Ideas Anyone?

I loved it that Al was chatty today, but I hate what is happening inside. We are becoming quite constricted on what Al can eat anymore. Solid foods are out. puree and mashed is in. Red sauces are out, causing him heartburn because he barely eats. Creamy foods, puddings and ice-cream and milk make his mucus worse, thus he chokes and coughs.

All I seem to be able to feed him is mashed potatoes. Tonight he ate about five bites of macaroni and cheese. He was able to eat it, but it was a bit of a struggle for him. He is so thirsty the past three days. He just can’t seem to get enough fluids.

I was explained to that at this time of his life thirst is a big issue. I am not sure why. If any of you know let me know please.

His arms are contracted so that they always look like he is praying. I keep putting them to the side of his body but they just creep back to the center of his trunk.

He didn’t do bad today. I didn’t hear much complaining. Mainly heartburn and his heels hurting. His heels are constantly on pillows but he is complaining of foot pain. I also was told that at this stage of a person’s life, with his oxygen level being now 74, that he will feel a tingle in his feet from lack of circulation.

What else will happen before he is out of pain? I don’t know, but I am hoping that some of you thinkers out there can help me with a more appealing menu for him. I will be going to the grocery store tomorrow or Sunday.

Thanks ahead of time. I know some of you will give me some great ideas.mashed-potatoes-520

Medication and Heartburn

Bottle of Antacid tablets

I love Robin Williams

So am watching Hook

It is much better

Than reading a book.

Today I was blessed

With what some would say

Some of my voice is back

I am definitely on my way.

I have never been so sick

And for this long

The house has been quiet

But today I sang a song.

I have taken so many meds

My ability to fight is now down

Now my stomach is irritated

And my smile is now a frown.

I am over half way done

Taking this last set of meds

I can not afford to stop

So now taking antacids.

Just let me make it

A few more days

I promise I will be good

And I will mend my ways.

Let Spring come to visit

Let the sun shine on me

Let the warmth finish healing

Let’s go run you and me.

Terry Shepherd