Picture it & Write /Ermiliablog


Write about the picture below.

Desires of wealth, health and happiness being sent up to the stars

Tired of struggling here on earth, not getting very far

Working my fingers to the bone every day

Taxes and insurance taking my pay

Been saving for as long as I can go back

Then a day comes my way and empties my sack

One day in the hospital when I got sick

Shook my security loose as I was forced to pick

To eat or to pay the bills that had come in the mail

I am sure when I saw the total, my face turned so pale

I can’t seem to win no matter how hard I try

Sometimes it makes me wish I could lay down and die

So I take my desires and toss them up to the skies

Pour over me your blessings and wipe my wet eyes

Let food be plentiful on my  table today

Help me pay my bills please pave the way

I have hope that as I enter the new year

That I can hold on to all things that I hold dear.



pic and write sun 30