Picture it & Write, Novemeber 4th, 2012

A goddess, child of the king of the Never Perishing Land. Every man wanted her, every eye could not be taken away from her beauty. A child who had been protected by multiple servants, keeping her virginity safe until the proper date and time.

Everything done for her, she had nothing to ask for that a servant was not there by her side immediately. Dressing done by her personal attendant. Clothes picked out for her, hair done with perfection. Meals prepared for her liking. She was sent to the finest schools in other countries to be taught  fine manners, the best schooling money could buy. An all girls school.

Gentlemen callers were checked with background checks. bloodlines were hunted for flaws. The desire of the parents for their only child was to be  highly respected and to have the finest education, and to marry a proper man with a good upbringing and good blood.

Now the time had come when she had reached womanhood, and her internal desires came to life, wanting to taste life and to feel what stirred in her loins, but the servants were never far enough a way from her to make any ill judgements. There was to be no scarring when this woman was given as a bride.

There was a ball held in her honor of turning sixteen. The virgin was dressed in the finest materials in the world. Gown of heavy fabric, gold locks draping softly around her face, hiding her from all others, to be lifted by the man chosen for her to wed and to bed with.

She came down the staircase, and all eyes fell upon her, ladies curtsied and men bowed down to her as she stepped on to the main floor. Her father reached for her delicate, white hand, and walked her around the vast room, introducing her to many. Business owners, slave owners, men with money. After making the rounds, he led his daughter back to the throne where his wife was sitting, and beside her was another velvet chair, lined in white and trimmed in gold, and sitting in the seat was the man chosen to be her husband.

She bowed to him and her father placed her hand over his, and introduced him as her husband to be. His teeth sparkled as he spread his smile to her to show her his affirmation in choice. She lowered her eyes in coyness and let him take her hand and wrap it within his arm, and he led her to the dance floor, where the two of them led the evening with the first dance.

People stood properly outside of the circle giving the two enough room to roam and to float through the air. When the dance was completed, all clapped and began to trickle out to the dance floor. Gaiety and drinking and music made this a very festive night. Champagnes and many liqueurs were available at a click of the finger. There were pheasants and cheeses, a variety of potatoes, vegetables, and finger desserts to try.

The groom to be led her out on to the veranda and the two waltzed together to the music, and leaning into her ear, he whispered to her that he had waited many a day for this time to come, and he could not wait to make her his wife and to bed her. They would have children and bring a new heir into the world.

Her face warmed  to the touch, as she had also dreamed of this night he was speaking about. He brought his arm to the back of her neck and firmly slid it down her spine to the dip and pressed her firmly against his manhood, letting her know his desire for her.

Her inner body shivered, and heat began to rise inside of her, as the two danced under the stars. They could not stay long out here as they were unchaperoned and alone. He took his hand off of her back side and led her back in to the ballroom, and they mingled and ate and became merry.

The evening ended, with her groom to be leaning in and kissing her hand, and whispering until the next time we meet. With this they parted. She was led by her father once again back to where her mother was sitting and taking her place to the side of her father, she watched as her mother and father said their goodbyes and shook everyone’s hand and said thank you for attending our daughter’s party.

The weeks flew by with numerous parties, and gifts poured in for the wedding couple. Dresses were being fitted, altered, and nothing left behind by the naked eye for errors. Hair was designed and redesigned. Veils tried on and taken off until the perfect one was sitting atop of her head.

The day had come, and this was her wedding day. Every detail had been met and completed. The honeymoon had been planned and the groom was met with to entail him of what he was to do and where to take his bride. A house on the property had been built and furnished for the two, and now the horse and carriage had arrived to take her to the family church.

The double door was thrown open and the wedding party made their way down the red carpet to where the groom was standing. The priest was standing with him along with the groom’s attendants.

The father appeared next with his beautiful daughter on  his arm. Glitter sparkled off the walls and the ceiling. A beautiful sight for everyone to see. Hand in hand they walked down the aisle and her father handed her hand to the groom, and he sat back with his own wife.

The ceremony was more than any bride could ever dream of. So lavish, that no one could even begin to guess the cost of this event. The wedding over, food and drink being drank, the groom was anxious to take his bride a way to make her his own.

The father took him aside and wished them a happy life, and giving him her dowry, he announced that the bride and groom would now be leaving by the front doors, leading to the horse and carriage. All followed them watching them leave, cheering them on for a long life.

They arrived at their destination that had been planned for the two of them, and once inside, he walked to her, and slowly with his lips undressed her and when he had her completely naked, standing in front of him, he looked her over and with no words spoken, her made her his.

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for allowing me to partake in this writing exercise.