Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Jimmy and Cha have nominated me last evening for this fine award.

You have to make sure that you check out their web pages, as they live their lives for God.

You are to give credit to the one who nominated you, plus write seven things about yourself, and nominate others.

My brother watches all of the court shows each morning,  his routine

It is raining cats and dogs this morning, giving us much needed rain, because we have been in a drought

I love collecting costume jewelry from all over the world

I am giving a shot at writing something other than one page

I love Christmas trees, and am looking for a silver aluminum Christmas tree

My brother spilled maple syrup all over his chair and setting place this morning, making my day more interesting

I have nine grandchildren

Nominations are

Thank you once again for this fine nomination!!!!

A Writing Exercise From LinkedIn

I have been writing a few writing exercises from LinkedIn, and so decided to share a few here and there. Today’s was short for me, and sometimes they are longer. Here is the one I wrote for today.


I am my father’s daughter, because I act just like him, and look so similar, but he had qualities that some would choose not to like along with other wonderful things about him I admired. He was a perfectionist, and so am I. Learning that we can not be perfect in God’s eyes, shows me that I will never attain it either, but I keep trying. I have slowed down some through the years, and with aging, I have also picked up some new ones. One of the things my family I created was, we could not go anywhere for fun or socializing, unless our home was spotless. When I look at that today, I think how stupid is that, right? You can clean and clean and it will be right there again, waiting for you the next day. My dad was very creative,and could make something out of nothing, and he loved using his hands to work with wood. I am the same way. People are always amazed at how cheap I can decorate or make a piece of nothing into something, if I need it. My dad smoked, and through his life, he also smoked stinky cigars, after quad bypass and five years yet to live, he is no longer here. Am I going to be like my father and follow those foot step patterns also? I smoke.