To Dream

Hand In Hand


To dream to be able to heal

To wipe the tears and sorrows

And bring hope to the world

For a better tomorrow.

To take a way all sickness

To take frowns and turn them to smiles

To walk this earth barefoot and naked

To be accepted for us just for a while.

For wherever we roam

Through what ever door we walk through

We can walk in with our heads held high

You will greet me and I will talk to you.

For each of us to have our individuality

To be able to say as we feel

Would be such an honor

And our mask we would peel.

We are here to love and be loved

To heal broken hearts and minds

To walk together step in step

Our lives becoming entwined.

This is my wish for the world for today

My friends and visitors who pass my way

To put fighting and blasphemy aside for a while

As we walk together mile after mile.

Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt; Sweet Sixteen/The Daily Post

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When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

I don’t remember a whole lot at the age of 16. I do remember me getting my driver’s license. I had my first job. Mom and Dad always said if you want extra’s in life, work for it. I remember in my mind thinking that I was going to be in the health care field. It wasn’t going to be what I am actually doing today. I was going to be a Physical Therapist or a counselor for teens.

Life was fairly simple at that age. The normal drama that teens go through was really not that much out of the norm. Dating, good grades, helping out at home, and getting a pay check, and most of all friends. Not one or two, but as many as I could gather. Quality was not the issue then, quantity was.

I dreamed of getting married and having kids. I dreamed of the happily ever after that a lot of girls do. It doesn’t always work out this way, and it didn’t for me either. God brings changes and test in to our lives to strengthen us and hopefully find our own path in life as individuals.

Today, I have been married and am divorced. I did have the fairy tale dream for a while, but that was short-lived. I do have three wonderful and beautiful kids. I guess they are not kids any longer but in my heart they are still my kids.

I did go into health care, but on a more personal level. I did schooling and certificates, but have spent the last 23 years taking care of someone else. The goal was not like I thought it would be. Help them heal and they walk out of my office in the end, paying me and skipping on through life.

My goal now is to bring comfort. To wipe the brow of a lonesome soul. To gently wash the tears a way. To bring comfort the only way I know how through my words and touch. I am proud of where I have been led. I have come to know many wonderful human beings. I have touched hearts and souls with so many.

I may not have a glamour life. I may not spend my spare evenings dancing and bar hopping. I may not even be the life of the party. But, I am where I am supposed to be at this time in my life.

Now with Al being in another home, I am searching for the road that will lead me further into helping another soul. Maybe it will not be in health care. Maybe it will be through my words. I don’t know. I loved my dreams back when I was sixteen, but I love me more for the lives I have been able to touch and heal.

Daily Prompt; Kick It/ The Daily Post




What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?




What is the 11th item on your bucket list, I am thinking. Geesh, at my age, can I have 11 things on a bucket list that I want to yet do? Maybe, I guess to be truthful, I don’t make


Deutsch: Morgan Freeman bei der deutschen Film...

Deutsch: Morgan Freeman bei der deutschen Filmpremiere The Bucket List, Berlin, 21. Januar 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


goals so far ahead any longer. I try to make it through the day. Think of the week ahead. Mainly at Thanksgiving and Christmas, do I ponder on the months instead of the days.




What are some things that I wish I could or will try to do before I lay my head down to rest for the final time.




I am going to start with the number one item and work my way down the list.




1. Keep God close to me




2. Find a job, hopefully a caregiver job




3. Be able to continue to pay my bills as they come in




4. Continue to go see Al and keep working at helping him to smile




5. Lose the sadness




6. Love the getting fit class and walk the track




7. Meet a special someone who respects and understands me




8 Finish editing my first book and get it out there




9. Keep my blogging going and meet more wonderful people




10. Finish my second book I have started writing




11. Form some type of group that reaches out to the lonely




These sound pretty selfish only thinking of myself. There are many things that I wish to happen before I pass on. This prompt was about me, so I concentrated on me only.






Daily Prompt: Revisionist History

Go back in time to an event you think could have played out differently for you. Let alternate history have its moment: tell us what could, would or should have

English: This physical therapist is assisting ...



How many times have we sat with our best friend and went back in time and talked about the what ifs? I have done it and I am sure we all have. We can not change our past, this is definitely true, but we can learn from our past mistakes and decisions.

For me, I would have been a better character in decisions. I was a person who let others influence me, instead of sticking with what was best for me. I had plans, big plans, to go to college to become a physical therapist.

I knew even back in high school,that I was a woman  that wanted to help others. I wanted to make others lives better, by helping them to see that tomorrow was going to be a better day, if they could just get through this one day.

When you are in high school, you think you have all of the answers, or some of us did. Others did have a plan and stuck to it, and today, we see their name in the papers where they have become what they dreamed about, but for me I had plans, plus the need to be loved.

I don’t regret marrying, not at all, but I regret, marrying when I did. I had a whole life ahead of me, so what was the rush? If it is true love, it can with stand the wait of schooling, but I could not or did not want to see it this way.

The heart took over and the love became bigger than my goal. I thought I could go to school after being married, and today, when I look back, I could have done that, maybe, but before I knew it, one child came, then two, then finally the third arrived.

