FWF Free Write Friday; Seven Doors

http://kellieelmore.comfwf-badge-pinkseven doors

I think that I will pick number three

The door of Wonderland

You may not know my inquisitive ways

But I know there are mysteries so grand.

To experience life and what it has

To offer if we just walk

Through open doors we can not see

Thus making our lips to talk.

Why settle for what we now know

Why not experience all we can

Why stay in stagnant stage forever

Come on and take my hand.

Let’s open our minds and and stretch

Our souls and explore door number three

Let’s not remember what has stopped us before

Let fear be tossed, let’s walk, just you and me.

Terry Shepherd


FWF Free Write Friday; The Perks of Being a Wallflower


#FWF Free Write Friday: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I have an infinite love for him

I know that it is surely  slim

That he would ever see

How much he means to me

Watching through the window pane

As he went and came

Wanting to tell him so

My  love for him does grow

Inability to speak

When ever we do meet

Keeping  emotions in a cage

Fighting back tears and rage

I  should walk over there

And tell him that I care

Will he see it in my eyes

The answers and the whys

Time is ticking quickly by

No more questions why

I will walk over to his door

Profess my love for ever more

He opens the door and looks at me

Invites me in with a smile I see

He asks me why I’ve waited so long

He has also wanted me all along.

Terry Shepherd


FWF Free Write Friday, Resolve


resolve_quotes-300x300Resolve means obsolete, dissolve, melt, break-up and separate.

2012 is ending and the fears and hope of 2013 are coming in with a big bang. What do I want to have happen in the new year? Do you want a dream version or reality.

I suppose  I am one of those simple, simplistic people, I should stay with what I know best and let a small granule of hope enter this post near the end.

As I sit here thinking of what simple things I would like to write about, I could think of very little. Instead, I think I am a bit of a dreamer. Filled with hope mixed with my faith.

I think I will go into the mode of dreamer instead. Let’s go back, way back. Back to when we were young kids. We went out and rode our bikes, made snowmen and snow angels. We went roller-skating, ice-skating. We laughed, we trusted and we cried. Our hearts were worn on our shoulders. What came out of our mouths was innocence.

We moved into our teen years. We tasted love for the first time. We tested our independence. We could be defiant at times, trying to explain our way of thinking. We learned to drive and work for pay. We were slowly being drawn into the realities of our world.

Some  married,and experienced parenthood. Others wanted to keep their independence. We learned about things we were not taught through trial and error. We learned about budgeting, credit cards,  and heartbreak. Some marriages made it and others failed.

We changed jobs maybe once, maybe several times until we found our comfort as in an old pair of shoes. We learned about routine, and staying up late, working in the workforce and also at home.

As we grow in age we are introduced more and more to illness, death, aches and pains. We learn that we must go on without our parents beside us. We learn what the word void means through first-hand experience. We become familiar with downsizing, grandchildren and  tighter budgets.

Along the road to death we open doors that we never want to see shut. For me those doors represent  God, writing, costume jewelry, black memorabilia, antique furniture and silence.

These doors I have walked through and tasted remain a part of who I am today. So coming to the conclusion of this I see me. What I have become, who I am. I want to resolve nothing about myself. I don’t want to see myself melt a way as a wasted footprint in the sand. I am not ready to separate myself from this world. I only want to expand my mind and continue to learn until I am no longer breathing. I want to continue to have a heart for others, lend an ear to those who wish to speak, and continue to carry my faith in the new trials and joys awaiting me in 2013.

The part of me that is a dreamer is very much alive in my heart and soul. I dream about the day that I will see God and my parents once again. I dream about a day when all three of my children come together as a union and not be divided. I dream about waking up one day to hear they have found a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. I dream about the day I go to see Al, but this time I am checking him out and bringing him home. I still dream about bumping into the man of my dreams.

It is good to have dreams. Without dreams our soul become stagnant like a dried creek. So I will continue to dream, and try hard to live in the reality of today’s world. I will work very hard at accepting what is to come and keep looking to the skies asking God, is it time yet?

