Will You Believe?

I wonder what my brother sees

Don’t we all wonder too

Is he seeing the colors of gold

And  the cross worn  for me and you?

So many have questioned heaven

They need proof it really exist

But how can you say this

When Al says it is there, he  insist.

We writers can put it on paper

Our imaginations exist

But what about the hand

That Al saw through the fog and mist?

He says he has spoken to her

He says she answers him too

Could he make up such a story

And risk heaven and a chance to lose?                                              AnimatedAngel

Why must we see before we believe

Why can’t we just carry some faith

Doesn’t what he says hold truth

Especially in this case?

We shall have our time

When we will have the chance to see

And if you decide to visit

You will see my brother and me.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd