson’s, that although it was a child, it had to hurt.

I have no doubt, that the party heard him, but they were too involved to sit the child down, and nothing was said. I gave the glare look, the look that says if you touch my brother again, you won’t be able to walk! They ignored me.

I turned my attention back to Al and tried to comfort him the best I could in this packed arena, but he was slowing much farther down, than he usually does, and trying to eat and cry and wipe your nose and tears, just don’t mix well.

A Christian turns the other cheek, but I have to admit, I was upset for Al, and I wanted to turn their cheek, but I remained strong. I asked Al if he was ready to go, although he still had food on his plate. With his mentality issues, he knows he doesn’t leave without his ice-cream for dessert. So even while crying and wiping, he wanted his ice-cream.

I thought quickly, and tapped my mind for an answer so that both of us could get up and leave this noisy joint. Bingo! I had it! I ask Al if we could stop by the store on the way home, and I would pick him up a whole gallon of his favorite ice-cream, and just leave this messy ice-cream here, and he nodded yes. Thank you Jesus!! We got up and left, and he cried all the way to the store. I parked, ran inside, and quickly moved to the frozen section, grabbed the loot, paid and was out. When he saw his goodies, he smiled, and we drove home. I still remained strong, and we both got out of that mess like the decent human beings that we are.