A Nice and Fun Day

Today was busy, but a good kind of busy. A long-time friend came down to visit me. We went shopping and just enjoyed ourselves. I bought one of those plug-ins for my porch light that has two receptacles on either side so I can plug-in some rope, white lights for Christmas decorating.

I came home and rested my poor feet for about an hour or two and then I got more company. I was feeling so good that people were thinking of me. I went to the door and it was my daughter.

She invited me to ride along with her and her daughter to Bowling Green to look for a costume for her daughter. We went and had success. While in the store I came across a darling little girl all dressed up in her costume. I asked her mommy if I could take a photo of her and she and her little one agreed.

We then left the Halloween store and went to the mall. We roamed around Hot Topic and Bath n Body. Of course I had to get some good smelling stuff in there. I have some hand wash called Pumpkin Frosting that smells so good, so I bought another bottle.

I also bought the Vanilla bean body lotion that came back out for Christmas. I had to buy the hand wash called Gingerbread. I am definitely going to smell good through the holidays and have clean hands. LOL

It was so wonderful not to have to drive. I have a terrible time seeing at nights so if I had gone alone, I would have been back a long time ago. I just hate it that the clocks turn back Saturday. An extra  hour of darkness, yuck. I like more daylight at the end of the day. I can remember in years gone by we didn’t adjust our clocks like now, can you remember those days?

Well, I am home now and am drinking my cup of coffee and watching or listening, I should say to the Charlie Brown Christmas. Well, time to go check my email, and Facebook. Here is a photo of that darling princess I told you about.


Halloween Story of Your Life

It is almost Halloween night. Time for kiddies to get excited to dress-up and go door to door for treats. A time for bored teens to do things they will feel ashamed of the next morning.

I used to get so excited. I could go out after dark. I could walk up to door and ask for candy. The biggest memory I have is when I was about eight years old. When I went to school we had a big party at school.

Included in that was guessing who each other was. A parade of each of us all in a circle so we could show off our costumes. Dunking for apples and lots of eating candy. The costume I worse to school for the party was the same costume I wore that night for Trick-or-Treating.

I have to admit when I look at the photo of way back then, I looked cute, but getting around in the costume was so wrong. Mom had dressed me up in my dad’s flannel shirt. She attached a false mustache over my lip. She had me wear some too-long pants of a cousin’s of mine and made me wear a big, thick, brown belt to help hold them up.

Then the finale came when she asked me to hold my arms stretched out as far as they would reach. While I was doing this, she took a broom handle and shoved it down the back of my body so that it was sticking out both arms.

Ta-da! I was a natural-born scarecrow; but think about an eight year old trying to walk anywhere with any grace with a stick stuck in your body cross ways. Mom and dad didn’t believe in buying costumes or masks. They put their heads together with grandparents  and invented our costumes, then made them with what ever they could find.

Now a days money is spent for costumes that are made so cheap they can barely be held together for 24 hours. The make-up for costumes reminds me of theatrical make-up at its worst or best.

So now that I told you about my Halloween as a child that one year; share your memory of your special Halloween night with me. Oh, by the way, I never had any more terrible costumes like that. I think I complained so much that the following years was much easier.