The Unplanned

Stuck in her bed. Unable to get up. Sorrow surrounded her like a misty fog. Her life had been swept a way like a street sweeper. It was unexpected. A sunny day turned cloudy. The love of her life snapped a way like a click of the fingers.

All her life she had dreamed of the fairy princess wedding. Not only did she imagine it, she lived it.couple

Married at 21 she was expecting their first child. A boy the test showed. Oh the joy that filled her heart. Her husband fulfilled a life time dream. To be a police officer, graduated and working.


The two had it all  planned out. They had dated for a few years. They saved money. They had purchased their very first home a little ways out in the country. A big yard; one that would hold a nice swing set. A small area in the back of the yard for a garden.

houseThey had been married just a short time when the two discovered she was pregnant. Picking her up and swirling her around, making her dizzy with love and laughter, the two made plans.

Which college would their child pick out. How much should they stock a way out of each pay check for the college fund.

The two made plans one day that after he got off of work they would meet at the baby store. They were going to pick out baby beds and all that went with it. They wanted everything to match. It was to be all set-up so there would be no rush at the last-minute. Picking out wall hangings and window coverings was something the couple planned to do together.

Life was good. It was going according to plan. But as we know, life isn’t always good and plans are something we dream about, not always to happen.

It happened on that night of September,24. He got off work and was pulling out of the police parking lot. He heard the shouting. He looked over to see a couple of people arguing. He saw the man break the glass out of the front car window.broken window

He moved closer to investigate. Hoping to resolve the problem before it got out of hand.

The guy caught a glimpse of the cop and took a gun from the back of his pants and shot three times.

Two bullets flew past him but the third hit on target. Entering the chest and going through the heart, he died instantly.bullet_02

Sadness reeked like a stale onion. Weak and her own heart ripped out, she lay in her bed. Memories flooding of the police officer standing in her doorway announcing what had happened.

As she lay there tears ripping at her eyes, she felt the fist movement of her unborn pic