The Cloak of Dawn Award

The Cloak of Dawn Award

I believe that of all the awards I have ever received none have ever brought tears to me like this one did. is who presented this outstanding award to me. This award is for those who care for others. It touched my heart deeply. With my brother Al and the passing of his life into heaven only two weeks ago, my emotions are once again touched by this award.

Oh how I miss…

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The Cloak of Dawn Award

I believe that of all the awards I have ever received none have ever brought tears to me like this one did. is who presented this outstanding award to me. This award is for those who care for others. It touched my heart deeply. With my brother Al and the passing of his life into heaven only two weeks ago, my emotions are once again touched by this award.

Oh how I miss my brother. I still stand in the door way of his room and cry as I see the empty space where his bed once stood. I can vision so clearly everything I did in caring for him. Reading the Bible to him at nights. Praying with him. Giving him sips of water. Holding his hand while he took his last breath.

I know he is so much better off today but I am human. My heart is still fragile.

Dr. Rex is a wonderful person. Giving her time to help others in need. She has touched my life so many times with comforting words. She has stood by me through all of my blogging as so many others have also done.

Thank-you Dr. Rex for thinking and honoring me with this award.


The idea behind this award: We all know bloggers that write about the issues in this world be it animal abuse, child abuse, equality, their family, love, friendship, the love of whatever deity they worship and so on. We also know many blogger that besides blogging has to take care of a loved one because they are sick, have a disability or are otherwise not able to do everything by themselves. For these bloggers I created this award. The award is named in the spirit of a voluntary care giver and mother that does not blog herself and therefore can not receive the award herself .

Why a cloak? Well, in Dutch we call a voluntary caregiver (as described above) a “mantel zorger” which translates literal to “cloak carer” hence the cloak and the Rod of Aesculapius.

This award has some special rules due to its intend. Whereas most awards are shared after you have gotten it yourself, this award will be free to hand out at each and everyone’s own discretion BUT you must make sure that the intend of the award is upheld.

cloak of dawn awardThere is a blogger that I have thought highly of for a very long time. She has the biggest heart. She gives to so many and when she writes, people read each word. I would like to nominate

s blake callahan x

for this award. I hope she accepts this as she deserves it.

Thanks so much Dr. Rex

Daily Prompt; Charitable

Actress Tracy Pollan and her husband, actor Mi...

Actress Tracy Pollan and her husband, actor Michael J. Fox, at the 40th Emmy Awards., Daily Prompt, Daily Post, DP

You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must
give it all away — but you can choose any organizations you like to be
the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?

Well here is a prompt that is going to show my human weakness. I know you all know I make many mistakes. I realize you have and never will see my wings. LOL But when I read this post I automatically thought about my car and Al.

At one point we had a different vehicle. We kept it until I was forced to go into debt with another car loan. The vehicle we had before was a truck. Oh, it was a real nice one and pretty. I will admit it was not as easy to drive but it had a lot of memories that I still treasure.

Well one day Al was getting out of it and he almost fell. Then another time he struggled to get into the truck. I couldn’t figure out what was going on? He acted like he was half-drunk getting in or out of it. Then as time passed he fell to the ground trying to get in. The finale was when he got back out he fell again.

He couldn’t stand well and I took him to our family doctor who in turn sent him to a Specialist. After x-rays were studied we learned Al had torn ligaments in his knees. He had to wear a brace and struggled with walking. It wasn’t long after that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Now I  understood why he was falling.

Although it pained me to give up the truck I bought a car that Al could get into. Then you know what happens for months after that,,a car payment. It was a good decision. Al could get in and out of with no problems. It was roomy and closer to the ground.

So if I came into that kind of money I would definitely pay that car off. (I just went back and reread the question again. I am supposed to give all the money a way. I guess that doesn’t include giving money to the loan company does it? Sorry about that one folks).  It would ease my mind while I care for Al here at home since it is my biggest bill. With the other money I would purchase a home for each of my kids.

I would go meet Michael J. Fox and donate a large amount of money after I took him out to dinner.  I would have empty houses turned into homeless shelters. I would take a vacant business building in town and turn it into a diner. All  help would be volunteers and anyone could eat when they were hungry. An account would be opened to make sure the kitchen was stocked and the bills were paid.

This isn’t just something I would love to do, it is my duty as a human being here on earth. I get so sick of hearing so many people start conversations off with the word I.  I want to hear We will do this together. How can we help others? It is not right that there are hungry and homeless in the world.

I realize that not everyone that goes without didn’t do something to help put him/her in the situation. And there are others who prefer to remain simple and hidden. But for the most part people don’t ask to be in the situations they are in. It is not our place to judge what or why they ended up this way. It is our duty to say We are here to help you.

Daily Prompt:IMHO/The Daily Post

Elks Plan Community Thanksgiving Dinner At Center Lake Pavilion

English: Thanksgiving Dinner, Falmouth, Maine,...

English: Thanksgiving Dinner, Falmouth, Maine, USA 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic.

Every year at the holidays groups, volunteers gather together and help the less fortunate. The Elks is no different. They help in so many ways the whole year, but at this time, they are providing a meal for those who have no one to share the holiday with, or maybe the ones attending can not afford to purchase any food this year at Thanksgiving.

It warms my heart to see these organizations reach out to the less fortunate or to the lonely, but why is it usually only at Thanksgiving and Christmas? One reason could be that all through the  year, people scrape by, and at the holiday, this is a family celebrating with family members. We all want no one to go without.

We are so blessed in our country. We have so much that is laid at our feet, waiting for us to pick it up. There are many complaints about what we do not have, but when you sit and think about it in your own personal life, is there much that you need, not want, but need that you do not have?

The answer to this is yes, there are more and more people each year that do not have the food, the winter coat, boots, hats, gloves. How many times have you seen a school aged child walking to school in attire that is not appropriate for the winter months.

It makes my eyes water, that there are children that were not as blessed as maybe my own.

I would like to see a main page article next year at Thanksgiving stating that only one or two organizations were helping others, because this year, neighbors were helping neighbors, and the needs were fulfilled.

The gift of love is free. You can not purchase it anywhere, no matter how wealthy you are. Open your hearts, help the elderly that can not get out this year, make one extra plate and take it over to them.

What a difference one person can make in this world, if we share our own blessings, and pay it forward. So the article headline would read as this:

Too much food and donations left over for this years holiday meals. All neighbors decided to get together and help each other out. No one is going without this year. May God bless each of you for your generosity.