FWF Free Wrote Friday; Inspired by Waiting Bridges

waiting bridgeThe sun was shining through the trees. Casting shadows that shimmered  through the leaves. The wooden plank delivered two souls in to one.

Standing at the far end, looking, shading eyes not missing any movement. She was waiting for the one who could fulfill every desire bubbling within her.

This is where the two had met at an earlier time. Each walking deep in thought. Looking into each others eyes as they passed. His brown eyes brought a spark to surface. Her blue eyes, were deeper than any blue waters he had ever seen.

Walking past each other, slowing down, stealing a glance back at each other. A pause in step; stillness all around, as their eyes locked on to each other. Neither daring to move, for fear the magic of the moment may disappear.

Slowly turning around, softly stepping towards each other. They come close enough to touch, but the only movement was the heart beats locking on to one another. “Hi, my name is Sean”. “Hi, my name is Autumn”. ” Do you walk this way often”? “Yes, every morning, but today is different. I had things that kept me a way until now”. “This is my lucky day then”.

He is so handsome, she thought. She is more beautiful than any summer day, he thought. Eyes looking into eyes, hands slowly reaching to each others cheek. Fingers caressing lips. The two drew close until they could feel the breath of the other. He tilted her chin up and brushed her red pouty lips. She returned his kiss by slowly opening her mouth.

” I have dreamed of you. You came to me last night. Your lips touched mine as you have just touched my lips. I am a virgin, and I have been waiting for my prince to come swoop me up into his arms and love me for the rest of my life” she softly spoke.

He bent into her ear, softly leading his tongue, outlining the edges. He bit ever so softly on her lobe, sending shivers racing down her spine. He stood back up and locked eyes with hers. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the grasses that wrapped themselves around the bridge.

He laid her down and she watched as he unbuttoned each of his pearly white buttons. She drank in the ripples of his muscles as he unlatched his belt and undid the silver buttons that protected his manhood.

He leaned over her and turned her neck to one side, and with hot breaths he kissed her neck. He knelt down and let his warm hands slide under her petticoat, sliding it down,exposing her garden to him.

He kissed her inner thighs with passion, moving himself closer to the offering he was about to receive. Within moments the two became one. The birds flew above the trees. The sky became bluer. The sun shone brighter.

Explosions of fireworks colored the forest. The flowing waters  beneath the bridge became calm. The breathing slowed. The dream became reality. Now as she stood at the end of the long bridge, shading her eyes, missing no movement, she waited for her prince to come to her rescue once again.


#FWF Free Write Friday; Work Bank

Tulip shaped cognac glass

Tulip shaped cognac glass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the spirit of Winter… Use one or more of the words to inspire your pen…

Winter berries, candles, ice crystals, snow flakes, seasonal, winter, holidays, Christmas, family, eating, religion, Santa Claus, reindeer, blizzard, snowstorm, peppermint, hot chocolate, gloves, scarf, boots, fireplace.

The two met at the local ice-skating rink. Karen, a new skater, hanging on to the post in order not to fall too many more times. Dave was an excellent skater and came here often to enjoy his Saturdays.

The snow flakes were falling gently, adding a soft silhouette to the skaters. With it being winter, and Karen being from warmer states, she was cold. She skated cautiously to the exit sign and went over to the tables and sat down. A waitress came to take her order, and Karen said,” I will take a hot chocolate please, and could you add a peppermint stick”? The waitress left to go get her order ready.

It was a couple of weeks before Christmas, and Karen had come home to New York to spend the holiday with her family. Karen had moved to Florida for job related reasons, and had not visited her home state for some time.

She admired the beauty of the rink. The owners had taken great stride to decorate it for the Christmas season. The rope that encircled the rink was filled with strings of Winter berries. On each table a soft glow was reflecting from the single candle. When you looked towards the parking lot, reindeer were lined up, welcoming you to the rink.

