The Girl Who Tricked

Rich was a junior in high school. He had parents that were well-known in the small community. His mom was a nurse at the local hospital. His father was an estate attorney.

Rich always carried a bit too much flare when it came to his confidence levels. He knew he was popular. He knew his looks were better than most guys in his class. He wore the best clothes, the newest shoes.

But what lacked in Rich was the caring attitude that we so desperately need in this world. He was a ME guy. Everything he did and thought of was within the circle of his eyes.

It was nearing Halloween. A group of his friends were tossing ideas around on what tricks they could pull off without getting caught. After several talks they decided to soap and toilet paper the minister’s home.

Rich had his eye on Darlene, the minister’s daughter for months. She was a knock-out. Curvy little body, long blonde hair, sky-blue eyes. The problem was, Darlene wouldn’t give Rich the time of day.

He would leave notes at her locker. He had flowers sitting on her front window of her car. He had even taken the time to go to the store and buy her the most expensive card he could find and mail it to her. Nothing worked. He could have charmed the pants off a frog easier than he could get Darlene to look his way.

The night before Halloween, the group of guys went shopping for the soap and toilet paper. With all supplies bought, he anxiously awaited darkness to arrive Halloween night.

The guys gathered at the local burger joint. After eating they got in their cars and parked in the downtown public parking area. They put their black masks and gloves on and started towards the minister’s home.

There they stood, all silenced, excitement racing through their blood, scoping out the property. A rustling could be heard within the trees. No one took notice as it was a fall evening and there was a breeze that made you want to grab for your jacket.

Each one started taking one step closer to the front porch. As they approached they saw the big oak tree that during a hot summer day would provide ample shade. They got their toilet paper out and started tossing it up in the air. Before long it looked like long, white icicles were streaming from the roof top.

They covered their mouths to quiet the rumbles of laughter as they stood back and admired the work they had performed. Proud of their performance, a few of them sneaked around to the side of the house. They soaped the windows until no one could see either in or out of them.

Rich hung back as he wanted to be the sole person to soap Darlene’s car. He took the two bars of soap out of his pants pockets and walked towards her car. With one bar in his hand he started decorating her side windows as if he was an infamous painter.

He did both sides and the back window. Walking towards the front window he heard the rustling of the tree leaves again. This time it was a much rougher sound and it caused him to stop in his tracks and look up towards the skies.

At that precise moment, a creature jumped from the trees. It pounced on him so hard it knocked him to the ground. He immediately covered his face with his hands to protect himself.

He tried screaming out for help to his friends, but no sounds were to be heard. Two huge wings covered his body and whisked him up in the two, giant claw feet and carried him off to a tree down the street.

The creature let loose of her hold on him and he dropped gently in a pocket of branches. ” So, I hear you want to meet me. I have felt your stares through my clothes. I can hear your mind letting me know that you want nothing more to do with me than to get my clothes off and make a score you can brag to your friends about.”

Rich opened his eyes and looked up into piercing blue eyes. He could pick out the familiar sounds of Darlene’s voice, but this voice was ragged. A scary and lulling voice that make him want to pee his pants right there.

He started to say something. Anything that would help him escape the claws of this creature, but she leaned into him and covered his mouth with her beak. Forcing his mouth open she breathed a terrible taste into him.

It made him feel instantly dizzy, light-headed. He was scared. He tried to wiggle his way out from under her, but she had the wings of super powers. He tried once again to scream for his buddies, but his mouth became dry and frozen.

Darlene flipped him over on his stomach and started picking at his hair with that sharp beak. Within a few minutes she had picked him clean. He felt his head and tried to scream as he discovered he was totally bald.

She poked him over and over on all sides of his neck, leaving large welts. He looked worse than any Frankenstein anyone had ever seen. She flipped him back to his back side and picked at his forehead. She picked until she had opened an area wide enough to see part of  his skull and brain.

She ate a small part of him and then blew in some hot liquid out of her nostrils. With pieces of fine twigs and leaves she sewed him back together, like a newly formed nest. She picked him up, and flew him back to where her car was and dropped him down on the ground.

” I hope you enjoyed meeting me face to face Rich. I doubt you will ever forget this Halloween. In fact, I am pretty sure you will not even remember the Rich you once knew. For you will never walk the halls of school with an attitude that you are all that and more. You will coward in the halls, you will duck into the bathrooms. You will sit in the back row of classes. You will learn a lesson that not even your parents could ever teach you.”

With that, she flew back up into her tree, waiting for the next victim.





Halloween is Coming, Are You Getting Scared?

Today I didn’t do a whole lot. It is chilly and has been raining here pretty much the past three days. I put a few more things away. I put some fresh cabbage, yellow and green zucchini, onion and new red potatoes in the crock pot this morning. This was my supper tonight.

