Today, I spent a couple of hours at a local auction. It was an antique auction and I knew it would be a big one and draw a large crowd; which it did. I can’t handle the gigantic crowds anymore. I don’t know if it is because of Al’s illness and death and I am a little off my normal anymore, or maybe I should blame it on getting older.

Anyways, I love antiques. I definitely don’t need anymore. Before moving from Kentucky back to Indiana, I sold so much stuff. Things with really no attachment, but items I really loved. So, I went with the idea that maybe I could pick up a small thing or two. After all, an apartment is not one that can hold a lot of extras.

I love dolls, which I got rid of all of them but found this doll today that no one seemed interested in. I knew it was worth something. The darkened arms and legs with the whiter head made me aware it was an Ideal,Magic Skin doll. It went so cheap, I couldn’t resist it. When I took it to the car, I shook it a little because if I was thinking right; this doll was a crier doll. Guess what? The crier inside it’s body still works. No damages, no fingers or toes missing. I got a real deal.

I also collect Shakers. These are the larger bottles that hold spices. They are getting a little harder to find and I got lucky on these also. I bought a pair of green ones with good lids much cheaper than the antique stores sell them for.

I was happy. When I left, I was smiling and I knew I had got a great bargain today.