A busy mommy and a want to be a perfect wife, pushed my goal of having a career to the back burner. Now, I am middle-aged, my kids are grown and now Al is not living here, and I have nothing to bounce back on. Yes, I am a caregiver, but it does not bring the dollar amount that a professional would, and when we get older, we need a good dollar to keep up with our hurting bodies, and a good retirement, so we don’t have to stress out so much about whether we are going to be able to live until the golden years arrive.

So in finalizing this question, I wish I had kept strong about what I wanted in life, and kept things in their proper order. I would not stress so much as I do today, wondering where I am going to end up in ten years.

Picture and Write It Part 3

Dahlia put all day dreams aside and buried her head in to her studies. Every free moment from chores at home or not in school, she studied. She even gave up her time with the television viewing.

Her teacher was so impressed with her, that she helped Dahlia fill out forms to enter the college for arts, in the city next door. The teacher came to Dahlia’s home one evening, and was invited to supper. As they sat around the table, the teacher gave the good news of acceptance into the college. A squeal of delight came out of Dahlia’s throat, but her parents were not all that impressed with this news. Who was going to help around the house? Who was going to prepare the meals?  The four of them sat in discussion, each giving their own points of view on the topic, but in the end the parents could see only their own. Dahlia walked the teacher to the door to bid her goodbye, and as she lay her hand on the door knob, the teacher leaned in and whispered in her ear, that together, they would make this work. She explained to Dahlia, that a talent was here, and it should not be wasted.

It seemed from that night forward, there were more chores put on her list. More time-consuming, making Dahlia almost too tired to even dream, but she didn’t give up. She was bound to make her journey in life worth living. She dealt with all the extras in her life, and still managed to keep her grades up. Her parents saw her determination, but theirs was also a match to be contended with.

Dahlia was in her last year of high school, and was still setting her goals. She wanted to be a dancer, and nothing was going to stop her. Although, her parents saw this desire in her actions and eyes, they were unwilling to give up their daughter-maid.

Two weeks before graduation, college doors were waiting to be opened for her future. Her tuition had been paid for the first year. She had two things stopping her, one was transportation and the other was her parents blessings for a better life.

The teacher without invitation paid a visit to the family home and one more time tried to convince the parents to look at their child as an adult, to see the potential, but there was no movement. After taking a deep sigh, the teacher announces that Dahlia will come live with her through her college days, and she will be able to walk to school or ride a spare bicycle. The parents stood up and left the table, and retired to the living room, and turned on the television to watch their variety show. The teacher looked Dahlia straight in the eye, and told her, that in the end it was her decision. She could stay home and humor her parents or she could grab hold of the opportunity given to her and run with it. They both sat up, and walked together into Dahlia’s bedroom. Whatever they could grab and pack and carry in one trip,they did. With all packed and sitting at the front door, Dahlia walked into the living room, and told her parents she had decided to go. She explained for the last time her desire to be a dancer. With no expressions or words being muttered, she walked to each parent and gave each a peck on the cheek, and told them both, that she loved them,and she was sorry she was hurting them, but she must go, and she did. She turned around, without looking back, and the teacher and Dahlia walked out the door with her bags and it was a long time before she ever stepped through that door once again.

By the time they made it to the teacher’s home, it was getting dark, and both ladies were tired from the whole day, but yet when they looked into each others eyes, there was a twinkle of excitement. A new beginning, a new adventure was about to begin in a few days. With smiles on both faces, the teacher showed her to her bedroom, that would be hers for the next year.

After leaving her to herself, Dahlia looked the room over. She ran her fingers over the table tops and could almost see herself in the shine that reflected back to her. She felt the crisp, line-dried sheets on the bed. The bathroom she would share with the teacher was right across the hall, and the teacher’s bedroom was one room down from the bathroom.
The bedroom walls were a creamy yellow, and their were white flowing curtains framing the windows, with white blinds that could be pulled for privacy. Dahlia walked over to the windows, and pulled the blinds down, blacking out the unknown and thoughts of her parents. She walked over to her bags, and began to unpack the clothing and accessories she would need for tonight, and proceeded to get ready for bed. In no time, at all, she was fast asleep, dreaming about the doll, with stiff body, who had been twirled round and round.

The next morning brought a knock on the door, letting her know that the teacher was up. After admitting her into her room, the teacher walked over to the window, and rising the blind, let in all the bright sunshine, and a lift of the window pane, allowed birds to be heard. It was a beautiful day. The teacher told her to get dressed quickly and come to the kitchen, where she would be preparing their breakfast for them. Dahlia nodded and got up off of the bed, and unpacked the rest of her clothing,  hanging some of the pieces in the closet, and placing others into the drawers of the dresser. She got dressed and went across the hall to the bathroom, and splashed cool water over her face, and brushed her teeth and her hair. She gazed at herself and was proud of all she had accomplished so far in her life. She thought of her parents in the city next door, and felt a sadness for the lack of their emotional support, but had to let it go, and turned around walking out of the bathroom, made her way to the kitchen.