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Ever since Al passed I have seemed or felt at a loss. Ever feel like that? I see that I am improving on my hurting heart area, but still, there is a sense of I don’t know where I belong. People look at me strange when I say this, but it’s true.

So for the first time tonight I am trying something new. I am adding it to what I already do on WP. You know if you follow me that I have a Quotes, Music for the Soul, and my main here. I will add this only if I see that it goes over well. Don’t worry; I won’t make any decisions until after the new year. I will keep tabs on the likes and comments and then make that decision. Also, if you have any topic that you would like to see me post, comment to me please.

I am going to call this new idea;

Ask Home Skillet

It is a name given to me as of late. It sort of makes me wonder what it really means. It kind of grows on me, so let’s welcome Home Skillet to WordPress. This is how it will work. I will give a short story. It may be true or possibly made up. There will be a question directed to you and you will be responsible for answering it to the best of your ability. Whether the story or example is true or false, you give the answer according to your heart.

I will make a positive effort to do this  twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, and it will always be titled Home Skillet. Everyone understand? Alrighty then, let’s get started with our first story.

Dear Home Skillet

I am the oldest of three kids. I am almost 14 years old. My mom puts a lot of stuff on me to do at home, while my brother and sister lay around and watch TV. I don’t think that is fair. I have tried talking to mom about sharing the load, but she just pats me on the head and says she knows she can count on me. Home Skillet, what do you think of her answer?



Alright friends and followers, it is your time to comment on this scene.


Do You Want to Help Me?

I am pretty well settled in my home now and that takes care of the big stuff. I have my health insurance which will start Jan. 1. I also have a part-time job which I start this Tuesday.

Except for learning my way around this quaint little town, and meeting new people, I am ready to begin thinking about writing a new book. I have been asked to write a pamphlet book on more detailed information about what MSA is really like. This book, if I choose it, would be pretty blunt, and may cause weakness in the stomach at times.

Others have asked me to compile a small book of my collection of poetry I write. I like either of these, but I want to try something that is more into the type of book that when you pick it up to read, you smile, or laugh, or don’t want to put it down.

Now that statement being written opens a whole new can of worms. Plenty of ideas to pop out all over the table. The problem is, I am not popping out anywhere, so I am coming to you.

Most of you have known me for a few years now and you probably know me better than I know myself at times, so  how about it? Can you give me your thoughts and opinions on a topic I should write about?


Mystery of the Bedroom

Mystery of the Bedroom

She stood in front of the mirror. Black streaks running down her face. Eyes swollen and red. Julie had been up most of the night crying into her pillow. Her heart was broken. How was she ever going to get past the memory of what she had seen?

Julie worked as a waitress at a small diner in town. She worked the late shift. Not only was it a poor paying job; she also had to deal with the groping of…

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Mystery of the Bedroom

She stood in front of the mirror. Black streaks running down her face. Eyes swollen and red. Julie had been up most of the night crying into her pillow. Her heart was broken. How was she ever going to get past the memory of what she had seen?

Julie worked as a waitress at a small diner in town. She worked the late shift. Not only was it a poor paying job; she also had to deal with the groping of the late-night drunks. She was the only waitress last night. Her co-worker had called off again. She hated her. Always calling off but Julie was pretty sure she was sleeping with the boss.

The cook always gave Julie the shivers. That crooked smile and one of his eyes always seemed to follow her when she walked. She hated this job, but she needed the money. Bill, her boyfriend had got hurt at his work. He was not going to be able to return to work until he got the doctor’s signature on the release papers.

Julie had been carrying a heavy load. She went to a tech school in the mornings part-time. Paying the bills was a strain now that she was carrying the entire load. Julie was so exhausted when she got off work tonight.

She walked the few blocks towards the apartment she and Bill lived in. She turned the key quietly knowing Bill was probably asleep at this time of night. Laying her keys and purse on the table she sat down on the couch and took her shoes off.

Rubbing her feet she stretched her toes out. She stood up and walked to the kitchen and got a beer out of the fridge. Grabbing a cigarette she went back to the couch and flopped down. She just wanted to relax before climbing into the shower.

From the quiet of the room came a moan. Startled she sat up and listened. Once again she heard it. She put her cigarette out and went to the side of the front door where she kept a baseball bat stashed.

Walking cautiously she went towards the sound. She stood in front of the door. Putting her ear to the wood she listened. Was Bill having a bad dream? She turned the knob and slowly opened the door.

There in the dim of the bedside table was a woman. She was fondling Bill. Madness took over Julie and she screamed, ” What in the hell do you think you are doing? Get away from my man. You whore, you pig!” Julie still had the bat in her hand and she charged at the woman.

Putting the bat over  her head she brought it down with such thrust that Bill hid instantly under the covers. He begged her to stop. ” Stop it Julie, stop it. You’re going to hurt someone. Knock it off. I just got carried a way. Stop it.”

This only fired Julie’s brain and she brought the bat once again up into the air and brought it down hard on the bed. The woman grabbed the sheet and wrapping herself in it raced for the door. Running through it and heading towards the front door, Julie followed.

Julie missed the woman and dented the wood frame. The woman screamed and took advantage of the break to escape. ” Don’t you ever set foot in this house again you slut, do you hear me? Don’t ever come back here again.”

Julie watched the woman running down the street. Once she was out of sight she turned around and slammed the door behind her. She tapped the bat on her open palm and walked back towards the bedroom.

When she reached the doorway the bed was empty. The room was quiet. Where the hell was he? She went to the bathroom but it was empty also. Bill had been hiding behind the bedroom door and he made his move to escape.

Julie heard his footsteps and turned quickly around and began to chase him. She raced after him around the kitchen table and through the living room. The rocker was the only thing separating the two.

” Why did you do it? What were you thinking? Here I am busting my ass while you are supposed to be here healing. How could you do this to me? Didn’t I mean anything to you?”

” Get a hold of yourself Julie. It was a mistake. I swear I never did anything like this before. It just happened. Let’s put the bat down and sit here and talk about it. Let me explain how it all happened.”

” Bill, you can’t explain what I saw. You were having sex with that whore. How you going to explain that to me?”

” I got lonely. I couldn’t help it. All you ever do is work and go to school. It gets boring here without you baby. Can’t you see that? I’m a man. I have needs. I just couldn’t seem to help myself. Besides, it didn’t mean a thing. You’re the one that I love, you know that.”

” Get out, get out now. I don’t ever want to see you again. Get your clothes and get out of my house now.”

He didn’t move. He just sat there on the couch. Figuring out another way of putting words that would get her to settle down. She always was a little high-strung, but now she was just freaking nuts.

Julie started after him. He jumped up and started towards the door. Throwing it open he went through it and was met by something or someone. Down he went to the ground. Blood started spilling out from his head. He lay still and didn’t move.

All she could do was stand there frozen. Trying to figure out what had just happened. How or who had just done this. She closed the door and went to the room that was now spread with disease. She threw herself down on her bed and cried into her pillows.


Final thoughts.

Who did this?

What happened?

Bloggers, give me your thoughts.

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