Two More Names To Add To The Thank-You List

Greeting Card with Birdcage

As most of you know, I started a SMILE project for Al. He has Parkinson’s Disease, and is in a lot of pain, now fairly controlled by pain medications. His smiles are far and few in

between. I started the program to see if I could get more smiles from him.

At first he was not quite sure as to what to think about receiving cards, but after they started coming in, he got to the place that he will ask me now, isn’t it time to go check the mail? Isn’t that just so cute.

So many of you have been gracious and kind and have helped out with this. We have received cards from anywhere here in the U.S. to Canada, Sweden, and Australia. He has received cards, cars, calendars, photo books full of coca cola items, hats, bible markers, key rings, DVD’s, candies, and much more.

If I have forgotten something, please forgive me. Al takes all of his things and keeps them in his room for his eyes only. One gift that we received yesterday was a little angel ornament. I have personally claimed this and have it hanging where she can watch over Al and me at all times.

Today, I want to pay a big thank-you to


Diane S.

I want you to know how much Al and I appreciate all of your efforts in helping with this project.!!!!

If anyone would still like to participate in this, please email me at

for a mailing address.

Thank you Julie and Diane. Big hugs from the two of us

Let’s Start Off With The Good First

Left-Hand Side of the "Seasons Greetings:...

carved hallmark card

The third batch of cards came today and once again, I get to get on my knees and say thank-you to all of you and God for laying the desire to help with sending cards to Al.

I don’t know what I am going to do after they stop! LOL. Now each day when I go to the mailbox, he smiles real big, and says, I bet there is a card there for me!

Tonight, he could not open any of his cards. He was too weak, so I tore them open for him, and then he could not read the writing on any of them.

I had an eye doctor appointment for him last Friday, but because of his fall and many hours in the ER, I had to reschedule for this coming Friday. I did ask the doctor about his eyes today, and he said, Well, you know , there are muscles behind the eyes.

Ok, that was just what I wanted to hear. Thank-you very much for making me feel better!!!

Tonight, I want to give thanks to people who Al received cards from:

Andrea Kelly

Sheila and Michael, from Longing End

Marilyn Griffin



I will forever remember each of you for what you have done for my brother. He does smile so big when I hand him his cards, which is what I was hoping for.

If there is anyone that wants to still send a card, no pressures from me, just if there is anyone, please email me at

and I will give you a mailing address.

Bless each of you and all others who have been so gracious!

Second Thank-You to Card Senders

So many cards have been coming in the past couple of days. I have said thank-you before to the people who are helping to make Al smile, and now I want to thank even more people.

You don’t know this, but today was not a good day at all, so these cards have even helped me.

I want to thank:

Marilyn Griffin

Laura Davis

Cindy Dryer

Rob Barkman

Lezlie Sherman

And unfortunately I do not know who this car was from. It was signed by kids, and the return address is from Peoria, Il. Can this person please stand up and let me know who you are?

carved hallmark card