One More Chance

Has death ever knocked at your door

And you said stay a way come no more

Did you refuse to give up the fight

And instead give it all and hang on tight

Did you see the light and heaven’s doors

Did you see the angels come into sight

Did you see your life flash before your eyes

Did you close your lids and wonder why

Did you plead with God for one more chance

To get up and walk and have one last dance

Did he hear you and say I will pass you by

I will let you live and not let you die

Did you get down on your knees and pray

And thank God for that grateful day

When you were allowed just one more chance

To hold life dear and not just glance.   dance

Written by

Terry Shepherd


An Ill Man’s Inner Thoughts

Some days I see gray

Then my body begins to sway                                                     helpinghand

I remember what used to be

Before darkness came over me

Shadows casting undertones

Leaving me to deal with this all alone

Hiding in my own dark sack

Wishing I could take it back

I didn’t ask for this

I swear on a golden kiss

It sneaked in and took a seat

It landed at my feet

I pray it will go a way

Maybe come another day

I watch as others play

On a bright and sunny day

While cars going here and there

I am sitting here my soul too bare

If I could turn back the time

And go back to when I was nine

And know what I do today

I swear I would  pick another way

To live my life each day

I would honor each I know

And say I love you so

I would set my worries a way

And save them for a rainy day

But alas I am sitting here

My eyes full of tears

I have heard the door knocking

But I have worked hard on blocking

That my time is almost up

I have filled up my cup

My illness is taking me

To levels above the trees

I can see Jesus hands

Reaching through all the lands

He is tugging at me I can feel

He wants to take my illness and peel

It a way and bring me home

To sit with him near the throne.

Terry Shepherd


His Love Is Here to Stay

Arise Jesus

Arise Jesus

The night before you rose

The earth is silent now

Mourning the loss of you

Is only what we can do

You tried your very best

To teach and show us all

What is right and wrong

You didn’t want us to fall

Some of us listened

And others ran as well

Some cursed your name

And left you for an empty shell

But you let these things happen

You trusted your Father you said

You knew that your love for us

Was strong and in Satan‘s way

We get up in the morning

Our hearts still breaking in two

Coming to see you one more time

But you are not here what should we do

We tell all those around us

That the stone has been rolled a way

The glorious Father above us

Has risen you for this day

We fall on bended knee

And cry out to you above

We praise your name oh Father

Now you love us from above

Terry Shepherd



Dedicated To A.


Looking forward seeing

Also the past can bring pain

And sorrow as I stand by

And watch others making

The same mistakes

As I did once.

The mind holds firm

To words once spoken

Yet the heart is waiting

And able to forgive

And now the time has come

For the test of love to show

That family is above all other

Matters of the world

I come to you to say good-bye

As I know I will not have another chance

You meant the world to me

And even after you are gone

My heart shall still sting

As I realize there is no more

Time to say I love you

Time to say I’m sorry

I must let you go now

Into the arms of our Father

You brought joy in to my life

You showed me love and

Filled empty spaces in my heart

I will remember you forever

In my heart no matter where I am

I loved you then and I

Will always love you forever

Smile down upon me

As you sit at the right side

You are a good person

And I will feel the void forever.

Terry Shepherd


Within The Egg Shell


Al lives within his own world. He doesn’t look outside his mind very often. Trying this in the past caused too much confusion and break downs. It is much safer to stay within his own realms.

Many have claimed to know the answers. Hooking up machines, filling out forms, spending mega dollars for yet more unknown answers. Stirring the embers within the soul causing fires to erupt. Bringing more anguish from that point on.

Abuse of the tongue remains locked with inside the walls. Struggling to bring them to the surface and release to the open skies is very hard work. Counselor’s in abundance working their magic wands. They are sure they have the fix. The problem still remains within the egg-shell. This has been cracked before. Now leaving bits and pieces of runny memories to slip through the cracks. The ability to not handle this causes more grief and fear than before.

Why should Al be forced to endure this agony time and time again?  Can’t we all pretend that we really don’t know the deep answers to each soul that walks this earth? Is it wrong to just let things rest?

Must we all fit into one carton of eggs? If we accept the fact that eggs come in many shapes and colors, then is it alright to accept that everyone does not fit under one umbrella? Is there anything wrong with admitting defeat?

I want to see peace remain in the days left to breathe on this earth. Others disagree with my too common words. We must push, push and push more to make him whole again are their words.

What if Al can never be what we consider normal? What if the best we are ever going to see was in the yesterdays. When is it time to release this special-needs bird and let it rest in its own nest?

Some say you are causing mountains out of mole hills Al. Others believe you want attention. Maybe you do, I do not know for sure. I certainly can understand if this is the case. You were the one tormented your entire life. How would I react myself if the shoe were placed on the other foot?

