Picture it & Write, Ermiliablog (Sensitive Subject Matter, Cancer)


lady in tubSoaking in a nice hot tub after spending the night with my husband was the icing on the cake. Allan, my husband was a salesman for a big corporation. He traveled extensively all around the world.

When he came home, he let his mind rest. He let work go, and our time together was heaven.

We had no children. Not because we didn’t want any, but because God hasn’t placed it in our plan of life.

Hi, my name is Christy. My husband Allan and I got married five years ago today. He is a very busy man, but I am still just as important to him today as I was years earlier. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get married or not.

Oh don’t get me wrong. We are crazy for each other. You remember those blood tests you must have in order to get married? Well, mine came back with something abnormal. I was sort of freaking out, but Allan held my hand as we crossed through the doors into the doctor’s office.

Allan held both of my hands and my heart when I was told they had discovered a rare blood disease called Multiple Myeloma. This is a cancer that attacks the plasma in your blood.

In fact this is what my good friends father had, so I was somewhat familiar with it. My walls came crashing down around me and the only life string I had at that moment was Allan.

The plans for the wedding automatically were placed on hold. I couldn’t think of planning. All I could think of was death. I wept on Allan’s shoulder at the news. In fact, I wept for days ahead also. I didn’t want to die. I was too young to die. Most people who are affected by this type of cancer are over the age of 50. I am only 32, so how can this happen to me? How can this be?

Allan traveled back when we were planning our wedding but not as much as now. He cancelled his appointments and we spent many hours with counselors and our church pastor.

We learned from these talks that we are not always given the life we wish for. Some times there are obstacles that come in our way. These are not meant to harm us. They are meant to draw us nearer to God, to lean on him and become stronger. I call them the tests of life.

With this knowledge in hand, we decided to go forth with our wedding. We knew not the season that this cancer would still my life. We only knew that we loved each other and that God was watching over us. For what ever time we had, we would live life to the fullest.

The bells rang and the bird seed was thrown. The horse and carriage carried us to our motel as husband and wife. Today, is our fifth anniversary. I am hopelessly in love, and deliriously happy.

I try not to look towards the future. For the only one who really knows our destiny is our own loving God. But instead I look to today. How to make the best of it. To be as upbeat and positive that I can be.

I now work part-time in a small office. I do promos for cancer benefits. While Allan is gone a lot, it is alright. Because when he is here, the world belongs to  us.