She noted her watch and thought, My order should be arriving any moment. I am so cold. The hot chocolate will warm me back up. She looked up and saw a man walking towards her. He was holding a cup of something and was gazing at her. He walked up to her and asked,” Did you order a hot chocolate with an added twist of peppermint”? Karen said,” Well, yes I did, but who are you? You are not the same person who took my order”?

Dave replied,” I went over to the waitress and asked her if she would mind me delivering your order. I hope you don’t mind. I wanted to meet you. Hi, my name is Dave, and your name is”?

Karen stammered for a moment. She then said,”Karen, yes, Karen is my name. Nice to meet you. Would you care to sit down”? Dave smiled, showing a beautiful set of teeth, and she could not help but notice the deep dimples at each edge of his handsome lips.

They both sat for a few moments not saying anything. Karen then broke the ice and told him she admired his skating abilities. Once the sentence was spoken, the conversation took off. Before long both were laughing and getting to know each other. It was as if the love bug had flown in and gently nibbled at their hearts.

The snow started to fall faster and each flake seemed to grow bigger. Karen said,” I think I best get going. I don’t want to drive in bad snow. I have heard that maybe tomorrow there will be a snowstorm, or worse yet, maybe a blizzard”! Dave laughed and stood up and helped her with her gloves and scarf. He reached down and softly rubbed against her leg as he helped her get her skates off and back into her boots.

He asked, ” Where are your parents home? Would you like me to drive you there, since you are not used to the winters here”? Karen replied, ” Oh, well they only live about five miles down the main road. I should be alright, but thank-you for offering David. You are very kind”.

He reached over without asking, and gave Karen a big hug, taking in the perfume of her hair. He stood back then and said,” Would it be alright if I called you again? I would like to see you once more before you leave”. Karen told him the phone number and told him she would like that. With the conversation being over, the two parted ways, but taking a sliver of each others hearts with them.

The snow was becoming heavy, and at times it was hard to see. Karen took her time driving, and many drivers honked and went around her. She was a couple of miles away from her destination, when a deer ran out in front of her. She slammed on her brakes, causing the car to swerve one way and then the other way. In no time at all, she found herself in a ditch.

She began to weep, and then a soft knock came on her window. She looked out her window and saw the beautiful blue eyes of David. She lowered the window and said,” A deer ran out in front of me! It scared me, and I didn’t know what to do! I slammed on the brakes, but the car started swerving”!

Dave asked her if she was hurt, and she shook her head no. Looking through the rolled down window he  said,” I can see that you are pretty shook up Karen. Why don’t you allow me to drive you to my home?” He stood up and pointed in the direction of his home. He said,” If you look through those trees you can see the roof of my home. We can call a tow truck and have them deliver the car to your parents home, and then I can take you there myself”.

Karen thought this was a very good idea. He was right, she was shaken up, and she did not want to drive in this awful snow. She let him know she liked his idea, and he opened her car door rolled the window back up  and then helped her out. He placed his arm around her, and held on to her hand as he guided her to his car.

She could feel the warmth from his as he held her close to him, so she would not fall. He smelled so good, and he was so handsome. I feel like I am falling in love, but I can’t be. I just met him a couple of hours ago.

They arrived in front of his house and he got out and walked over and helped her out. He guided her to the front door, where he unlocked it, letting her in first. He helped her take off her coat and boots, and then he hung hers along side of his in the hall closet.

As she was admiring the beautiful room she said,” What a beautiful home you have. It is so warm and cozy in here. The fireplace is so big”. Dave walked over to the fireplace and clicked the button starting the flames. She walked over to where he was and sat on a stool warming herself.

He asked,” Would you care for a drink? I have wine, or how about a brandy”? Karen said, ” Brandy please, that sounds nice”. He went to the kitchen, and she snuggled closer to the fire.

After coming back to her with her drink, he pulled out her phone number and called her parents. He explained what had happened, and would they mind if she stayed here with him, until the tow truck delivered her car, and they agreed. He then called the towing company and made the arrangements for the vehicle to be picked up.