The time is coming closer for Halloween and dressing up along with passing out treats. I have a feeling I won’t get any trick-or-treaters, since I live on a dead-end street. I did see a recipe on my Facebook page that perked up my interest. It uses pumpkin and there is no baking. I like that kind of recipe and I imagine I will make some soon. Here is the link for you to look at and maybe make too.


I also saw this hilarious video too that is not really scary, more funny than anything. It has to do with Halloween.




Along with the funny video here is some Halloween music to calm your bones, or is that stir up your bones, give you the shivers, hahahahaha.



I have decorations to put up but I probably won’t. I don’t even have the house completely put together. I have one more room to paint as soon as my daughter and I get together, then I can put that room together.

In the mean time enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends.

jack o lanterns

Halloween Spook Story

Shelly went across the street to babysit for Nathan. For months she had been doing this while the parents went out for dinner and movies. It was the night before Halloween. The plan was to carve the pumpkin, pop popcorn and watch a scary movie on TV.pumpkins

Shelly knocked and Nathan let her in. ” Are we still going to carve the pumpkin Shelly?”

Laughing she tousled his hair and said ” yes.”

The parents told her there was pizza waiting for them and they left. The two sat down to eat when a knock at the back door make Nathan jump up and go for it. Shelly stopped him by saying, ” We don’t know who is there. I will answer it. Haven’t your parents taught you about opening doors to strangers?”

Nathan backed off and Shelly opened the door. No one was there. She stepped outside to look leaving the door open. A cold chill went through her. Seeing no one she went back inside and locked the door.

The two finished the pizza and after clearing the table she got some old newspapers and spread them on the table. Placing the pumpkin and getting the carving knife out the two begin to think of ideas of a face.

“Let’s make him toothless. No, let’s make him look real mean.” Shelly asked ” Which do you want, toothless or mean looking?”

” Mean, I choose mean.” Shelly cut the top off making sure not to break the stem. Nathan and her begin pulling the seeds and pulp out.  She started carving the face. Mean looking eyes, a pointy nose and uneven teeth.

She was down to the last tooth when she accidentally poked her finger. Blood started dripping and was getting inside the shell of the pumpkin. ” Nathan, go get me a wet wash rag. I can’t get this to stop bleeding.”

Nathan jumped down and ran to the bathroom. Shelly was squeezing her finger trying to apply pressure to get it to stop. The more she pushed down the faster blood dripped.drippinglbood “Hurry Nathan, hurry.”

Nathan didn’t come back so she went to the sink and turned the cold water on letting it  pour over her finger. She was watching over her back waiting for Nathan and when she turned back around orange pulp was coming out of the faucet.pulp

It began to wrap itself around her hands binding them together. Slimy pulp attached itself to the open area and started slithering its way inside sucking every drop of blood as it dove deeper and deeper.

She tried to break free but the hold was tight. All she could do was watch her veins pop as the pulp took over replacing blood with orange mucus.

She started to feel nauseated and before she could yell for help she fell to the floor. Within minutes she was covered in pulp. Seeds were birthing and coating her over and over. Her eyes started to bulge as her air was being cut off.

Pulp started streaming out of her nose and eyes. killer-pumpkins-doormat It was webbing itself around her neck trying to choke her. She managed to scream one more good scream. Nathan who had been side tracked by the television must have heard the urgency in her voice. He came out to the kitchen. He saw her laying on the floor. He was so terrified he stood frozen and peed his pants.

Whispering, ” Go get the neighbors Nathan, go get help,” Nathan raced for the back door. He didn’t remember that he wasn’t to be out that back door. He ran through the darkness and into the arms of vines of pulp.

The pulp grabbed  him by the pant legs trying to pull him down. Nathan was stamping the ground yelling, ” Leave me alone, leave me alone.”  Nathan’s heart was beating so fast his chest began to hurt. He had to get help. He had to help Shelly.

With all the strength  he had he used his karate he had seen on his cartoons and chopped himself loose from the vines. He picked up speed and ran as fast as he could. Tripping over a root from a tree he scrambled back to his feet and ran to the neighbor’s door.

Without knocking he turned the door handle. It opened and he raced into the living room where the neighbors were watching TV. ” Help, help, we need help. Hurry, the baby sitter is hurt bad.”

The nice lady brought him over to where she was sitting on the couch and tried to get him to calm down long enough to get the story. Her husband ran out the door and went to where Nathan lived.

He stood inside the door and then turned and vomited in the yard. Turning back to look again he saw nothing but the shape of a body lying on the floor. The walls and ceiling were covered in orange. Shelly’s head had been strangled and her head had been  replaced with the pumpkin that had been almost completely carved.

scary pumpkin