Whoa! What is Happening Here…..

A six-week old kitten.

Ever since the morning Al fell, his walking has gone down hill very quickly. I looked him over and saw nothing but a red spot where his head hit the closet door, but no swelling, no blood, but yet my mind keeps wondering did something happen, or is this just coincidence.

Al has come to hate Cali, the kitten. I should have known better, but instead I was innocent. Believing in the laughter seeing her play, the petting of her that can become so relaxing, and just watching her, hoping to take his mind off of his pain at times, but he hates her, and I have to sadly admit, I can see why.

She likes Al. She does everything in her power to show him that she likes him, but the way she goes about it is destroying him. She gets underneath his feet when he is already struggling to walk, and causes his legs to freeze even more.

When you have Parkinson’s you don’t want to have to stop and start, stop and start with walking. Once you get your feet to move, you want to make it to your destination. I don’t think Cali, had anything to do with Al’s fall the other day. I believe he would definitely have told me. She also gets under his bed and he is afraid she will destroy important papers he has placed there, and then he cries.

This morning, he came out of his room and I saw what Cali was doing. Either she was under his feet letting him know she was happy to see him, or she would lie right in front of him on the floor all spread out, saying pet me. He stood there, with his legs bent more than ever, and just started to cry. He said, make her stop, I don’t like her anymore, and then I chased her far away from  him.

Then on top of the cat business, Al is continuing to freeze more and more. I almost feel like I am being forced by some force, that I have no more choices left but to place him. I had already made up my mind, not to place him. Just get more help and we can do this, until I have no more choices to make.

The shower girl was here and she actually had to hold him up because his feet would not move. She asked him if he wanted to wait a few minutes to take his shower until his feet started moving better, and he nodded yes. The two of them came my way and just as they got in front of me, I saw it. His boxers were soaked. I mean drenching soaked.

I immediately said he is going to have to shower now, and told her what I noticed. Why she didn’t notice when she was standing right beside him, or smell the urine, Lord only knows. I asked Al what happened, and he said he had tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom three times last night, and his legs would not let him move, so he had no choice but to pee the bed and his boxers. He started to cry again, and I said why don’t you take the urinal to bed with you, then you won’t have to stand up, you can sit up in bed, and he said alright, that he had not thought of that.

I felt so bad for him. I can only imagine his embarrassment when he had to tell me what happened and that he had peed, but I tried to shrug it off, making him feel that there were other options and it was an accident, but inside, I was thinking, crap, now I have to do a whole bed change. I can be sometimes mean-spirited inside, but will not let him see that it bothered me.

So, in the end, between the kitten making Al’s life more miserable than it was, and the freezing getting worse, and the pee in the bed and on him, I called the lady who gave me the kitten and asked her to please take her back, and she said yes, and will be here this evening to get her. I feel bad, I love Cali, but I love my brother more.