He grabbed a bear rug and tossed it gently on the floor and sat down. He patted the side of it, calling her to his side. After she was seated, he looked into her eyes and said,” I wanted to get to know you better. I didn’t expect it to be  today, so this is a wonderful surprise”.

Karen said,” There is something about you Dave. When I am with you, I feel safe. I feel like I have known you my entire life”. Dave smiled at her, and took her glass out of her hands, and setting it on a nearby table, he looked into her eyes once again and asked,” May I”?

No words were spoken between the two. Both laid down on the soft, thick blanket and unwrapping bows, they gave their gifts to each other.

FWF, Free Write Friday

Before I go further, I just want to say to Kellie, WELCOME BACK GIRL!!!!!

Sara went back to the house, where  the only thing found from the incident was this one couch, proving that something had stood here at one time,  a house. A home, where four people lived. Two parents, and a set of twins. Along with this, was one dog, that did not escape, and their tabby cat, who had been found safe.

She stood, and then kneeled down into the dewy grass, and stared at what was left, her eyes searching for any other scrap of memory, but she could find none. The bulldozer was coming in later this morning, and it would be leveling the ground, of what once represented a happy home.

Her other family members were back at a  relatives  home, probably just getting ready to be awakened by the smell of coffee being made. Room had been made with a spare bedroom and two cots brought in to the living room.

Her sister never stirred as she quietly climbed out of her home-made bed and quickly got dressed and no one called out to her as she made her way out the front door. She had gotten in her car, and had driven here to where they had once lived, hoping for the nightmare that she had experienced last night, to become a reality, but it was a dream that had already been relived, and she could not send it back. She was forced to live with it and what she had done.

It was her fault, all of her fault, and it didn’t help that others did not spend great moments of time, telling her how sorry they felt for her. No one particular was on her side. Instead she found conversations to be made out of  tears, and sadness, memories, and insurance companies.

She had screwed up big time, and at 17 years of age, she thought she knew everything. She had a girlfriend spend the night a few weeks ago, and they had sneaked out of the house and went to the closest drug store and had bought one bottle of cheap wine, and a pack of cigarettes.

After returning home, they snuck back into her bedroom, and began their adventure of drinking their first sips of alcohol, and smoking their first smoke. The wine made them dizzy and giggly and adding a mouthful of smoke on top of it, made the two girls too relaxed.

It was supposed to be a fun evening, with studying, fixing and eating snacks, and staying up real late,  but instead, the girls were tipsy and too light-headed, and ended up falling asleep earlier than planned, with lit cigarettes in between their fingers.

Now that she was standing here looking at how she had ruined so many lives, by throwing  caution to the wind, and wanting to show everyone that  they were big stuff, she instead, learned a valuable lesson of responsibility and how your actions can affect others lives for ever.

One dumb mistake, one arrogant attitude, had cost her family their home. She carried this with her through out the re-building of  their new home, and after talking to school counselors a few times, she decided to turn this terrible guilt and tragedy into a positive thing in her life.

She took her good grades and applied them and her pen to the blank pages of a college application. She was accepted, and did very well for her four-year therapist program. Today, she is helping teens that are struggling with fitting in and being  accepted.



Free Write Friday, Sept.1, 2012


Today I am writing for Kellie, over at

http://kellieelmore.com. Each week she gives a writing prompt, and then I need to do something with it. So now I will give it a try!

Kindergarten. I have a couple of memories of Kindergarten that stick out in my mind. The school I attended had been just built, so our class was the first one to attend and graduate on the front porch. Now the school has been added on many times, and there is no longer that special porch, that I have proof of with my little cap and gown, anymore.

I remember my grandma walked me to school the first couple of days, and now looking back I know why she did it in the first place. I am terrible at directions. Now you are going to laugh at this, I am sure, but from my house, all eyes could see the red, big brick building, and yet my first day that I walked home from school, I had gotten lost. Isn’t that so pathetic? A block a way, and I lose my way. Sort of like Little Bo Peep! To this day, I have to use a GPS, plus make that same road trip a few times, before it is lodged in my head forever. Some things we do carry through out our lives, I am living proof!

