Bullying, Drugs, Guns and Family

Ink pink... Bullies stink!

Ink pink… Bullies stink! (Photo credit:

Roseanne is making some noise in the background while I sit here. The episode that I am listening to perked me up enough to actually let my fingers rest and turn my eyes to the television.

The family is having problems, but when aren’t they? This one is based on a family in the eighties trying to make IT work. Overtime is the issue. Although Dan and Roseanne realize the overtime will help it also trickles over into what to do with the kids. How do we all get fed and who is doing what on the house chores category.

They were all in the kitchen discussing options when Dan realizes Becky  isn’t present. He calls her so she is involved also. That is the point where I was having my own flash backs in my life.

I went back to when I was around the age of 10 up to the age of 15 or so. There were only one set of rules at my house. They were known as the Parent Rules. I had no choices in some matters of the house.

I was expected to babysit my baby sister. I was expected to clean the house. Do the laundry and ironing. I was expected to cook what ever mom had laid out in the morning. It was a known fact that I should never come home with less than a C on my report cards. I would never be called down to the school office or I could expect worse when I got home. My parents picked out the style of clothes I wore. I got to pick the colors.

Bills and finances were never discussed in front of us children. Mom and Dad discussed everything that had to do with our family behind their bedroom doors. I never heard screaming or arguing between the two until I was around 17. This may also be that I was older and more in tune with sounds other than from my record player.

There were no family meetings. Where we ate or went in the car was always my parents decisions. We just went along with no questions asked. Our family was not run like a tight ship but it was not an open family either. We were good kids and we had good parents.

But seeing this show helps me see  how much life and families have changed. I remember somewhere in the eighties kids were no longer considered kids to parents. They had a new title called friends. Parents were wanting to be friends with their off spring instead of the leader and tour guide.

I wonder what I would have thought if my parents called us kids in for a family meeting. Maybe it was the yearly house insurance bill that was coming due. Would they ask us to give up something in order for them to make that big bill? What would we think? Would we understand?

My parents figured out everything. I grew up thinking that our family was above others. We had no problems. We had no money issues. We lived in a very nice home. We went to church every Sunday.

There were no classes in high school in my day that taught budgeting or finances. Nothing to teach me about saving for an apartment. How to pay the utility bills. Was having a phone a luxury? Or was having enough food to buy groceries more important?

I learned a lot through many mistakes how to make money and time work for myself when I left the family nest. Would I have gotten married later than sooner if I knew more about how life worked? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter now. None of us can go back and change what has already been done.

So I am asking you these questions. Do you think it is better to be more involved as a youth in family matters concerning money? Should kids be able to see that money can be a juggling act? Or should kids be kept hidden like we were? Last question is should parents be the tour guide or the friend?

That last question always makes me ponder. I look at the troubled teens today. Many are brought up to raise themselves. The drug issue is definitely bigger than it was in my day. I am not saying there wasn’t a drug issue then. It is bigger and many more types of drugs now than ever. Easy access seems to be a big issue.

Where do these kids get all the money to buy these drugs and even the guns? Were drugs discussed in the home? Were gun dangers taught at home? I never knew about guns really. I knew they were used for hunting. Drugs were for medical illness.

When I was 17 I learned the most about illegal drugs when a student in my graduating class overdosed and died. Anything else I learned was from head line news or people talking. Along with drugs and guns is now a bigger issue than ever, bullying.

So in closing of my thoughts what should be taught at home versus our schools and friends?

Can You Finish This?

English: Modular Sleep System (MSS)

I went to bed too late

And woke up at six

I thought this isn’t right

Let’s sleep for kicks.

Fell back to sleep right a way

Dreamed heavily I know

For when I awoke my brain was charged

It was racing and on the go.

I could remember words that my mind had said

I was trying so hard to memorize them

I had no pen nothing to write them down

And now I’ve lost most of the gems.

The words I do remember

Are still stuck in my head

I can tell you what they were

Maybe you can figure out what was said.

As I lay here on the ground

And the guns are going off

I know that these people are trying

To silence me God don’t let me be found.

Well that is what I still remember, and the rest of the words were taken from my mind. I wish that I knew what the ending of this poem was and what I was actually trying to say. Maybe you can finish this. If you write something let me know so I can share with you.



Daily Prompt;Dear Leader/The Daily Post

If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would barrett-banner-839x350you like that to be?

