Short And Sweet

Smiley face 2

Smiley face 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t go out today. I didn’t get drunk or do anything foolish. I heard from each of my children, wishing me a happy birthday. I had one family member bring my granddaughter over with a special gift. I spent time with my youngest son today. I baked my own cake, called Pineapple Dump, a recipe from a special friend. I fixed leisurely meals, with the supper including sharing my birthday cake with my brother. He thought that was pretty cool, so he got a bigger piece. The sun shone all day. It was beautiful out, although a bit chilly. I did no house work. I watched the squirrels eat the new treats I got them, and even spotted a black and white speckled bird feasting also on the treats. My brother had no tears today, the dementia gone for today. I had so many, many happy birthday wishes  from bloggers, I was overwhelmed that that many people recognized who I was. All in all, I was just blessed over and over today. A big thank you to all for the special remarks made last night and today. I will treasure them always.