I remember that inside the school-house there was a very big doll house, that stood taller than us kids, and you could go inside of it and play or talk with other classmates during recess times in the winter. Back in those days, you were not shoved out into the cold, just because it was recess. There were alternatives.

I had a six-year-old crush on a boy named Timmy. He must have had a baby crush on me also, because he and I would go inside the house and sit together on the benches and hold hands. Oh, if my mother only knew what I was doing at recess, she may have blown the whistle on my innocent flirting! lol. The teacher must either not have noticed that we did this, or she thought nothing of it. Back then words like molesters, rapes, child endangerment, were not part of our home vocabulary. If these crimes were being committed, it was always in the bigger cities. Our little town was safe!

We also had to take our rest mats and lie down either on the floor, or we could choose to rest our heads on our hands on top of our desk. Either way, Timmy and I always managed to be near enough to each other, so we could wink or smile or wave at each other.

As far as learning goes, which is what we are to do in school, I only know by going back to my report cards, what kind of student I was. I got all S’s, so I must have been keeping up, but I could find one thing in common all through my elementary years, and that was the comments made under the conduct section. Grades K-6, always stated that I talked out loud, and talked too much. One year I saw a comment, where the teacher had left my parents a little note, stating she, the teacher, had moved me several times during the year, and could never find me a seat where I would remain quiet.

This also has carried on through out my whole life. If  my situation was different, and I was out in society more, I can be known to talk your leg off. I am sure that one of my friends looks at her watch, when she calls me, to make sure she has the abundant time to talk to me, because we are usually on the phone for an hour. My excuse is to her that I don’t see her often, so I have lots to say, but the truth is, I love to talk. Life, thoughts, dreams, my life as a caregiver, you name it, I talk.

I do remember learning how to count and learn the alphabet and tying my shoes according to the singing directions of Captain Kangaroo. Now a days, you have to know all of this plus your address, phone number etc. I wonder why they have kindergarten anymore. What do they teach, first grade?

The last day of school for kindergarten came, and when Timmy and I were sitting on our oh so familiar bench, we both heard the teacher say that recess was over and to all return to our seats. It was like Timmy knew that he would never be coming to this school again, because he quickly gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then ran out of the doll house, and I never did see him again.

Oh for those innocent fun days of learning again. No bills, no cheating lovers, no time clocks, just fun and learn, all combined into one!!!!

Free Write Friday, August 24th,2012

This is a writing exercise given to me by:


Janet was having a fling with Mark. The peeper looked through the bedroom window and saw the woman feeding the man ice-cream from a spoon. Janet and Mark had been carrying on behind their spouse’s backs for a few months ago. I don’t believe there was any real love between them, but lust was definitely frothing at the lips.

The man could hear music in the background and when his eyes wandered to where the sounds were coming from, he saw an old-fashioned 8-track player. He jotted down on his writing tablet, the song, Homeward Bound.

The room he was peeking through was run down and looked as if it had not been cleaned for months. He saw cobwebs so big and wide, that he knew spiders had been rampid and had made a new home here, and he saw how coarse the webs were. He had a feeling that if he was to step inside of the house, the rancid smell would over take his nostrils.

He jotted down more notes and moved to another window, so he could hope to get pictures and not be seen. He made his way to the opposite side of the house and slowly raised up to see if he could see and to make sure he was hidden from their eyes.

He bent back down to get his camera ready and then raised up once again, and taking careful aim, got a shot! He ducked quickly and then peeked once again,and managed to get three more shots, without being seen.

The diodes that were flying inside of the room, were so coagulated, that he didn’t think they would have even heard him tapping on the window. He couldn’t help but be human, as he stooped there for a few more moments watching the two hitch up together. He had to admit, that she was a beautiful dame. Long auburn hair, and a figure, that he wished his wife had.

