Sweetpack is Getting To Me

I have been on a monster, growl, pull my hair out for the past three days. I have gone to bed as late as 3am, and got up with Al at 7 just because of my unwanted guest.

You all must be wondering where is she? Well I have the answer. It is called Sweetpacks. Yes, this cute little name is a minor advertising gimmick that found its way into my computer through a toolbar update.

It doesn’t seem to be dangerous like a trojan, but, it can grow. I have tried every Malware product. I have downloaded what I thought was a great program to rid it. One program that found it, in the end was a paying one.

I finally gave in and paid for it, and then it took it a way, but it showed right back up. If anyone knows how to rid this or has heard of this little bugger, please advise me.

I just did so much crap to my computer, nothing was working, thus the ignoring of me to all of you. Hey, I didn’t do it on purpose, I really did want to chat with you and comment on your posts. I probably have missed out on some great stories.

I have downloaded Firefox and Yahoo all over again, and that stinking thing is back. I need help, and this time I don’t mean mental. By the way, Al has had a couple of good days. It is raining like cats and dogs out. Just the way it is when I have to take Al and me down the ramp. We both get wet. Do you know how hard it is to have both my hands on the wheelchair and still try to hold an umbrella? It doesn’t work. I tried having Al do it, but that didn’t work either.

Help me figure this out if you can!candle-animated.gif


By the way, I have heard snippets of the news this morning. Is it true they really know for sure that people discovered a piece of Jesus’s cross?