Wok Supper

I have never owned a Wok nor used one; but I saw one on sale for a good price at the store over the weekend so picked it up. Going to the market on my way home I picked out fresh vegetables I enjoy.

Yellow squash, green peppers, carrots, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, granny smith apples, and a block of cheddar cheese. Along with my spices I cut everything up and placed it in a hot, canola oil. Not quite sure of what to expect, I remained close-by. It wasn’t long at all I had a nice meal and it smelled good. I had some left-over chicken breast that I diced and added to my dish along with some squirts of lemon and lime juice, along with some cubed cheese. I really enjoyed this meal and have enough left for another meal tomorrow. I will definitely use the Wok again, because I like fresh, color, easy, healthy and on top of all that, good.