He quickly turned around, as he was on a job here, and he needed to get his work done and so he picked up his writing tablet, camera and bustled his way out of there. He had all the proof he needed for the lady who had hired him.

On his way back to where he had hidden  his car, he didn’t see the hole left there from where a rock had once laid, and he tripped, and fell. He quickly stood back up and brushing weeds and mud off of him he ranted and raved all the way back to his car about how clumsy he had let himself be.

The car came into sight, and he opened the back door and laid his belongings on the seat, and shut the door. Getting in the front seat, he sat for a moment, checking himself out to see if he had cut himself somehow, and seeing nothing, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

He was a highly recommended P.I. and had done this work for years, but although he had lost track of how many jobs he had done, his adrenalin always raced, and  he was glad once he got back to his office.

Driving back, he saw a few deer that were deciding whether to run out in front of him or not. He honked his car long and hard until they turned the other way and scampered off. Other than that, the trip home from the lake cottage was peaceful.

When he arrived at the office, he took out his whiskey bottle from his desk drawer and  poured himself a glass. He sat behind his desk and propped his feet up and lit a cigar and drank his drink.

In his mind, he was going over the notes and already placing them in order. He pictured the woman once again, and wished for a brief moment, that he could have just one day with her, but he wasn’t willing to risk his marriage. His own wife was a good solid woman. She would do anything for him as he would do for her, but in looks, her inner beauty was more beautiful than the outer. He shook his head as if to shake off the sinful thoughts and went to work writing out his report.

The next day he called the lady who had hired him and they set an appointment to meet at 11 this morning. After hanging up he showered and shaved and made himself some breakfast, and then started making his plans for his next case in waiting.

When he met up with his client, they shook hands and he told her to be seated. His elocution of his report assured her that he knew what he was talking about. She was not surprised but started crying when the facts were no longer suspicions. Her husband was having an affair.

This writing exercise wanted me to try to use each of the words in the above photo and write something, that made sense. I hope this made sense to all of you. I really enjoy writing for Kellie. It helps me to expand and exercise my mind. Thanks Kellie!

Free Write Friday, August 17, 2012

I was different. I knew I was. Never being accepted for who I was or what I represented. Most of my childhood had been words of can’t you be more like your sibling? Why don’t you want to do what I say? These words were still instilled to me today, dripping from my soul, like maple syrup from a tree.

One day I reached the age of maturity, or the level of being able to legally make my own decisions. I decided against the world. I chose the road less traveled.

I packed my backpack and my gear bag, and leaving a note behind for them, telling them I had to leave, but I loved them, don’t blame yourselves, I am who I am and I have to be me, I left, never looking back.

My shadow followed me to nowhere, and everywhere. I stopped along the roadsides, and took out my blank papers and sketched what my eyes drank in from this earth.

I slept under the stars, with golden eyes watching over me. I wandered from town to city, I sat on the curbs or the street benches, and I sketched. People drawing near to see the finished product, some dropping change and green into my bag. Others asking if I could sketch their faces for their loved ones.

All of this brought me money to continue my journey. A view from an artist’s eyes put down on paper. I traveled through small ghost towns, and also top name cities. Each place I stopped brought me opportunities to learn different faces, to chat for a time, to share a meal with another soul.

Once when I had stopped for a few days in a city named Los Angelas, a person hiding in the shadows was watching my hands at work. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, but there was no fear showing in my face.

People came and went, the money was filling my bag, and then a one hundred-dollar bill was dropped into my lap. I gasped and looked up, straight into the eyes of the stranger who had been hiding, but was now out of the shadows.

He spoke in a calm voice, letting me know that he liked my work, telling me that I had a special talent. He wanted to pay for a sitting, and was this enough for her fee. She  went to work immediately, folding over the page she had been working on, and getting a clean page to start sketching.