I am tired folks. I am tired of beating my head against the cement wall. The only thing it does is make me more tired. Frustration kicks me in the ribs and I fall to my bed crying. Your eyes of pleading remain to haunt me at night. I can see you are whispering to me, please make them leave me alone. I have enough to do to handle my every day routine.

I am tired, so very tired. There are parts of me that want to race into Al’s room and scoop him up in my arms and head for the solitude of the mountains. To lift Al up on the highest peak. Raise him into God‘s warm hands.

I pray many times each day for peace to fill you up dear brother. It has become such a challenge I am almost beat down to the ground. I don’t know if it is the sister in me. Or maybe it is my relationship with the heavenly Father. Or maybe it is all the pressures that surrounds you to be more like them. I look into the heavens as I sit here writing. I pray  out loud to God, Lord you know my heart. You also know Al much better than even I do. Show me God how to handle this delicate soul walking this side of earth. Let me be strong when I need to be. Let me feel compassion and give me the understanding my dear Father to see Al’s side that he lives in. Amen


Picture It & Write, Nov. 18/2012

She was a puppet dangling on a string, formed from her own imagination. No guts, no strength to carry out anything in everyday life. If someone asked her opinion, she shrunk back into herself, waiting for her puppet to come to life.

She wanted to be free, but remained glued to the spot she called her soul, never being able to come out and play. People taking advantage of her weakness, passing her around for their own sick enjoyment.

She was the one you could count on to do the dirty work of others. Fear allowed her to go against her upbringing. She had sex with men who taunted her and told her how beautiful she was. She ran with the wrong crowd, because she was an easy insert into their devious lives. She helped to break into a closed business. She helped to pass drugs, she would take the rap for wrong doings that her so-called friends had done.

She let men beat her, forcing her mind to fall prey to their beliefs, letting her think she was worthless. There were very strict rules in her household and her church, and she knew the difference between right and wrong, but she could not escape from herself and her low self-esteem.

Her parents stayed in the background and prayed for her daily, and wept at nights for the loss of their daughter. They knew the only way they could rescue their daughter was from the gods that they worshiped. They would go to the statue and bring gifts to please their God, in hopes that he may rescue their daughter.

They knelt in front of the gods and prayed for cleanliness, to remove the soils that had penetrated her soul. Day after day they returned to the same spot, as their daughter fell more pray to the people around her.

One time as they were praying a stranger approached them and he was in a long white robe, and he carried a staff, and he knelt in front of the mother and dared to ask why she was crying.

The heart-stricken mother poured her heart out to this kind stranger, that took the time to show he cared. After telling her story, the man in white cloth, asked where was this daughter that they loved so much, and the parents cried out to him, saying they knew not where she was. She had disappeared out into the streets earlier today, and so now their prayer was that she would come home.

The stranger rose up and brought the parents to their feet, and commanded them to sit in the pew and wait for his return. Without question, they did as they were told. The stranger in white, turned around and vanished as quickly as he had appeared.

The two sat in the pew and said nothing aloud, each saying their own inner prayers, and within moments, the stranger reappeared and walked towards  the waiting parents and asked them if this was indeed their daughter.

The mother fell to the floor thanking this man for finding their daughter, and taking her own scarf off that was wrapped around her head, she began to say a prayer to him, kissing his feet and wiping them afterwards with her scarf.

The stranger said to them, rise and walk over to the altar with me. He took the girl by the hand, and the parents followed, and they were amazed at how easily the daughter obeyed a complete stranger. He picked her up and laid her on the altar, and he prayed  the puppet out,from within her that was binding her soul.

The flickering candles that were burning in the background fluttered and dimmed, went out and then came back to life again, and it was then, that he told the girl to rise from the altar, and stand and go to these loving parents.

The girl rose and looking in the direction of the two adults, walked towards them, and buried her head in their arms, and their arms went around her and they hugged her, saying my daughter, my daughter, you know us, you have come back to us. The mother turned around to tell the stranger in white how thankful she was, but turning completely around, the stranger was gone. The parents fell to their knees, praising God for a miracle, their daughter had been returned safe and unharmed.

He Walked Beside Me

I wrote this poem for a local contest here in town, and received a letter today telling me it was now in the semi finals. I thought I would share it with you.

Shadows bouncing from the trees
Smell of earth under my feet
Darkness stands all around
I am not alone, for I am with thee.

I am forgiven, I am l loved
I live each day with his holy grace
When I sin, I look towards him
I ask forgiveness from above

He has a plan perfect for me
He wants me to complete
If I fall, he picks me up
And lights the path for me to see.

He came to me one peaceful night
And whispered in my ear
He told me, child you have done good
Now come with me into the light.