The Daily Post/The Daily Prompt


Being this close to the day the babies got shot, the utmost thing in my mind to change is the gun laws. Why is it so easy to get a gun in anyone’s hands? Why isn’t the strict of strictest background being practiced

In my eyes there are certain humans that should be allowed to have and own guns. Hunters and law officers. Hunters who live off of the land should be entitled to carry a weapon.

Remember the show called Little House on the Prairie? This is a prime example of the type of hunter I am talking about. They follow the rules of God. Loving their God first, their family and their land. They ate from the land, killing their own meat. Because I am partial to the show and have watched it so many times, I wonder if I would even by-pass a permit for this type of hunter, but yet equality needs to be done for all.

Law officers, anyone watching over another human being should be allowed to carry a gun. Policeman, and guards are just a couple of types that are here to protect us.There are guards that watch over our President. There are others who should be sitting in front of our public schools. All should still require to have a very strict background and drug test.

The ones we least suspect today are sometimes the culprit. My mom always told me when I was a little girl that policeman were our friends. I won’t go into any finger-pointing, but I could name a few times when the officer did not represent who he truly was.

If each human asking for permission to own a firearm had to go through extensive training, answer so many questions, bring proof of stability from a chosen doctor, would we need guards sitting in front of our schools?

Maybe, it would depend I guess on the area of the school, but does that really make a difference? Does an inner city versus a small town school make a difference? Can you see that to a person that is mentally ill,or carrying large amounts of anger, they are not thinking of where the school is located?

How are you affected by the school shootings? I mean setting aside the tears and pain, what are your after effects of these random shootings? Do you hesitate to go to the movies or maybe shop at the big shopping malls? Did it enter your head at all, the idea that there could be a person carrying a vengeance shopping less than five feet a way from where you are with your own cart?

Should we dig deeper to the degree of trying to scope out the reasons for brutal murders? Does it really matter now that this latest shooter and his mama are dead to know the motive? Will it bring the children back? How will knowing the background and motive prepare us for this kind of nonsense to not happen again?

Do we think that an ill person has a certain look? Would we recognize him or her if they were walking across the street? Does it have anything to do with their upbringing or maybe the rules that were or were not instilled in their minds? Maybe.

It all boils down in my simple mind back to the purchase of guns. Make the purchase tough. Get that extensive background check. Choose a doctor that is  impartial, that can not be bought to give a statement and physical form to show the person’s mind-set.

What about a chip locator? Chips are placed into every electronic we purchase, could this be of any help if one was placed in a newly made gun or weapon? Maybe we should go so far as to ask the government, that if there are gun owners, they be mandated to have a drug and physical test every six months. It is a high honor to be able to carry a weapon. We want to feel safe in our supermarkets, our schools and local businesses. Do you think this would benefit us?

Hiring guards for schools, making physical assessments and thorough background checks is expensive. Can we the people find the funding for these extras? Compare this extra cost to the life of a child who was just killed by someone who was able to get a hold of a gun so easily. What do you think now of the added cost?

We come together to live in our communities whether in a small country town or a large inner city to live safely fearing no harm, We want to be able to go to our job places, our churches, go on vacations and go shopping without fear of who is standing near us. Please government offices and officers, put aside who is making more money or what tax cuts or increases everyone is getting. Change the laws. Keep America standing proud and tall. Help keep us all safe.

Get In Line

He had a dream, he knew the way

God is Watching You!

To each one work and still have time to play

To know thyself and to think of others

To tuck his children safe under the covers

To go to church with family at side

To sing and pray and not have to hide

To walk and view the skies so blue

A neighbor stops and says how are you

To know that different colors could well do blend

And broken hearts would always mend

A man a woman and a child too

Could mix in business and live next to you

The Lord our god has placed each of us here

To lend a hand and a listening ear

Our world has divided and gone separate ways

We fear our children to go out and play

Gun shots heard and murders each day

I don’t think this is how God hath shown the way

We stick to ourselves and not know the names

Of neighbors near and there is no shame

God looks down over the world he hath made

And hangs his head as his memories fade

God lifts his arms and reaches out

Please say my name go ahead and shout

For this is my command that all of you do

To spread my name and say I love you

I want this world to go back to the start

I want my love to be in each of your hearts

God says I am coming again some day

Please come together and form the way

For me to lift you up and take you home

For this is the plan I have always shown

Please put the guns behind closed locks

Teach your child what thoughts to block

Share the news of me with others

Make sure you always respect your mothers

I am telling you all one more time

I will be coming now get in line.