He sat very still not moving his mouth, and she ran her mind down his silhouette, lingering over his broad jaw bone and those full lips, that curved into smiles. She began to ponder on what it would be like to make love to his neck that was strong and the broad shoulders that trickled with muscular designs.

She sensed that he could feel the heat escaping from her body as desires began to take over, so moving to the side of him, leaving more space between the two, she finished her sketch and showed him her finished product.

He stared at the page intently, taking in her lines and shadows that portrayed himself, and he looked at her and there was a smile of approval. He got ready to leave and thanked her for her work, and walked away, but turning back once to ask if he could take her to lunch, as he was hungry, and he was sure she would be too.

She picked up her supplies and placed them in her bag, and followed him to a small cafe, where they both ordered sandwiches and a brew. Not much speaking was done over eating, but looks showed their hunger for each other. Heat began to fill the booth, and the room became empty of all others sitting near by. It was the two of them alone in the world, yearning, wanting and needing each other.

After paying the bill the two walked out the back door and he threw her up against the brick wall of the building and lifting her shirt up he kissed her. Ripples formed and a domino affect traveled through out her body. She touched him and a force so strong burst out of her body, that she clung to him and raked nails down the back of his shirt.

He lowered her body until they met exactly where two thirsty bodies united as one. Sweat pouring from each skin, as they let their lust escape into each other. He covered her mouth as a scream of delight tried to escape her sweet lips and soon they were both standing on firm ground and feelings had gained their reward.

He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his back pocket and lit one for himself and offered her one also, but she refused. Breathing was back to normal, urges had been replaced by calmness.

They promised to keep in touch, and she told him she would be moving on tomorrow, and he agreed to see her once more before she left town. They departed, going back to the road less traveled, and the next day after making a few dollars, she packed her things up and moved on once again.

A few years had passed and the roads that were  traveled had crossed. He married and had two children, and in one city the family was visiting, they entered an art gallery, and there in the center stage, showing the center fold of her work, was the artist he had met on the street years ago, and he smiled to himself, as he thought about how he was right, that this girl had talent, and had found her place in this world.

Thank you Kellie for another chance to write for you!


Free Write Friday, August 10,2012


Thank you Kellie for giving me a chance to explore my mind with this exercise prompt.


Stars twinkling, racing from above ore across the skies. Taking dreams of my tomorrows with them. Lights bouncing from tree to tree, allowing my mind to jump to where I can not see.

Mystical thoughts enter my mind as I ponder on what tomorrow may hold.

Thoughts of your arms around me, kissing me gently on the lips is what I for see for you and me.

A walk under the moonlight, two lovers holding hands, walking step by step into never ever land. Stopping under the old oak tree to still a kiss, which is only seen by the sounds of the nights.

A dream of love never escapes my mind, and I know if I dream long enough, it will certainly come true, for all fairy tales have happy endings, and so mine will also.

I wish for strong hands, and broad shoulders to cover me in love, protecting me from all the dangers  in this cruel world. I wish for a head to lean mine next to. A lap to sit upon and whisper sweet nothings in to your ear.

As you place the soft blanket under the mysterious trees, and you gently take my hands and help me down to the softness of the grass, you raise my head up, placing your lips next to mine, devouring my love that I so freely give to you.  The branches from the trees reach out like arms and hide us from the view of all others, protecting our moment that is to be shared only by the two of us, and swaying in the winds, leaves gently fall around us, mixing in with our droplets of love.

You tell me you love me, and you will never want another, and I believe each word escaped from your lips. Tears fall from my very own eyes, and the misty eyes drink  in your sight as you caress each place I glide your hands to.

To be in love is what I whisper to the stars, to be safe with you is a hunger that is always needing to be nourished. I long for this, and so I come here tonight, to tell the gods of my yearning, and I can see your silhouette carved in the knots on the trees.

I walk back to where my journey started and I leave my secrets sheltered among the forest, and I planted a dream, which will grow like wild flowers, and one day soon will sprout buds that with love and  nurturing, will soon be nothing but a dream